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  1. Yeah JFK stole the 1960 election by stuffing the ballots in Chicago.
  2. Democrats Sinema and Manchin will vote against removing the filibuster for legislation, which is fantastic news and finally a little bit of sanity peaks through.
  3. Oh no doubt he was a cunt and did some serious bullshit, but what he got impeached for was small potatoes compared to what Bush and Obama did.
  4. Virginia court rules changes made in mail in ballots were illegal.
  5. Trump's base will never leave him and will only grow one gas/oil job lost at a time, that is why the left is scared shitless of him in 2024. Trump is going to have 4 or so years to shit on Biden. Every mistake and scandal he and Kamel Toe have, he will blast them day after day in front of thousands of people. Just wait until the red wave smacks them in 2022.
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