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  1. I feel like Christianity is just a way for people to justify their shitty behavior.
  2. May all your glasses be filled with wine.
  3. I'm addicted to this Texas Hold'Em app on my phone. Yes I know it's not for real money. Fun nonetheless. And you'd have to be a retard to play cards for money on the Internet.
  4. You can look it up on Google, but the consensus among the conspiracy community is that one rich man killed a bunch of other investors over a patent. If I remember correctly.
  5. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Tweeted: Spoke to @TigerWoods to congratulate him on the great victory he had in yesterday’s @TheMasters, & to inform him that because of his incredible Success & Comeback in Sports (Golf) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!
  6. I'm packing up the cooler with beer, bring a cigar, and dusting off the ol' driver. Going golfing today. Party of one.
  7. I'm dusting off the clubs tomorrow and hitting the links I think.
  8. People say this will be a movie. I think The Greatest Game Ever Played 2: Eye of the Tiger gets my vote.
  9. Also ESPN Radio is shit, but every time Tiger was up, the announcer would yell TIGER WATCH and the background of Eye of the Tiger would play. Really got my psyched.
  10. I had to rewatch the eighteenth hole. I mean if I got the chills watching that, I can't imagine how he feels. The word epic is a disservice to Tiger's story. It's beyond amazing.
  11. No joke. Nobody (except Skeeter) wants to see GS win in four by double digits. Lame as hell.
  12. This is the greatest comeback story I've ever seen @magisme.
  13. http://www.cbssports.com/general/video/8aed1162-518b-403b-a090-6ce5198bb409 Incredible. Watch the end. It will give you chills.
  14. TIGER IS BACK Listened to it all on the radio at work.
  15. Shea Serrano (@SheaSerrano) Tweeted: http://t.co/FK0oku1kLu
  16. Trump used WikiLeaks as a tool to get elected and then goes total 180.
  17. That's fine. We are all individuals!
  18. None of these new golfers have any charisma.
  19. Go Tiger. Make Golf Great Again!
  20. The fact that Black Panther got universal acclaim is the reason why I give up on movies. That movie sucked. Three hours of pure shit. An easy 0/10.
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