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  1. I'm sure he'll see it. He texted me yesterday to let me know about Dr. Strangelove's comment (see: escrow).
  2. Is this facepalm because nobody actually looked at the question above the survey itself, and more than half the people seem to 'like teh cock'? Too much foofer here. Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.
  3. That would almost certainly make it "Dub Shack", which sounds way too much like B-52's "Love Shack". The Dub Shack is a little old place where....we can get together. Dub Shack bayaybee. Still got a minor-to-major issue with DS, though in parts it could sound pretty cool. Almost works better than Shanklers, to be honest, but it requires a bunch too much butchery for my current lack of interest.
  4. Anybody have a magic wand that can turn fully mixed chords from minor key to major while simultaneously not pissing off purists who don't want the instrumental to change at all while simultaneously bringing a guy who can't stand GNR anymore out of retirement to work on it? If so, please let me know. 😆 Just kidding, my man. And Dr. Strangelove....bwahhhhhh hahaha! Carry on.
  5. Fixed. Quitting GNR permanently and quitting mixing permanently are not exactly the same. I just don't like GNR much anymore. I focus more on other hobbies and, if an itch needs scratching, other music genres. This Shankler's solo isn't what I was expecting at all. Can somebody send me the 2004 version? Ten bucks says it is significantly different. Thanks to um... the uploader... for the upload.
  6. I'm highly dubious to the legitimacy of this. Like gunsntortillas, it sounds to me like a Matrix soundtrack B-side.
  7. Agreed. I can't stand them either - not even most of mine. NO LIE. That's why I never download them, and why I almost NEVER share my own publicly. If you've been tied down and forced to listen to some of my vomit, it wasn't by me, right? I did like your post. Even your imbecile jab rings true on multiple levels.
  8. Is that the one with the kid walking alone through the streets and subways bouncing a tennis ball until he ends up at some carnival?
  9. What if he'd waited until 2003 or so, allowing Bucket to basically have his way with the material? In a world of 'maybe', we may have three Axl/Bucket/Brain albums by now, and we'd be complaining about why it's been ten years since that incredible third record dropped. With three records in six years and tons of touring, Bucket may not have ever left, or may have at least hung around until Axl and Slash made up. I'm going to cry. I'm a massive BH fan, clearly. But aside from his otherworldly skills, I think my next favorite part about the dude is that he seemingly hasn't aged a day in nearly thirty years. His face looks exactly the same. With everyone complaining about Axl and Slash's appearances, I think Bucket's look is noteworthy. Now would somebody please drop Shankler's?
  10. evader

    Eye On You

    Nothing at all. I've kept my junk away from this madness for the most part. I was wrong about Three Headed Guardian. Old age. A significant bit of Jump Man may work if anyone wants to give it a listen. You'll need to find your way to sendspace.com, and then add this: /file/lffzo6 The resulting download should line up with version 1 (11.7.00), but if not, I included a few milliseconds of the first note so you could find your way.
  11. evader

    Eye On You

    gahhhhhhhhh....................dammit. I'll check the spreadsheet. Edit: Other mixers, Three Headed Guardian, dump center channel, retime, rip low freq, slice. I'll rape it when I have time.
  12. evader

    Eye On You

    Either this is a "Brain Remix" thing like Blood in the Water, or the "Mac Daddy" sections are placeholders for actual verses. I dig the shit out of the chorus. Somebody probably already said that, but they probably didn't say this..... I like it. I like it a LOT. 🤣
  13. I cave. I just re-checked mine and have concluded yours were correct. Apologies, Doc! My rankings: 1. (Tie) Atlas, SOG, Perhaps, HS - for early demos, these are all really fucking good. 2. Silkworms - this only misses a tie for the top spot because it was highly incomplete. 3. All else. Either Ezrin is a moron, or was doing as many have suggested - sabotaging. I think the latter.
  14. I really, really, really don't like this one.
  15. Sorry for three-posting. Yesterday, I spent a good bit of time isolating the vocal on this track. The lyrics are pretty clear in the beginning, so I won't write those here. Starting from the yelling part, I'm quite confident this is how it goes: When did you think you would tell me? How long you think I could wait for now? I said... I'm gonna live with "now" or die I'd only thought you're faced now with livin' with it You gollay munay duhgeh dah Oh! O giz ah pillow is down You gah vee reddit ***Hiccup*** You gah vee reddit meddy da bah You o venned the souuuuuund Aye ahh How can it be You've fallen from your grace with me But now, why nuhhhhhh Aye haaaa I ask fa them for I believe in Cuz now, more than ever I still remember Your name Case closed.
  16. This is exactly correct. As usual, Magisme nails it.
  17. I've been practicing Axl mumblese since 1987 or 88. Some might call me a pro. You should have heard me screaming made up words yesterday between obscene rants and temper tantrums. It was glorious shit. We should form a band.
  18. You ARE making this shit up. 🤣
  19. I did fix it. You think I'd hear something like that and not repair it? 😁 If I got Rick-rolled and there was a skip in the roll, I'd probably download the motherfucker and correct the glitch. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
  20. Stereo fidgeting again. Whatever... However, the first chorus was diced by some asshat at about 1:34. Problem area is about one second in length. Outro chorus still intact, and can be used for fill. Seems to be another possible cut at the beginning of the guitar solo section, but this beat anomoly could be intentional. Snare seemed a quarter off, but it was an exact quarter, which was very odd. Very nice demo. Hope to hear a final version someday. EDIT: Woo! 600 posts!!! Only took me 9 1/2 years.
  21. Me too. However, if anyone wants the (fake) chorus, and feels like doing some mixin', shoot me a PM and maybe I'll reply.
  22. Afraid I'm no Anne Sullivan, mag (good luck with that reference). You wouldn't believe how much I despise gnr now. Can't stand 'em. How-fucking-ever, I heard hard school, b/c I keep getting lured back to forums by pm's. Shit mix of a song that didn't exactly blow me away. Recommendation: Do a center channel extraction, add it to the demo - essentially doubling the vocal, lead gtr, bass, snare and kick. Then use a widener for the l/r channels at maybe 30%. Add reverb to taste. Should sound better, but don't let her clip too much. As for the lead guitar filler that's WAY too low in the tard-mix, I ain't doin' it!!! Love always, E
  23. You are right, Budd, about just about everything you said. Sorry for my shitpost, and a very specific apology to both Andre and Dave. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment and shouldn't have been a dick. I TOTALLY 100% agree that Axl's crew used digital alteration for his vocals. Zero debate there. Every pro singer in the world does it in studio. I haven't used Pro Tools but I know GNR uses it, and they admit it. Whatever they use in combo with Pro-tools to re-tune is debatable. I use Melodyne, and my guess is they use it as well. It is a very high-end retuner, which has both automatic settings and manual. The automatic functionality works but can't compare to the results you get from manual adjustments. That's why I disagreed with the use of a term that has a prefix of "auto" to describe the work. It is all manual, which is kinda the exact opposite of auto. Every note, manually adjusted. The Antares Autotune program, at least up until a few years ago, was complete crap, in my opinion. Regardless, were notes retuned? Undoubtedly. Vocals? Absolutely. Automatically in studio? Highly doubtful. At live shows? Heck if I know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Again, my apologies for going into dick mode. Oh, and yes, Bach's vocals on Sorry definitely sound more like auto-tune, as if the result of a last-second, quick edit.
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