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  1. I still think that the theory of the lab doing tests and selling the animals to the meat market is the best explanation.
  2. I just feel like this virus wouldn't be as much of an issue if fucking China was forthcoming with information.
  3. New poll has Biden out in front in Florida by 22 points over comrade Bernie. Also 84/93 super delegates interviewed by the New York Times do not want to vote for Bernie. Also interesting since today Hillary Clinton announced she is starting a podcast just in time for the convention 🤔
  4. No but watching the media try to blame the president for this virus has been a level of retarded I didn't think was possible. Chuck Schumer said on February 5th that Trump ordering a travel ban was premature and based on racism, on February 27th he wants all schools closed and football stadiums set up as quarantine zones.
  5. I'm not concerned for myself, just my parents as they have health problems as is.
  6. A Cambridge company thinks they might have a vaccine. They sent test vials to labs and the government for testing. Israel says they think they might have a vaccine as well.
  7. It has been a real honor shit posting with all of you.
  8. Bernie and his entourage took 3 jets from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, which is a two hour drive.
  9. Last night Kentucky Republicans flipped a house seat that has been Democrat for 33 years. Registered Democrats doubled Republicans in the district.
  10. He really should have done it when he came to office like Obama did.
  11. We all know how bullshit polls can be, so take with a grain of salt. The new Quinnipiac poll has Trump leading Sanders by 7 points in Wisconsin. Trump beats the other candidates by double digits in the recent poll in Wisconsin. Basically to win reelection, if Trump wins Ohio and Florida, he will need to win 1/3 rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin to win reelection. This doesn't take into account maybe flipping New Hampshire or even Minnesota.
  12. It basically sounds like a lab was pumping viruses into test animals and then selling those animals (if alive) to meat markets.
  13. Nevada is much further left than New Hampshire is. You will see similar numbers in South Carolina as you did in New Hampshire.
  14. I'm never going to have a good football team
  15. Also something interesting I read today. The Democrat voter registration lead in Pennsylvania has shrunk by 125,000 voters since 2016. Republicans have made serious in roads in historically blue districts. Also Florida registration is starting to approach 50/50.
  16. There only hope of stopping him is the super delegates at the convention. They can't stop Bernie with Biden and now Bloomberg still in the race. The moderate vote keeps splitting between Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar and soon to be Bloomberg.
  17. Reported on NBC, 23 people were let off a cruise ship into Japan without being tested.
  18. So 17 game season, another playoff team per conference, only #1 seed gets the bye week.
  19. He is just banking on moderates having nowhere else to go and finding him more agreeable than Bernie. The super delegates might determine the primary in July and those super delegates are going to have to determine the course of direction to go come November. This is what Bloomberg is banking on since he has the money to stay in this until the end no matter the results are, Biden is running out of money and needs some strong finishes on super Tuesday. The people who make up the super delegates are Democrat mayors, governors, and former congressmen, I don't see them throwing their support behind Bernie no matter how many delegates he has.
  20. That debate was like watching monkeys fling shit at each other at the zoo, some quality entertainment. Warren scalped Bloomberg, Bloomberg called Bernie a commie and Biden was oddly quiet and didn't get much thrown at him. Buttigieg and Klobuchar had a slap fight and Klobuchar started shaking again.
  21. That is one real issue, but even then libertarians and many Republicans didn't like stop and frisk since it violates your civil liberties. He was also quite far left on most issues.
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