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  1. Biden says he will completely lockdown the country if elected....which is illegal.
  2. What has gotten into Rose McGowen? She is one step from putting on a MAGA hat lol.
  3. Also quite funny the media is trying to paint q-anon followers as violent and radicals, while ignoring ANTIFA/BLM burning cities to the ground and calling them peaceful. The disconnect is something else. Edit: shit wrong threat lol.
  4. The day of the rake is coming fuckers, we will never forget 1814.
  5. Canadians saying Joe Biden plagiarized parts of his DNC speech from Jack Layton.
  6. The WHO says a vaccine won't be enough, "can't go back to the way it was."
  7. Pelosi admits to blocking unemployment benefits because it would help Trump. No way they would use a virus for political gain though.....
  8. Biden's speech in a nutshell: The US is unbelievably racist and fascist...*3 minutes later* America is a shining beacon of freedom and the greatest country on the planet. The DNC message is all over the place.
  9. Check the amount of viewers......
  10. Imagine doing this stupid shit when you know the SDNY is just looking to pop anyone with any ties to the Trump administration.
  11. The Babylon Bee had the headline "Man Who Divided The Nation For 8 Years Calls For Unity."
  12. Who knew in 2020 the Democrat Party would be so woke they would be supporting whores and beating the drum for segregation. Is this 2020 or 1830?
  13. Colin Powell and Cindy McCain. The Democrats that were on the side of sanity during the Bush era have become the Bush era Republicans lol.
  14. Second night of the DNC Convention down 48% http://thehill.com/homenews/media/512760-broadcast-ratings-for-second-night-of-democratic-convention-off-48-percent#.Xz4Nicr1vwc.twitter
  15. The DNC/MSNBC used duplicates for their virtual audience.
  16. Goodyear stocks drop 6% after Trump calls for a boycott.
  17. This. No one outside of the "hardcore" fans knows anything about the leaks. Guns has been a nostalgia act for over a decade now, the only difference is they added a couple more members that made the nostalgia in the first place.
  18. http://coloradosun.com/2020/08/17/denver-coronavirus-deaths-heart-attack/
  19. AOC nominates Bernie Sanders for President at the Democrat Convention lol. But reddit told me the party was unified 🤔 http://streamable.com/kbicme
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