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    Ghost towns

    The island is best known for two murders that occurred there. On 6 March 1873, two Norwegian women, Karen and Anethe Christensen, were strangled and one struck with a hatchet. A third woman, Maren Hontvet, escaped and hid on the island at a place now called "Maren's Rock". Maren, the only witness to the murders, identified a German-born fisherman, Louis Wagner, as the killer. Wagner was tried, convicted and, although he maintained his innocence, hanged. Despite an airtight case, so vehement was his denial that people long believed he was innocent.[1] The story of the murders was told by Celia Thaxter in her account A Memorable Murder[2] and by Anita Shreve in her novel The Weight of Water, later made into a film of the same name, starring Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley. The most recent book is Mystery on the Isles of Shoals: Closing the Case on the Smuttynose Ax Murders of 1873, by J. Dennis Robinson. Wagner was hunted down after fleeing the island. He was quickly arrested in Boston and extradited back to Portsmouth. Ten thousand angry townspeople waited for him at the train station and shadowed him all the way to the police station, chanting, "Lynch him, kill him."[3] Wagner was then brought to Alfred, Maine, for trial. After he was condemned to death, he broke out of jail and escaped to New Hampshire. He was recaptured and brought to the gallows at Thomaston State Prison.
  2. He should spread the wealth to me like a good comrade.
  3. Like that shit that happened down in Cuba. Still nothing more on that either.
  4. Reminds me of that guy from the horror movie "Cabin Fever." Only I hope you a better fate.
  5. Yeah it was stupid. You can vote, drive, kill and die for your country, but don't dare buy a pack of cigarettes or an E Cig.
  6. My grandfather was Portuguese, does this make me 1/4th Manet? 🤔
  7. Imagine impeaching a president because he wanted to make sure our taxpayer money wasn't going to corrupt millionaires and billionaires. New poll out shows this trial isn't touching the president as his approval rating is at an all time high and impeaching the president is under water. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/24/trump-hits-new-approval-high-impeachment-support-d/
  8. Listening to Adam Schiff talk for hours on end should be against the Geneva Convention. Impeachment is supposed to be about the Ukraine but he doesn't shut the fuck up about Russia. He said the aid was to fight Russia over there(Europe) and not in the US. The guy is mental.
  9. Just by judging from Youtube numbers, the first day pulled in only about a third of the viewers the inquiry pulled in and this is after Youtube banned multiple popular right wing channels that were streaming the trial. Today was even lower, even falling below 20k at what should be peak times. The ratings for all major "news" networks were basically the same as any normal day of programming. Senators can't even stay awake. Rand Paul was doing crosswords, Diane Feinstein left an hour earlier yesterday, and Elizabeth Warren was playing some kind of game. Multiple senators were walking around and leaving the hall for hours on end.
  10. Seems China is going to quarantine the entire city. Also Africa is a hotbed for disease, ebola is just one that popped up in Africa and then spread and it is still spreading throughout the Congo.
  11. Only if a few thousand start dropping dead. It will probably end up like SARS.
  12. "Chief Justice Roberts, we have overwhelming evidence of crimes committed by Trump...... According to the LA Times."
  13. We will never get a new gnr as long as Axl is still alive.
  14. I don't think anyone would deny Sanders has his fans and would have won the nomination last go around. The question has been if he is electable. My opinion is Sanders would get obliterated by Trump in the general. His platform will not work in the heartland and he alienates moderate Democrats and independents.
  15. "Mounting a legal defense is evidence of guilt." Democrat Adam Schiff, 2020.
  16. Schumer trying to issue the subpoenas from the senate floor...LMAO.
  17. Democrats now realizing their "subpoenas" in the House had no backing by law and are worthless. Schumer trying to "fix" the issue by trying to subpoena OMB documents and the Republicans shooting it down.
  18. Someone put it so well. Hillary Clinton is the Ray Finkle of politics....
  19. Also kind of funny ANTIFA decided to skip this event when those in attendance are armed.
  20. Thousands of pro gun protestors show up, most of them armed and not one person hurt. All walks of life, of every background and every skin color and no one hurt and no one arrested. Somehow us legal gun owners are somehow the problem though.....
  21. There are a lot of things GNR SHOULD do but they never do them.
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