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  1. My state voted to expand Medicaid. No I did not vote. It is a dream for Manets. If you make less than 17k a year, your health care is practically free. 90% of the funds come from the federal government and 10% comes from the state. It was a voter initiative and it amended the state constitution (lol), so it will probably stick. Higher taxes to treat the poor.
  2. Except diabetes is a known condition that we have known for years. It is also not a viral disease.
  3. It is killing 4% of those infected in Oklahoma and people just think ignoring is the solution.
  4. I would rather play it safe and protect my family than risk dying, getting pneumonia or thousands in medical bills.
  5. There is enough research that tells us the mortality rate is roughly 0.4% which is fourth times deadlier than the flu. But it is also two and a half times more contagious and thirty five percent are asymptomatic. Basically everyone will get it eventually and the best you can hope to be is younger than 65 years old and with no prior medical issues.
  6. Putting pepperoni on your pizza would be a political issue in the USA.
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