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  1. favorite release this year so far is insomnium- shadows of the dying sun, they can do no wrong at this point. the new empyrium album is great as well. lots of good stuff coming out in the coming months. dan swano is going to be busy. the new nightingale album comes out in november, along with a new witherscape single(and EP) he is also finishing up his solo album. try topping that axl.
  2. bran


    yeah im pretty sure he did at one time. i remember it wasn't many times he posted here, but he did.
  3. i went to a king diamond concert in 2000 and it totally changed my outlook on how my voice should sound.
  4. i would like to say im surprised by this. growing up in new england when this shit started i have seen a lot of good friends and family destroyed by this shit. I started dabbling myself but thankfully an event really stopped me in my late teens from going any further with it. all this stuff continues to be pumped into people yet weed is still illegal. these companies dont want anyone having fun with a natural and safe substanc, they want them buying their drugs that are either killing people or making them hopelessly addicted.
  5. if we are talking about a mix of harsh and clean style vocals the best of that type is dan swano,mikael akerfeldt,christian alvestam,and paul kuhr, and stu block. stu block can go from deep growls to black metal shrieks to sounding like rob halford some crazy range notable mentions of jari maenpaa and tomi jousten as well. as for my favorite rock singer. ronnie james dio will always be my favorite.
  6. how is your craydar JB? if must be pretty decent if you live in mass
  7. i think both bands should just quit touring altogether.
  8. gnr are known to release shitty shows on dvd. as for promoting it. it is being promoted as broski said on social media channels that is all that is really needed for any kind of promotion.
  9. jar of flies is a masterpiece.
  10. i like adler on AFD but to me any semi competent drummer could have done a similar job. he was at the right place at the right time.
  11. when axl is found dead on a toilet.
  12. yes i think iommi gets a pass because he actually released music and actually did something with the name. after the ozzy was shit canned dio came in and immediately added 2 albums to the bands discography that just added to the bands legacy(after technical ectasy and never say die left a huge shit stain on the legacy) after born again iommi did want to go solo and stop doing sabbath, the record company refused to release any album without black sabbath on the album, it is why the seventh star album the name of the band is "black sabbath:featuring tony iommi" now from that point forward it would be kind of stupid to keep putting that name on the album cover every album, so he just went back to black sabbath. the fact of the matter is nothing from born again(which is an underrated gem IMO) through cross purposes did anything to tarnish the legacy of sabbath. in fact a few of those albums(notably headless cross, dehumanizer and cross purposes) are highly regarded in the metal community and would be more well known if the record companies didnt fuck over the band and fail to push the albums especially in the states. yeah forbidden was garbage but in the whole lineup of sabbath only technical ectasy, never say die, and forbidden are bad.(13 was painfully mediocre and rehashed but not an abomination) and even those 3 albums had some good songs here and there. the fact of the matter is the post ozzy sabbath lineups were lineups that stood on their own two feet and went out playing their music. they would play the hits but it didnt stop the dio era from performing their material and releasing a live album of that era, also didnt stop the martin era from doing the same. it is why the dio era could go out and play wacken, could play the hammersmith and play radio city music hall and other places playing just that era of material. axl has done none of these things. he reformed the band,toured,canceled half the tour, reformed with some new members, toured. dropped an album,reformed with new members, toured,toured,toured,toured....... their is no material and no era's. in the 10 years span after ozzy was out of sabbath iommi released 5 albums with a 6th coming in the 11th year. axl has done nothing but sit on his ass and rolled over and died creatively that is it. the tl:dr iommi made new music, with each era standing on their own two feet with albums that didnt hurt their legacy. axl has done jack shit except sit on his ass and milk the bands name for all its worth.
  13. the bowery in boston, great atmosphere and pretty much no matter where you are you are so close to the bands.
  14. 1. the fall of every season-amends 2. noumena-death walks with me 3. appalachian winter- ghosts of the mountains 4. blood ceremony- the eldritch dark 5. alice in chains- the devil put dinosaurs here
  15. axl rose i go with farley or candy love them both.
  16. bran


    it kind of creeps me out. btw love the new banner on the forum.
  17. i think after his death we will get a steady release of new music for probably close to a decade. shit we will probably get a new single shortly after his death.
  18. about 3 weeks after axl's death.
  19. So do cars, cholesterol, and cigarettes. pools,hammers,falling down the stairs and a million other things.i just kind of find it funny that european countries IE britain have crazy strict gun laws yet their violent crime rates are far higher than ours. getting beaten, raped and stabbed to death is better than having those evil yankee guns!
  20. lynyrd skynyrd is one of my favorite bands but i give the slight edge to november rain.
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