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  1. Bill & Ted > The Matrix. Fight me.
  2. I literally watched Bill & Ted 2 yesterday.
  3. But wages are shit for many people man. Being employed doesn't mean much when you can't pay the bills.
  4. Well to be fair this is going to be a big problem soon. Wal-Mart and Amazon are about to take over the country Wall-E style (Fuck me for even mentioning that shit movie) and they have no problem paying people jack shit.
  5. Domestic violence usually comes down through generations. Chances are, and I hate to say it, his kid will end up beating his kids.
  6. lol no shit. I never even heard of Clark Gable before fucking Miser went on his obsession.
  7. On the contrary. I feel like kickers are best at kicking their ass.
  8. Hill should be in prison. That's how you fuck up somebody for life. And spare me the kids can be little shits bit. No excuse.
  9. The whole PM thing is laughable at this point. Somebody said it is like a meme now and I agree. Hotdogman is pretty much a mafia veteran now and I don't think he would do it by accident. I would be willing to put a vote down on Bonham but there's still time to unravel things.
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