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  1. It should say Jeff Bezos doesn't want voting on unionization.
  2. So @deelowbrown what's the play this weekend?
  3. Trump was good for the stock market. That is a fact. Biden is already off to a bad start.
  4. ESPN did a segment on Hank Aaron. Total race bait piece. God this network sucks now.
  5. http://www.buyireland.com/ Not sure what legal ramifications are involved, if any. My brother has enough money to buy things he wants. I just wanted to send him something different. Now that China buying everything, maybe Americans need to relocate. Kidding.
  6. Choking implies a close game. The NFC Championship game last year was not close.
  7. I don't follow college football enough to toss out my opinion. I do know, however, is that Mel Kiper's job on ESPN is meaningless. They are paying this guy, more than most of us, to predict lottery numbers every year. Well not literally, but figuratively. You know what I mean. It is no fault of his own. The job is impossible. I think the Vikings need to divorce Kirk Cousins. I'm not sold that Zimmer needs to go just yet, but I've seen enough of Cousins to know he needs to leave.
  8. I just bought my brother a plot of land in Ireland for his birthday.
  9. Joe Biden should be Mexico's President because it is quite obvious he cares more about them than he cares about me.
  10. I just read that prison inmates are getting vaccinated before the rest of the country. 🤔
  11. I think Atlas Shrugged was our send-off. Axl seems like the type of guy who said he had a lot of stuff tucked away, but really doesn't. I believe we have heard it all.
  12. Ex-White House aide Chris Sims wrote in his 2019 book "Team of Vipers" that Trump would also use the red button [A Button for Diet Coke] as a way of pranking visitors by suggesting it could trigger nuclear capabilities. "Out of nowhere, he'd suddenly press the button," Sims wrote of the former president. "Not sure what to do, guests would look at one another with raised eyebrows. Moments later, a steward would enter the room carrying a glass filled with Diet Coke on a silver platter, and Trump would burst out laughing." based
  13. In 2012, the surviving members of the Beach Boys — Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks — put aside decades of bad blood to record a new album and launch a long 50th anniversary tour that had them playing their classics at venues from New Orleans JazzFest to London’s Royal Albert Hall. “The tour… blew away all my expectations,” Brian Wilson said afterward. “We had a blast, the fans were so supportive and I loved being able to record and sing with the guys.” By the following year, the band had split up into two different camps again — Love and Johnston touri
  14. That is any easy bet. Biden may not even last a full term with how old he is.
  15. Yeah because the whole game is to obstruct each other. These people have no soul and don't care about anyone but themself.
  16. Just think. Packer fans wear a literal emoji on their heads.
  17. Imagine being a mail man. 


    Could be me.

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      Mail man is a great job. You walk, get exercise, you’re outside all day, you meet a ton of people.. and you get paid well with benefits

    4. Donald Trump

      Donald Trump

      Watch out for dogs. 

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