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  1. arnold layne

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

    Yeah we all can't be winners.
  2. arnold layne

    The Official Weather thread

    Snow and freezing temperatures. I'm depressed.
  3. arnold layne

    Anybody watching the AAF?

    It seems like every year some league tries to take on football in the spring but this one seems to be gaining traction. There are like 20,000+ fans showing up to these games! Even some college teams in the BIG10 don't have that many fans during game day. I don't think it will succeed but there's something brewing here. Watch next week. You'll see former NFL stars Trent Richardson and Mike Singletary battle for some relevance. The amount of buzz this league is getting way surpassed my expectations. Even CBS is giving it air time.
  4. arnold layne

    Star Wars

    Don't see Solo. It's so awful.
  5. arnold layne

    The Next Game Sign Up Thread

    I'll play.
  6. arnold layne

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    (Basically just an excuse to argue with Skeeter for 11+ pages.) http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/15/mike-pereira-if-the-new-rules-dont-reduce-concussions-the-kickoff-is-gone/ Here is our first topic to debate. It is no secret some pussies want to eliminate kickoffs. Looks like they may get their wish in 2019. Rest in peace football.
  7. arnold layne

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    They do but players have less power in where they want to play in other sports.
  8. arnold layne

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    The NBA is different. Hard work doesn't make a dynasty in the NBA. Having a city in the coast with 70 degree weather does. False equivalency.
  9. arnold layne

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    Yes skeeter. It was merely a little comment to add to AxlisOld's disdain for vegan diets.
  10. arnold layne

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

  11. I play the stock market. It's classier.
  12. arnold layne

    Best and Worst Time Travel Films

    Did we just become best friends?
  13. arnold layne

    Significant other appreciation thread

    My wife cooked me dinner and bought me beer. Plus she makes more money than I do. I am one lucky fucker.
  14. arnold layne

    NBA 2017-2018

    I don't watch college ball any more. I don't have the time. But from what I've seen this kid is incredible. ESPN is poison though. Hopefully the fame won't ruin him. Shame if he became a crackhead or went of the rails.
  15. Some time when I'm not getting screwed by bill collectors.
  16. I have two things to share. I am mafia and auad is a faggot. Good job guys. Except for auad. You are a piece of shit.
  17. Way to go dipshit. Why don't you let somebody who wants to play the game play the game. You suck.
  18. I killed a mafia and you're all voting for me. Unbelievable. Whatever. I'll see you next game.
  19. Why would I kill a mafia team mate if I were mafia? And my word is as good as yours on this next statement. I am not an independent.
  20. 🤔 Seems like, but not always the case, when a player isn't mod killed they are not town. Someone should just PM him and ask. I would but I don't know him and he probably hates me because I'm mean to him.
  21. Honestly I can't think of any reason why being in a partnership is beneficial especially if we don't know their alignment. There are good reasons to vote skeeter though I think.
  22. Which isn't much. I always thought Bonham was the independent. He was mafia which was even better because I'm not sure there are any independents in this game for certain. GnrLiars and John Bonham were both dirty so either way it's a good position to be in right now. We are two mafia down with no town casualties. Thanks @Major Mayhem for trying to change the narrative. I might vote you out after magisme is dead.