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  1. I vaguely remember him but I can't quite remember who he is. I just put in GNR Perhaps into youtube and this geeky looking dude named Jarrod Walker was reviewing the track. I wasn't sure if it was him or not. I keep hearing the name but I can't quite remember him lol.
  2. Is Walker that geeky looking guy who does the leak reviews on YouTube?
  3. I don't trust Andy Reid as well, which sucks because they definitely have the team to compete with the Patriots.
  4. Three first round picks.....We are going to have more picks than touchdowns this year.
  5. I tried to read the guns n roses Reddit.....fuck that.
  6. All this because people couldn't just shut the fuck up and leak this stuff to the community.
  7. Dog the bounty hunter had a heart attack, so maybe him.
  8. I honestly think this is why the Kavanaugh shit is coming up again. She doesn't have long and they know Trump appointing another judge basically kills their agenda for 50 years. Shit that constantly gets overturned by the second circuit of appeals will now to a 6-3 Supreme Court in favor of conservatives. The New York Times had to walk the story back last night because the "victim" talked about in this book says she doesn't even recall this incident.
  9. After reading the last two or three pages, the wall got about 20 feet higher. So let's build that Wall and make Brazil pay for it.
  10. I pirate 99% of my tv, especially for sports. I do have Hulu for live tv or if I feel like watching a movie. Most of the time I just put on Pluto tv, which is free.
  11. Held the Patriots under 50, small victories.
  12. Perhaps State of Grace Hardschool(Still has potential) Atlas Shrugged KOHD acoustic(boring as shit) Silkworms
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