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  1. What if the producers of the show put in this guy as the grand finale before Trebek passes away. He has Stage 4 cancer. Maybe they want some good PR before he dies.
  2. We get it brother. You've made your point and you've been gone exactly two months Sunday. Do us all a favor and come back. We won't let skeeter hurt you.
  3. John Wick has some lazy writing. There's obviously going to be a fourth one to go after that lesbian. I think if you are a fan of Keanu Reeves and revenge movies, you'll like it. There's just not a lot of substance besides violence though. Detective Pikachu was disappointing. 4/10.
  4. I was beyond destroyed. Holy shit. I didn't like it. Getting a little high is okay but when you over do it, it's fucking horrible.
  5. Alright I ate a whole brownie last night around 9pm and I'm still fucked up. No more for awhile. Shit is too strong.
  6. I got my marijuana card. Now I can legally have eight ounces in my house.
  7. I could probably quit drinking, but I can't quit the GNFNR. Thank you everyone for making this place very special, and, of course, thank you @John Bonham.
  8. I did too. Good movie.
  9. Where are you @Damn_Smooth? I miss your constant contempt for humanity.
  10. Cooler Ranch Doritos. Fun fact. Doritos started at Disneyland.
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