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  1. Josh Allen is shit and the officials helped the Patriots quite a bit(shocker).
  2. State of grace = Very strong song and a welcome change of pace, great hook. Mac Daddy = The song itself isn't all that bad, but the rap shit has to go. Atlas Shrugged = Another strong song, but it kind of hurts itself by dragging on and repeating the same thing over and over. Perhaps = Best of the leaks, great song and a great solo. Hard School = Has potential but the title sucks and the verse vocals need a redo.
  3. Unnamed sources claim Trump pressured the Australian PM to assist DOJ Investigating Mueller Probe...... The comments are a trip, it goes from this being damning to Trump for strong arming a foreign leader to the Australian PM being Trump's bitch and lying
  4. Atlas, Perhaps, State of Grace, and even Hardschool is better than most of what's on CD.
  5. My thoughts are I love clean air and water but at the same time I don't believe we will kill the planet in 10 years.
  6. I like it, I will be on more.
  7. Joined but I don't use discord a lot.
  8. So the whistle blower is a CIA employee assigned to the White House...🤔
  9. My guess is he owns the actual CDs but not the actual content on the disc.
  10. Nancy Pelosi this morning said she hadn't read the transcript but was bringing up impeachment due to the call in the transcript lol. The whistle blower is testifying tomorrow but you HAVE THE ACTUAL FUCKING CALL! This whistle blower doesn't even have first hand news on the report they submitted, it is all based on heresay and everything they claimed that was in the call was false. It feels like I have taken a weird drug and woke up in retard land.
  11. The best part was Trump asking the Ukranian president to investigate and look into Crowdstrike as their server is in the Ukraine. Now you starting to see why the Democrats went nuclear lol.
  12. It feels like the Democrats walked into a trap and now they are trying to spin it in a million different directions.
  13. There is absolutely nothing there.
  14. 1980 was a fantastic year for rock music but a really shitty year for rock deaths.
  15. Apparently the White House is going to release a document showing the whistle blower had a political bias.
  16. I'm not sure how he's dead to rights when the whistle blower doesn't have first hand knowledge, they are just reporting what others have said. Two White House officials also said there isn't any bombshell in the transcripts being released tomorrow, in fact the two sources said they were underwhelming.
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