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  1. exactly who really gives a flying fuck
  2. cant wait for their second album the ep they released this year was killer as well
  3. bran

    The Metallicas

    during one of the festivals they are playing ride the lightning in its entirety as well EDIT: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2012/02/metallica_are_p.html
  4. How is sex better than enjoying heavy metal? That is pathetic. If you're having sex you can always play some metal at the same time! Agreed, but I know that he has never had sex while having real metal on the stereo. real good heavy metal is sex on steroids
  5. this is how i feel as well.
  6. yeah this is why i think it so fucking boring, it has been broken down, dissected, since 1996 going on 20 years there really hasnt been anything new brought to the table IMO
  7. i find the slash vs axl stuff boring as fuck actually
  8. hulk hogans theme would be fucking masterful, throw in some of the hollywood hogan/nwo beat to go with the lyrics top 10 hit
  9. candlemass- a cry from the crypt
  10. yeah josh freese is a hell of a drummer
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YJaKwlCTDA
  12. I like your musical taste mate. like yours as well candlemass,blind guardian
  13. yeah he needs to get away from that american idol metal stuff. he has a voice, now he just needs to do his own thing but the problem is that the label is going to make him go soft
  14. bran

    The Metallicas

    i didnt like death magnetic at all minus 2 songs. that was just your life and the day that never comes. it was just the black album that they slapped some half assed thrash stuff onto it, and james vocals are god awful now and his lyrics have gotten pretty bad as for st. anger yeah its pretty much a pile of garbage lol
  15. I don't understand what you're saying. That comparison doesn't make much sense. Ronnie is a better singer. Randy is a more skilled guitarist. Ozzy and Tony are excellent in their own right, Tony has made better riffs than anyone in his time but Randy was god on that guitar. They just traded each other for someone more skilled. Oh okay, now I understand what you're saying. Ozzy was a better singer for Black Sabbath though, in my opinion, i understand my dad is a huge ozzy fan but he also likes the dio era, the first sabbath album i heard was heaven and hell ironically thanks to my dad lol. i could not live without the ozzy/dio era of sabbath(or any other era) i love them both so much, but sometimes people think youre dissing the ozzy stuff if you say you like the dio stuff the most which is weird i mean they are both a fucking 10/10 lol (minus NSD and TE)
  16. Get out of here. A good handful of the Dio-Sabbath tunes are good, but the albums are definitely not better than the original Sabbath albums. I disagree. I don't think there's a bad song on H&H or Mob Rules and only one or two on Dehumanizer. there isnt a bad song off dehumanizer either I like every song off Dehumanizer myself, but I think a lot of people don't get TV Crimes or Computer God, so I labeled them bad for argument's sake to be honest. Kind of like how I say Cross Purposes doesn't have that many good songs but has a few amazing songs when in reality I think that album is perfect. i gotcha lol i agree with cross purposes love that album tonys voice was just so fucking good on it, especially on cross of thorns and the hand that rocks the cradle
  17. yeah i would as well not a big velvet revolver fan at all
  18. this is pretty much where iam, usually the truth is somewhere muddled in the middle,i think we will never know the whole story i think each of them had a fair share in what happend to the original lineup
  19. What the fuck was that??? Helen Keller could have done better.
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