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  1. They could just jack up the price of chloroquine. People will go bankrupt to stay alive. Eventually they will have to figure it out. You can't have a functional economy when 80% of its population doesn't go outside. The world needs ditch diggers too.
  2. Here is the thing. Most politicians aren't doctors. So why the fuck are we listening to them for what we use for treatment? Pretentious.
  3. I bought some Vitamin D because I thought it would help with my depression. Beer works better.
  4. How did the Sheriff's office conclude that Travis' death was an accident? The tape was clearly suicide. What a terrible life that kid lived. He was a methed up, sex slave for some guy thirty years older than he was.
  5. @Donald Trump Why was there a Dot Com bubble? You seem like you would know the subject. Maybe Dot Com was ahead of its time? Now every business does online.
  6. Instacart is badass. Somebody went grocery shopping for me and I don't even know what he looks like.
  7. Someone get Donald Trump on the phone to pardon Joe Exotic.
  8. That is just insane to me. Due to the pandemic I ran out of coffee filters so now I use paper towels in the coffee maker.
  9. I thought I would never say this but I miss the days my wife would take me to Hobby Lobby.
  10. We should have a China virus version where one player has the flu and he slowly infects other players until everyone is infected.
  11. What I admire about Joe Exotic is that he embraced the trashiness.
  12. I am on episode five. They probably should have just banged really.
  13. I would love to answer all your questions. This park was nothing I have ever seen before. It was like the epitome zoology and the free market. His zoo was right off of I35 between OKC and Dallas. It was very interesting. You could tell he loved the tigers. Unfortunately I visited after he got that Lowe asshole involved. You could clearly tell the park had better days. It was the end of times. The tigers were malnourished and extremely underfed. My wife and I were pretty much the only ones there. I mean this place was going to the shits. There were probably forty or so tigers, ten or so employees and us. Joe was there in the shop but he left shorty after we paid to get in. And this dude loves himself. Everything in his shop has his face on it. It was depressing but fun at the same time. The place needed money. Watching this documentary makes me understand why the park was in the condition it was in. It had potential to be something great and it probably was before I moved here. The problem is that the location was a commitment and the dude was a fucking looney. He actually successfully went on to be on the ballot for governor. No I didn't vote for him. He got I think 5,000 votes.
  14. One time my wife and I went to his park and fed the animals. We both hand fed raccoons, which was awesome at the time, but then we both got really, really sick that night. Shitting our brains out. We both blamed the Subway but now with the Wuhan coronavirus, you never know! What a time.
  15. Are you like me, sitting at home, watching terrible TV shows and shoving your face with frozen pizza? Are you depressed as hell? Well say no more! Go to the fridge, crack open another beer, and sit back on your ass because Netflix released the best documentary since Making A Murderer. And it is even better. Because your very own arnold layne has indeed visited the tiger park and has seen Exotic Joe in person. I only live about an hour and a half away from this. It hits close to home! So if you like stories about rednecks, Tigers, drugs, mysteries, arsons, murders, firearms and explosives, then this show is the best thing you'll see in a long time. And take it from me! I hate television! It sucks. But this doesn't suck. Watch it.
  16. I think this could kill half a million people in the United States when this is all done.
  17. Kirby got himself into some bad situations. Joe Mauer became the face of the Twins. He grew up in Minnesota so he was a hometown hero of sorts. Kevin Garnett was the biggest athlete in Minnesota at one time too. I would say he was bigger than Randy Moss.
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