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  1. Also kind of funny ANTIFA decided to skip this event when those in attendance are armed.
  2. Thousands of pro gun protestors show up, most of them armed and not one person hurt. All walks of life, of every background and every skin color and no one hurt and no one arrested. Somehow us legal gun owners are somehow the problem though.....
  3. There are a lot of things GNR SHOULD do but they never do them.
  4. The AG of Puerto Rico confirms there are more warehouses full of aid from 2017. So apparently better to let your people starve and die than to say Trump did a good job. Shit tons of people showed up for the pro gun rallies in Virginia, no arrests.
  5. I mean fantasy has been popular forever, it isn't just this generation. The best selling book of all time (barring the bible) is The Lord of the Rings(1954) and the Hobbit is #6(1937).
  6. They basically said a lot of what the Space Force Encompasses will involve a lot of on the ground work with the other branches of the military. They said they are basically using Air Force uniforms to save money instead of designing and making completely new uniforms.
  7. One step closer to Starship Troopers.
  8. I pretend the Simpsons died after season 9. They had some good episodes for a few seasons after but nothing for me touches seasons 1-9.
  9. Well on craigslist and other places people are putting out ads for "paramilitary role play." I imagine you are going to have far left wack jobs posing as gun owners and doing something incredibly stupid so gun owners get blamed for it.
  10. I thought it was pretty good, minus a few casting choices. It nails the feel of the books and games.
  11. I got a good deal on a Ruger Redhawk.
  12. I don't even know who this "artist" is. I put on one of her songs on youtube......wish I hadn't.
  13. Watching Bernie Bros talk about CNN as fake news is fucking hilarious.
  14. Being reported that the Ukrainian flight was hit by two different missiles.
  15. According to Olney, support for Beltran is weakening. This season is going to be a shitshow lol.
  16. Governor Blackface has declared Virginia a state of emergency and banned guns in the capital after several armed militias threatened to March on Richmond. Many pro second amendment rallies are scheduled in the coming days throughout Virginia.
  17. Also all members of Bernie's Iowa staff have locked their Twitter accounts after one staff member was caught on tape saying all liberals would have to be put against a wall and shot after Bernie becomes president. Also said anyone who doesn't follow Bernie will be shot and Trump supporters put into gulags. This retard also said they would burn Milwaukee to the ground if Bernie doesn't win the nomination.
  18. Warren is hated everywhere outside of Massachusetts. She is a more unlikable and far dumber version of Hillary Clinton.
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