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  1. So this information confirms it is a genuine conspiracy. If this doesn't prove that Epstein was murdered, I don't know what evidence I can give you.
  2. Unvote/vote: iwasjustkidding1 May as well not play. Very forgettable player. Sliding undetected?
  3. Vote: Dr. Strangelove
  4. @GnRLiars did you get a Switch? Get Crash Bandicoot or Wargroove and we can discord like the cool kids.
  5. Interesting to see people throw bacardi under the bus now. I think it could be probable he is mafia but I am still not 100% convinced.
  6. I haven't watched it yet but it these streaming services are the new cinema. Movie ticket sales are declining so put out the classics and release just enough original content to cover ticket sales. I think Disney somewhat gave up on traditional movies. They made a live action Lady and the Tramp. Was it necessary? Fuck no, but now it is another reason to buy Disney+. The acquisiton of Marvel and Fox was the ultimate power move. Fuck you FX. The Simpsons belong to us now.
  7. Wait what? There is no way there are two cops.
  8. What do you mean you cannot answer that?
  9. I was very young in the '90s. What evidence was there that the Clintons murdered Vince Foster? @bran @Bill Brasky @sixes
  10. That wins every year. Less than half of the adult population votes.
  11. I bought a bundle of Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for $12.99/mo. I justify this for the fact that my wife watches a lot of TV, I can watch more hockey and because my Android Box started to shit out. Plus I can cancel at anytime and I may as well enjoy it to see what the buzz is about before it turns as bad as Netflix.
  12. Deadstar's post seems genuine to me. bacardi put a vote down on KFCBucket which means that I am off track if she is right, which I think she is. Unvote: KFCBucket
  13. Yep. And if it is Elon Musk at the forefront of human progression, we really are in trouble.
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