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  1. bran

    2020 Poll

    The election is going to be a shitshow. If BLM and ANTIFA are showing up to block Trump fans from entering an event, I can only imagine what they are going to do at the polls to stop Trump supporters.
  2. bran

    Anti Police Riots

    Go and fire that gun homeboy lol.
  3. bran

    Anti Police Riots

    One of the first reports I ever did in school was on Frederick Douglass. He made waves during the Civil War by saying he would meet and talk with slave owners, to which he responded " I will talk to those that want to do right but not those that do wrong." Douglass was a big believer in reaching out to people that disagreed with him and opening up dialogue(one of the reasons the left probably hates him). He was such a great person to read and learn about and he should be someone a lot of people no matter their race should aspire to be, instead he is getting destroyed and ultimately forgotten because of a bunch of commie cunts.
  4. bran

    Anti Police Riots

    I'm sure this will shock all of you, the 8 year old killed last night was black.
  5. bran

    Anti Police Riots

    An eight year old child was killed by protesters last night in Atlanta. Car came off the interstate and was surrounded by "protesters" and there was some kind of argument. Then the "protester" fired into the car, hitting and killing the eight year old.
  6. bran

    Anti Police Riots

    Liberals used to be fun, now they have become the conservatives they used to make fun. Horseshoe theory is a bitch.
  7. The problem really isn't the ranting and raving that bothers me, it is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of it all. Staying completely silent through the Obama years while he was spying on conservative groups and killing US citizens without due process. Selling automatic weapons to violent cartels and street gangs which have lead to countless deaths, including a US border agent. Arming ISIS proxy groups which led to massacres of civilians. If Trump is a fascist, he is the weakest and most ineffective fascist leader in history. The guy delegates to the states at every chance, and refused to use the military to wipeout his opposition around the country.
  8. The replies are pure aids lol. Where was this Axl when Obama was drone striking US citizens without due process or using the government to spy on US citizens and journalists. The most "badass band" in the world have turned into a bunch of establishment loving pussies.
  9. I think he is on some drugs or drinking lol
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