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  1. They could just jack up the price of chloroquine. People will go bankrupt to stay alive. Eventually they will have to figure it out. You can't have a functional economy when 80% of its population doesn't go outside. The world needs ditch diggers too.
  2. Here is the thing. Most politicians aren't doctors. So why the fuck are we listening to them for what we use for treatment? Pretentious.
  3. I bought some Vitamin D because I thought it would help with my depression. Beer works better.
  4. How did the Sheriff's office conclude that Travis' death was an accident? The tape was clearly suicide. What a terrible life that kid lived. He was a methed up, sex slave for some guy thirty years older than he was.
  5. @Donald Trump Why was there a Dot Com bubble? You seem like you would know the subject. Maybe Dot Com was ahead of its time? Now every business does online.
  6. Instacart is badass. Somebody went grocery shopping for me and I don't even know what he looks like.
  7. Someone get Donald Trump on the phone to pardon Joe Exotic.
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