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  1. Philadelphia is the new war zone it seems, this isn't going to be good for Biden so close to the election, you are going to see Trump's numbers surge in the Philly suburbs.
  2. Kind of funny watching these people sperg out, the court had been ran by the left for decades, they shit all over gun rights, made up laws out of thin air. Heaven fucking forbid conservatives get a 5-4 edge. And yes I know it is technically 6-3, but Roberts has sided with the left more often in big cases than Kennedy ever did.
  3. Supreme Court rules Wisconsin ballots have to be received by election day. Next up, Pennsylvania.
  4. NY Times: Biden under-performing Hillary in Philadelphia by 10 points.
  5. She got 1% of the Democrat vote and black voters hate her for locking them up.
  6. Democrats early voting lead in Florida might be less than 300k by the end of the day. From nearly 600k up to less than 300k in less than a week.
  7. Biden asked about court packing, starts mumbling and stammering, handlers escort him away. This is really bad.
  8. Tucker Carlson will interview Tony Bobulinski for the entire hour, reportedly he has audio of Biden operatives begging him to keep quiet and his revelations will bury the reputation of the Bidens and those involved with Hunter's dealings.
  9. So Hunter is alive, so I feel like an idiot for my previous posts but like I said I just report what I hear and see. The breaking news seems to be Joe, Jim, and Jill Biden knew of Hunter messing around with a minor and tried to cover it up. Two new polls have Trump up in Pennsylvania, one of them had Trump down 3 a week ago, reports Trump is closing strong with 60-65 year olds and with women.
  10. Tulsi was such an easy choice and they fucked it up.
  11. There have been some, I saw a video of 3 or 4 Biden campaign workers knocking on doors but it has all been in Pennsylvania, I haven't seen anythingf from many other state, which is really weird. I have seen Trump people knocking on doors in pretty much every battleground and even people knocking on doors in Maine. The tone seems to be shifting a bit the last few days, from the Politico article on Florida, and there was another one about how Democrats could botch this election and talked about Florida "giving them nightmares." Also Hillary "feeling" sick at the thought of another 4 years of Tru
  12. Another 4chan post, this is the second one with a similar tone I have found. Like I always say, grain of salt.
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