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  1. 1 hour ago, Bobbo said:

    Can someone explain to me what’s going on with this impeachment stuff? Sondland said in the beginning that there was quid pro quo. And then later when Schiff asked him if the aid was tied to the investigation into Biden, he says the President didn’t tell him that directly. And that what he did tell him was “I want nothing. No quid pro quo”, etc. and Sonland’s statement of quid pro quo was just his own assumption? Do I have all this right? Wasn’t he the libshits’ trump card here (no pun intended)?


    and all of Sonland’s lawyers are democratic donors? Is that really true? Because if so...holy fuck 🤣🤣

    You pretty much nailed it. Sondland also said he thought the quid pro quo was tied to getting a meeting. Sondland was all over the place with his testimony which at the end of the day, Sondland was supposed to be Democrats big gun for testimony, and he gave them jack shit. Also Adam Schiff is the biggest fucking moron, he actually held a press conference after Sondland's opening, only for him to get kicked in the balls again.

  2. Today was a rough day for the Democrats. CBS actually broke away from coverage to run normal programming lol.


    Vindman said he didn't know the whistle blower which turned out to be a lie since he talked to two people about the call, George Kent and someone in the intelligence agency he's not allowed to name. Schiff stepped in shit when he said they weren't there to out the whistle blower, even though Vindman and Schiff both aren't supposed to know the whistle blower is.


    Volker basically blew massive holes in the Democrats case due to him saying there was never discussions about investigations for the money being released. Morrison who is Vindman's boss said Vindman used poor judgement with the call and said he didn't see a problem with the phone call. Both Volker and Morrison said there wasn't any bribery, extortion, or quid pro quo. 


    You knew your case is imploding when the Democrats start attacking their star witnesses. One Democrat all but called Volker a liar covering for Trump. 



  3. 22 minutes ago, Bobbo said:

    So from the first two hearings, none of them had direct contact or even information during the so called crime, and this haggard bitch was asked directly if she had any knowledge Trump committed a crime, to which she said no. Do I have this all right? And yet, the libshits are acting like they’ve been shooting nothing but net. We’re closer to impeachment smoking gun(s)...how exactly? Anyone smarter than me (basically all of you) wanna chime in here? The fuck is going on lol

    Honestly it sounds like you pretty much got it. My line of thinking is Schiff never thought Trump would ever leak the transcript of the call. He roped Pelosi into this by stating just that, the Democrats would keep everything locked down and in private, leaking whatever they wanted to leak and all the while they could make up bullshit on what was on this call. Once Trump dropped the transcript the Democrats have been in reactionary mode. They partly still want to run the same game plan IE Schiff doing his "parody" of the call and all these closed door meetings in the basement of the Capitol Building and leaking information to their butt puppets in the media. I think now Pelosi realizes she has passed the point of no return and they have to push through no matter how damaging these hearings are to the Democrats. So far in two days they have jackshit and are twisting and turning everything that comes at them as some kind of impeachable offense.

  4. 7 hours ago, arnold layne said:

    I was very young in the '90s. What evidence was there that the Clintons murdered Vince Foster? @bran @Bill Brasky @sixes

    I was only 6. What I remember reading though one of the big ones is there was a suicide note in Foster's brief case that was ripped up and on it was the palm print of the the Clinton's lawyer. Foster knew a lot of shit that would have sank the Clintons as they had been extremely close going back to Arkansas.

  5. Looks like former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick might be jumping in as well. I think the biggest problem Bloomberg will have is the African American vote might not turn out for him(like Warren). He was doing stop and frisk in New York City which targeted a disproportionate number of blacks and hispanics. He will also have the stigma of being a Republican which I think will turn off a lot of the regressive voters.

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