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  1. They took out Mushu as he wasn't respectful to Chinese customs or some shit, which is absurd because in Chinese customs Mulan would have been killed anyway. All pandering bullshit.
  2. Why is this even concerning to anybody besides those who are here ILLEGALLY? If you don't want to be deported, go through the legal process. Jesus Christ.
  3. The issue here Brasky is that your Boston Celtics have leverage. Superstars WANT to play in your market. It is the same old argument I have had with skeeter. How is OKC and Minneapolis supposed to compete with Boston and Los Angeles when nobody wants to play in those geographical regions? All small markets can really hope for is that they draft smart and put together a decent team in two years before they decide to move. Small markets are the Triple A leaguers in the NBA. You cannot take them seriously.
  4. My wife is pregnant!

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    2. GNS


      @EstrangedTWAT if the kid comes out as half black, better call sunnydre

    3. Bill Brasky
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      Congrats, man. I'm happy for you.

  5. They could implode before KD puts on a Brooklyn uniform.
  6. This whole situation with Oklahoma City is exactly why I stopped paying attention fifteen years ago. It is fucking lame. I am not spending two hundred dollars to watch a washed up Chris Paul carry a bunch of nobodies to a twenty win season. Fuck. That. The NBA is fucking garbage.
  7. The only way Axl is losing weight is if he develops a coke habit.
  8. @Skeeter , @Bill Brasky, @Donald Trump and @magisme. In your objective opinion, do you think there is a chance the Thunder move back to Seattle in the next five years now that Westbrook is gone? I think there is. A market this small cannot afford to lose ticket sales. And they will. Also one of our owners has died in the last few years (His share is up for sale), and the other one has just recently had brain surgery. Nobody brings this up.
  9. I watched the first episode of Abandoned on Viceland. It was interesting.
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