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  1. Honestly it was just a call out man. We have all been wondering where you have been. Did not mean any disrespect.
  2. I will give credit when credit is due. I am shocked Broski never returned. So good for him I guess. Also while we are on the subject, I wonder how Thomas Meadows is doing these days.
  3. There are rumors that Chris Paul might join the Lakers too. The Lakers just lost three first round picks. That may hurt them in the end.
  4. I agree. AD is a beta male, LeBron is in his thirties, and Laker's ownership is in shambles.
  5. I would share my finest marijuanas with Skeeter.
  6. I am excited for next year. For the first time in half a decade, it isn't a foregone conclusion who will win the championship. I didn't watch the Finals because I want to do my part to lower ratings (Eat a dick Adam Silver), but I know this was the best scenario since the Mavericks over the Heat. And Durant is out next year. Makes it even better.
  7. If skeeter doesn't post a response within seven days I will screenshot the personal messages that contain the details of our wager.
  8. I did not. Yesterday the Raptors won and therefore I won the bet. How could I win the bet before the Finals finished?
  9. He has no credibility after the Tebow fiasco.
  10. I honestly don't expect skeeter to ever pay me on the wager I just won, but I would just like to say that I am a man, and I pay up my bets. This is an opportunity to show us all who you really are @Skeeter.
  11. Skip Bayless is a hack. Dude should take lessons from his father and start drinking.
  12. Skeeter owes me forty bucks.
  13. Sometimes I walk by my jar of weed, open it, and take two strong whiffs.
  14. Fuck Boston sports. I don't give a shit Brasky or Linguini. Your lame teams win it every year. Good to see somebody else hold the trophy for once. Now hopefully a giant meteor destroys the Bay Area and KD gets AIDS.
  15. I feel like Axl would have tweeted about this if he could truly use this as a scapegoat in any way.
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