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  1. Apparently neck gaiters spread the disease worse than wearing nothing at all.
  2. Heat index over 100 here tomorrow, I'm going to melt.
  3. Seattle Chief of Police Carmen Best will resign tomorrow at 11am.
  4. That's why Biden's support with Hispanics is so soft right now and it is why Republicans need to capitalize on this. The immigration issue is the biggest obstacle that stops Hispanics from being a massive Republican voting block. Getting past that issue could help turn historically red states like Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico that have gone blue back to red. Hispanics and blacks tend to dislike one another for the very reason you stated. Hispanics always feel like blacks get all the attention and support, while they are ignored. Remember when BLM was burning Minneapolis, it was Hispanics and Hispanic street gangs siding with the cops to go after the rioters.
  5. Dude running down the street with a bag of chicken lol.
  6. Massive looting and rioting in Chicago. Just saw a shoe store getting looted, so many Nikes.....
  7. bran

    RIP Martin Birch

    He also retired really young. His last album he produced was Fear of the Dark in 1992. I think he was only 44 or 45 at the time.
  8. One of the all time greatest producers and engineers in music history. Just an absolute legend in every way. RIP
  9. My county has been designated "on the path to containment." 😎
  10. A lot of articles coming out about how Biden is losing a bunch of independent voters....shocking I know.
  11. One of the few people arrested in Portland.....
  12. "Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things." imagine if Trump said this....
  13. I saw some idiot on twitter that does "polling" that has Biden winning Missouri and Iowa lmao.
  14. Biden also isn't going to accept the nomination at the DNC Convention, that is going to royally piss off some Bernie bros, plus it makes him look incredibly weak. I think Biden is starting to sink, just look at what has happened in the last month or so, and again what has been coming out in the last few weeks. - Biden's gaffes have been getting worse and worse. You had the "you ain't black" but today he had many gaffes including calling the host a "junkie." - Over 100 staff of Biden's campaign in Florida warned of his soft support with Hispanics. Apparently even complaining of some abuses. - A lot of polls have Biden polling around Hillary levels with Black voters - The riots are killing him, as is his move to the left which is alienating moderate and old school liberal Democrats. Even bigger things that have happened within the last month - His RealClearPolitics aggregate "lead" was 11.4 points going into July, at the end of July it was 7.4 and now it is down to 6.4 - Republicans are destroying Democrats in new voter registration in swing states. In 2016 Republicans registered 43,000 new voters, through July 2020 it is up over 100,000 - Politico saying Biden's VP short list is trash and full of baggage. - Politico reporting Trump is knocking on a million doors a month to drive out the boat, Biden 0 - Arizona primaries. Arizona is supposedly a swing state that Biden is leading Trump. Last night voter turnout was higher for Democrats but Republicans still hammered them by 10,000+ votes.
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