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  1. It is definitely going to go through and Trump will be impeached but the real question is how cocaine Mitch handles the trial in the Senate. My guess is Mitch is going to take great pleasure in raking the Democrat's balls across an open fire, he has been the biggest supporter of Trump and as the Democrats have been autistically screeching about impeachment, Mitch has rammed through nearly 200 federal judges, which makes up 1/5th of the judges in the US. He has fundamentally changed the appeals courts for nearly 50 years and without a word from the Democrats
  2. He will opt out after the 5th(or 4th?) year after a couple of championships(hopefully).
  3. Beta naked with a 12 inch strap on.
  4. bran


    I had just turned 13, I was eating pizza while my dad was getting shit faced and winning a shit ton of money playing poker. My uncle in Florida went a little overboard for y2k. When I moved down there in 2004 he showed me what he had bought. He had like 100 pounds of rice in a bunch of white, sealed buckets. A bunch of guns and a shit ton of ammo.
  5. I remember "The Last Jedi" toys were getting slashed 67% within two weeks of release.
  6. I thought it was pretty damn good. The de-aging was hilarious. DeNiro hitting and kicking was hilarious but trying to watch him walk was also quite funny.
  7. I fell into a turkey coma but I made it through watching the Cowboys fall flat on their asses.
  8. I got roped into going to one black Friday about 15 years ago or so by my grandmother. My town has about 13k people in it and I think every fucking one of them was in the store that day. They acted like a bunch of coked up hyenas, never will do another one.
  9. I wanted to deep fry the turkey but my parents vetoed me lol.
  10. Definitely going to be watching it this weekend.
  11. This has been one weird birthday.

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      Happy Belated Birthday!

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      Salsh Borski

      Happy Belated Birthday!

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      A weird birthday is still a birthday

      happy birthday my internet friend. 

  12. Not only is it true, he ended up knocking up some woman in Kentucky, denied to support the child and said he never even slept with her. The results of the test came back he was the father of the child. While trying to get into the Navy, he failed a drug test for cocaine. He somehow managed to get a waiver for that, and failed another test for cocaine, his defense was he "accidentally ingested the cocaine " In todays edition of the New York Post, it is reported Hunter Biden was smoking crack in Washington DC night clubs while making 88k a year sitting on the board of directors for Burisma. Yet somehow investigating this situation it somehow criminal. If this was any Trump kid they would be all over raking him over the coals.
  13. I wonder why Mark Sandy wasn't asked to publicly tesify....Also why his transcript was released late Tuesday night during Thanksgiving break..... Q: Okay. At any point in time, from the moment that you walked into the SCIF to anytime in history, has Mr. Duffey even provided to you a reason why the President wanted to place a hold on security assistance?A: I recall in early September an email that attributed the hold to the President’s concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine
  14. I'll only believe it when I see it on Dollar Tree shelves.
  15. I bet it breaks his heart to have to add all this censorship.....
  16. I think the problem is our media gets beamed all around the world and the people in Europe see it and they think most of us buy into whatever they are peddling. Some of the polls I have seen have the trust in the media around the same levels we have in our politicians, which is in the single digits or around 10% at best. I would imagine Canada is a lot like the US in that liberals in Toronto or Montreal eat up whatever the media tells them, and the rest of the country just goes about their day putting food on the table and paying bills and have many more things to worry about then what propaganda the media is pumping out on a daily basis.
  17. I remember having a cheeseburger and fries while watching a documentary about anorexia lol.
  18. You pretty much nailed it. Sondland also said he thought the quid pro quo was tied to getting a meeting. Sondland was all over the place with his testimony which at the end of the day, Sondland was supposed to be Democrats big gun for testimony, and he gave them jack shit. Also Adam Schiff is the biggest fucking moron, he actually held a press conference after Sondland's opening, only for him to get kicked in the balls again.
  19. Supposedly the Ukranian government is expanding the scope of the investigation on Burisma, including embezzlement.
  20. Today was a rough day for the Democrats. CBS actually broke away from coverage to run normal programming lol. Vindman said he didn't know the whistle blower which turned out to be a lie since he talked to two people about the call, George Kent and someone in the intelligence agency he's not allowed to name. Schiff stepped in shit when he said they weren't there to out the whistle blower, even though Vindman and Schiff both aren't supposed to know the whistle blower is. Volker basically blew massive holes in the Democrats case due to him saying there was never discussions about investigations for the money being released. Morrison who is Vindman's boss said Vindman used poor judgement with the call and said he didn't see a problem with the phone call. Both Volker and Morrison said there wasn't any bribery, extortion, or quid pro quo. You knew your case is imploding when the Democrats start attacking their star witnesses. One Democrat all but called Volker a liar covering for Trump.
  21. Honestly it sounds like you pretty much got it. My line of thinking is Schiff never thought Trump would ever leak the transcript of the call. He roped Pelosi into this by stating just that, the Democrats would keep everything locked down and in private, leaking whatever they wanted to leak and all the while they could make up bullshit on what was on this call. Once Trump dropped the transcript the Democrats have been in reactionary mode. They partly still want to run the same game plan IE Schiff doing his "parody" of the call and all these closed door meetings in the basement of the Capitol Building and leaking information to their butt puppets in the media. I think now Pelosi realizes she has passed the point of no return and they have to push through no matter how damaging these hearings are to the Democrats. So far in two days they have jackshit and are twisting and turning everything that comes at them as some kind of impeachable offense.
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