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  1. I think the Browns are the example that curses are real @EstrangedTWAT. They have all the tools to be successful, and yet it is the same business as usual.
  2. @magisme @AxlisOld @Bill Brasky @Sleeping Like An Angel
  3. What is the best vodka? And that is an extremely subjective question, but I fucking hate vodka. I picked up a bottle of Absolut. It's terrible.
  4. I don't only because most games this week are BCS teams beating the shit out of the lil' guys. I admit it gets a little better with conference play. The NFL is more balanced.
  5. 1. Silkworms Everything else can fuck off.
  6. Wait. Is the singer of Tool actually a chomo? Disgusting if true.
  7. Vodka Redbulls at 11:00 am watching college football. Get the day started.
  8. I picked up a bottle of Old Forrester but I think I will save it for NFL Sunday.
  9. I remember listeninf to Street of Dreams and being disappointed because he somehow fucked up the demo.
  10. About to go to the liquor store at 9:00 am. 

  11. First we had Netflix, now we have Hulu, Amazon Prime, NBC, Apple TV+, ESPN+ etc. Where are we heading? Is cable about to die completely? This almost seems worse than cable. There is no way in hell I am paying $5 for a bunch of different streaming services that inevitably get shittier and less creative as the years go by. I think I would only be willing to pay for NFL TV (I don't know why they don't offer that), NBA TV, maybe the local Fox station, and Amazon Prime. Not interested in anything else.
  12. Yeah skeeter I agree. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear these leaks but they seem extremely generic to me.
  13. All you faggots get upset when I miss a mafia game, but lynch me Day 1 when I do play. Fuck you.
  14. Objection. Your honor, my name was spelled wrong. I ask for an extention.
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