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  1. I forgot it came out on Gamecube.
  2. Smart for never doing drugs and booze. If I could go back in time that's what I would have told myself. Lay off the drugs.
  3. The Wii's controllers were awful. Not everyone wants to LARP while gaming. Some of us want to crack a beer and sit on the couch. I did like Skyward Sword though. Twilight Princess was not for me. Didn't finish either of them.
  4. Life is an airport terminal. We got to sit at the bar or buy some Burger King until our next flight, but the flight is delayed until further notice
  5. Day 3 on Zoloft. I feel stoned. Reminds me of when I was sixteen and a marijuana come down was fun. No bad thoughts. Just chillin'.
  6. Even under Obama there was steady growth. Biden is a downward spiral.
  7. Another day, another $50 down on the market. Donald Trump was right. We will never see his stock surges any time soon again.
  8. It's like not giving a shit about anything. Would rather drink and stay in bed than see my own family. No hobbies or interests. Persistent negativity. And everything is a chore.
  9. There's a reason why I start and quit all the time.
  10. I just went up $60 in twenty minutes with my 24 shares of AMC.
  11. This greatly reduces his chances of winning the Masters this year.
  12. Probably not. I've never taken MDMA. But I feel like I'm on drugs. Slightly elevated mood, colors seem brighter, slight paranoia, heightened senses, no body high. Grinded teeth too.
  13. I'm on Day 2 now. Definitely feel like I'm on something. Never took MDMA but from what I have read about it it's like MDMA without the high.
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