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  1. I want to say 10% but I may be wrong. It is quite a bit. PayPal also takes their cut. It is bullshit. Have the buyer pay for shipping and get some of that money back.
  2. Because our night clerk tested positive, our manager stepped down, our assistant went on leave, three went on quarantine, and one quit. The whole store got cleared the fuck out. I would hate to manage convenience stores. What a shitshow.
  3. I sell my old video games continuously. The last buyer became a little verbal for my liking. Some tranny fighting over three dollars.
  4. Trump is running unopposed. Cannot see him losing.
  5. All in time my brother.
  6. Public poll!
  7. The place I work for doesn't give a fuck. If you test positive, you are expected not to work for all the days you are sick and fourteen days after you have no symptoms WITH NO PAY. Everyone else exposed can either quarantine themselves WITH NO PAY or get to work.
  8. Frederick Douglass wasn't white.
  9. Source: NBA, union agree to list of social messages that can be put on jerseys I Am A Man? This is very gay.
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