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  1. So logically we can assume magisme is town. We cannot be 100% sure but I think it is safe to say he is at this point. magisme investigated bacardimayne, so if we assume magisme is town then we can knock off bacardi off the suspect list. I can also vouch for bacardi that he did no action last night. So there is three of us that hopefully the majority consider town. facekicker and Deadstar are adamant that I am lying. @magisme, who did you vote for and why? I think it was facekicker. What are your thoughts on Deadstar? What about you @Dr. Strangelove? I think we 3 need to combine our votes.
  2. Facts: 1. magisme claims to be the cop 2. nobody else claims to be the cop 3. I, arnold layne, claim to be the tracker 4. nobody else claims to be the tracker 5. Deadstar, facekicker, ? claim I am lying 6. I claim to have tracked bacardimayne last night 7. I claim that bacardimayne had no action What am I missing? While we are here, does anybody here want to call out magisme? If so, please do so now. We have gone through pages and pages of bullshit. May as well try and make the right call.
  3. I guess but I fail to see the thought process here. Nobody here gives a shit because we are all over 21, but I don't like it because it is an attack on personal freedoms and it is a law I feel like contradicts the Republican platform. Raising the smoking age got bipartisan support.
  4. Really surprised Trump signed to raise the smoking age. The young voters must be really happy with that one.
  5. Shitstar and facekicker get the greenlight.
  6. That's where I am with Deadshit. Literally don't care.
  7. And with that statement I will kindly fuck off until Day 3. Adiõs fuckbags.
  8. That's great man. So both you and Deadshit are gonna cover your ears and make noise to dismiss the fact that literally nobody else is claiming to be the tracker? Name some one in the game that claims to be the tracker. Go ahead. Because nobody has. And you, Deadshit, and facekicker will look like FUCKING MORONS when I inevitably die tomorrow. And guess what? You are in a tough spot because you can bet your ass that you'll be the first to be investigated. Go ahead and keep exposing your bullshit. And yes I did track bacardi. Do you know why? BECAUSE HE WAS SHADY AS FUCK. But Bonham told me he had no action so I have no choice but to rescind. And since you are too draft to remember, I will kindly remind you and Deadshit that bacardi was one of my suspects on Day 1. Deadshit is so fucking terrible I honestly don't even care whether she is mafia or not. GTFO of the game.
  9. We are fortunate to have our Chinese Insider. Where abouts are you in China wasted? I hear they quarantined three or four cities there. Imagine quarantining three NYCs. Crazy. Stay safe.
  10. So you confirm he is town and I confirmed he didn't target anyone. As far as I am concerned this is a good start.
  11. It is funny and sad you joke about that because it is true. Last time I was in LA, a homeless woman lifted up her skirt and pissed in the middle of the sidewalk. A patrol was on the scene and did absolutely nothing about it. He went along his business. I will never forget it. Scarred me for life to be honest with you.
  12. They theorize it came from a Wuhan seafood market selling illegal meats. Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed. It seems pretty contagious. Symptoms are similar to pneumonia.
  13. What if I told you that flights to the US from China happen regularly and that future flights could also be compromised by the virus?
  14. And no disrespect of course facekicker. It is all part of the game. But seriously the schadenfreude will be delicious.
  15. My vote is a little contradictory. Facekicker and Deadshit are threatened.
  16. lmao I can't wait to see how much of a dumb asshole you're about to look when I die. Keep pushing.
  17. I dunno man. I've played as mafia and did not put a vote on somebody for the first half of the game. It is an easy strategy to look good for the mafia. It is hard to be a suspect when you don't have suspects yourself. I am not saying for certain she is mafia because nobody knows besides her, JB, and possible team mates, but I do disagree with your hypothesis that an absent vote makes her look better. Deadshit and Facekicker are suspects to me because they think I am lying. They can always hide behind the facade that it is because it is mafia and that it is their job to find suspects, but really how much of a threat am I really? I will probably be dead by tomorrow anyway, so the smart mafia would ignore me, keep me alive and deflect suspicion on me to discredit me. This is the reason why my vote remains on Deadshit. Deadshit is playing so awful that, if town, she is a great mafia asset regardless. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt of being mafia rather than dumb and town.
  18. I disagree with magisme here. Just because Deadshit didn't post vote, does not clear her. Mafia like to sit back and watch the town kill each other. The less involvement the better.
  19. Remember this moment when the vote comes to me and I turn out town and tracker. Bacardi is the only one I know who had no action. Whether this means he is town or a mafia henchmen with no say, I do not know.
  20. Did Hilary forget Bernie would have won the nomination last election too if she didn't game the system?
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