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  1. I wish Hollywood decided to suck less.
  2. Well-known bassist of Guns N’ Roses and famous musician, Duff McKagan posted a new photo on his certified Instagram page and started the countdown to the European / United Kingdom Tour. Duff McKagan also shared the concert schedule with his followers. Here is the caption: “Days away from the European/UK tour!! August 22 – Warsaw August 23 – Berlin August 24 – Amsterdam August 26 – Köln August 27 – Mannheim August 29 – London August 31 – Dublin September 1 – Manchester September 3 – Paris September 4 – Brussels September 6 – Zurich September 8 – Milan
  3. Holy shit. Did Ragnar say something POSITIVE?
  4. Cannot say I am a fan but I admire this post. Perfect score et.
  5. Yes. British comedy sucks.
  6. Help us from Team Brazil. Ughn.
  7. Anybody watch Hard Knocks?
  8. Who will be invited to the Tom Brady Invitational this year? My money is on the Saints. They are a bunch of crybaby pussies and I bet the NFL pulls a fast one and lets Drew Brees walk in for a retirement tour. This is this years' script.
  9. Sometimes I forget how much of our society runs on convenience. It is ridiculous when you think about it. We needed a remote for an obscure dvd player that is (probably) fifteen years old, so we buy a replacement on Amazon for fifteen bucks, get it two days later, plug in some batteries, and bam! Working dvd player. It is no surprise brick and mortars are dying. Shocking half of us have jobs at all.
  10. I heard my baby's heart beat today. 

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    2. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove

      the year is 2035 - nate's son is calling us boomers on gnfnr

    3. EstrangedTWAT


      Man, you really are confident that you're the father, huh?

    4. GNS


      If he kicks his momma in her belly, strangle the little fucker

  11. Remember when I trashed Mike Judge and King of the Hill? I take that back. Idiocracy was the best movie I have seen in months.
  12. The Attorney General is investigating now.
  13. Fox Business: Disneyland's Star Wars flops, now employees getting hours cut: source. http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/disneyland-slashing-worker-hours-star-wars-flops-source Star Wars just doesn't sell tickets anymore.
  14. The best thing Tellietubbies ever did was remind us all that custard exists.
  15. I am sorry Salsh Borski but you cannot plant salami in a garden.
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