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  1. I always thought UK Subs was overrated and he proved how much he sucked by handing mygnr over to a dude like that. edit: I apologize if that's off topic but I don't know what this thread was or what it is supposed to be.
  2. Since most of you have seen it now, I'll say the "Don't choke on your aspirations" line was one of the most cringe worthy moments in film history. They redeemed themselves with Vader at the end. But that line was bad. I did enjoy how k2rso (whatever the fuck) little one liners never really landed. For the token comedic relief droid he really just helped add to the bleakness.
  3. No, it would never work. She's a cat, and as long as Jackie Moon is still single I'm going to hold out hope and think of "what could have been?"
  4. That'd be Rivers with an s, like Joan Rivers. But alas, it doesn't matter because Spaniards don't take their spouses surname. She'll always be a Moleman.
  5. I take exception to Rule No. 4 and I was actually going to make a thread about this in the Mafia section. "4. WHEN A MAJORITY VOTE HAS BEEN REACHED, PLEASE TREAT THIS AS THE UNOFFICIAL START TO THE NIGHT AND STOP POSTING" When the designated vote count is reached, yes, that is final and it's the game moderators job to go through and determine that the day is over. But until recently the players were always free to keep discussing until the Moderator popped in and declared it to be night. I really don't trust other players to do a correct tally (they're often wrong and can be used to mislead). It's also impossible to enforce, and just leads to stupid arguments. It's not NIGHT and posting should not be prohibited until the Moderator posts telling us so in the usual manner. I know you don't care, and I'll respect your rule. But I won't like it. Something so silly shouldn't annoy me so much. Aye aye aye
  6. I like Arnold Mags Bacardi GUNNER makes me laugh InThisRiver is cool too Brasky is my friend, he's solid DS makes me laugh That pic of JB drinking a glass of wine cybercheersing us is forever engrained in my head and that's all I see when his name comes up That's cool I call BS, this is just Pre-Mafia pandering. I coming for you, boy!
  7. All this Jewey Jew Talk has me thinking... Watto from Episode I was a fucking Jew, wasn't he? Edit: Dang it, he's clearly a Jew just a much as Jar Jar is definitely an Uncle Tom. Why am I even thinking about a film that came out in 1999. God Damn it, Obama
  8. Those Izzy and Steven dolls are real?! I see these Pop! things all over the place...for virtually ever hit movie or TV Show. But that Izzy one is literally the only time I've thought "Oh shit, I should buy that!"
  9. (One) Last call for alcohol. What's the count, 15-16 people? Not bad, I'm excited! Friday Friday, gonna play mafia on Friiiiday!
  10. Maybe Cannabil Resource will play...
  11. Uhhh, what? That's not how that movie ends, you retard.
  12. I don't know what any of this means. I think I'll see my 8 yo nephew J.J. on Sunday and I'll consult with him.
  13. inthisriver


    I really want to spend some time in Montreal. Bring back the Expos, you faggots (Comment directed at MLB). But seriously, Florida is a shit state and a the Rays should move to Montreal. They shouldn't be called the Expos though, that name was always fucking stupid. Who gives a shit about the World's Fair? Keep the color scheme though.
  14. Unless you are Wasted, he's not going to want to post in this thread.
  15. Generally, I'm not a fan of violence... but it is kind of fun to watch someone get punched in the face that fast and that often.
  16. I've never actually watched a fight before, and woke up just in time to find a stream. I mean, yeah the dude jumped in, but she was done. Done, done. "The ref mercifully steps in.." I love ridiculous accents like that, especially when it's coming from a place of joy. I don't know what I expected but I was hoping it wouldn't be over so quick.
  17. I never saw the episodes, but apparently he never actually dies and comes back with a robotic spider bottom in Clone Wars. Clone Wars is considered Star Wars cannon btw. So yeah, He's half him and half fucking robot spider.
  18. So for some reason I've been watching this fucking Youtube show all day and the episodes have only gotten funnier. The premise is very simple. You eat a wing and get asked a question. However, on every wing the hot sauce gets hotter. Like 300,000 fucking scoville, which honestly shouldn't be a thing. Here are a few episodes that i have enjoyed so far: Dude was clearly drunk when he showed up and it only gets more hilarious. what what what whaaaaaaaat? It's funny how he just don't give a fuck. PEDs were used.
  19. I enjoyed it! I enjoyed the Force Awakens too, but looking back it feels like a cartoon compared to Rogue One. I guess comparing doesn't really make sense though. I have many more thoughts on it, and I could nit pick and criticize but all and all it's just a good film in my favorite fantasy universe. They pulled it off, I hope the Han Solo project can do the same.
  20. ^ Jay Mohr's podcast would be half decent if he just shut his fucking mouth once in a while. Literally the shittiest host ever. He does do a killer telling of Kreischer's Tracy Morgan story though. I ended up watching like 10 of these episodes today.
  21. It's almost the 25th and I have not yet watched two go to Christmas movies. First Up: Christmas Vacation
  22. If you enjoy playing, you should play. But you have taken an equal number of shots at Conor for how he plays the game. If it's personal for anyone, it is for you. Did you not win a game recently? What's there to worry about?
  23. All you do is shit on me. I do the same stuff as other players yet when they do it it brilliant playing and I'm terrible. So it's obviously personal. I don't need that shit from anyone. If I wanted to listen to self absorbed windbags I'd go to the sales hall at work. Sorry pal, it's just the way I feel Nah, I doubt it's personal, you can be pretty thick.
  24. Oh shit, I purchased that. I need to download it now.
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