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  1. The way I see it, cars are a rich man's hobby. Why should I get excited over something that costs thousands of dollars a year? I mean driving is fun, but is it worth a $200 monthly payment plus insurance? Hell no. Automobiles are just another way to keep us as wage slaves and The Man to continue raping us. Fuck this life. Fuck you too.
  2. Also just a word of advice, don't get married. Because your in laws suck ass.
  3. It will be fascinating to see what the USA looks like in 2030. It will probably suck.
  4. I heard it about the other day. Sounds fun. We did it first.
  5. Give her some space for your own mental health. I watched an old Disney cartoon from the '40s where the character was getting chewed out by his wife. His neighbor, who he doesn't even like, offered him to go work somewhere. He happily accepted. It's funny because it is true. It is a problem as old as time. Buy her something. Minimal effort. Say you have to work late and then go golfing and drink a few brews instead.
  6. Odyssey, oh boy, that game is something else.
  7. How good is Super Mario Sunshine compared to Odyssey @bacardimayne?
  8. @John Bonham Suspend anybody who talks about Kanye West. One week mandatory sentence. 

    1. El Brasky

      El Brasky

      Russ give Arnold his account back

    2. bacardimayne


      suspend retards who think shit chain pizza is good first

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