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  1. It's not a bitch move, because I left the power in the hands of 7 other people. Of course i can't even keep my word about not posting again. WTH The main reason I play mafia is to shit post and boost my post count.
  2. @arnold layne in the last game I played Hans was mafia and helped kill me on Night 1. @GUNNER Lynching me will benefit the town. I was unaware of GNS and Wasted alignments. I was sick of a long day 1 and nobody else was going to vote. I suck at this game Who didn't vote? One of them is very likely mafia. Lynch me today, to shed some light on the issue. The town has numbers and a win will still be in reach with my sacrifice. If I get seven votes, I'll put the 8th down. This is not a bluff. That's my last post until I vote. G'night
  3. Did they ever make that big Kurt biopic they were always talking about? I've never researched the whole thing, but it's not a big stretch to believe she had him killed. I've always hated her. And I was disgusted with myself when I found her attractive in The People v. Larry Flint. Bad ITR, BAD! Downloading Soaked in Bleach right meow.
  4. Fine, I'll be the first to vote yes. It's not a masterpiece but it achieved it's purpose. It told the story of a rag tag bunch of misfits stealing the plans to the death star. You had the shiny heros, the conflicted ruffians, and the big mean baddies the are unquestionably bad and have no qualms about to unspeakable evil. It was also visually stunning. It checked all the boxes for an accessible family friendly but slightly mature blockbuster. It's the kind of film that if you go into it expecting to hate it, you probably will. There are plenty of flaws. I respect and understand that choice. I had fun, but I didn't need to see it twice.
  5. Fuck it. It's been a damn week. Magisme and D_S can stay on their high horses and abstain from voting. It's been clear for days that JB isn't going to end this day for us. You can crucify me for flip flopping tomorrow. Official Vote: GNS
  6. My vote is on Wasted, you knucklehead. So if I'm one of the nine, the day isn't over.
  7. Hyperbole, really. I'd just prefer to go my own way. Of the two candidates I feel wasted is has a higher chance of turning up scum.
  8. I'll be honest, in my last post I just ended up talking myself into revoting for Wasted, and I feel secure in that decision. As a town person I don't feel it's my responsibility to talk anyone into voting for anyone in particular. Analyze the game and make your own decisions. Of course it's very early, so any worthwhile analysis is tough to come by. The only town player that should be trying to sway people is the cop, and only if he has useful info. I think it's just misguided town folk that usually start a bandwagon and then mafia players hop in here and there to get the Lynch through. As I have experienced it, Mafia members rarely lead a vote this early in the game. For those that agree with me, cool. For those that don't, that's cool too. But what about those who haven't voted one way or the other? Oh well, I'm just butthurt that Lance called me a fucking liberal and a Clinton supporter. I wouldn't vote for that cunt, god damn it.
  9. My logic is this. We're fucked because we have two inactive players and can't come to a consensus on which one to lynch. Both players are very likely aligned to the town. I find Mafia members tend to at least lurk and make the occasional post. Moderator intervention does not seem likely at this point I'd argue that inactives sometimes lose interest quickly because they have a vanilla town role that they find boring. However, Wasted never even checked his role. He has not been online since the 24th of December according to his profile. So he had nothing to lose interest in. If roles were randomly assigned he has as good a chance at being mafia as the rest of us. So, you jumping to conclusion based off past biases and taking other player's posts out of context only serves to be a distraction and a waste of time. That said, I've convinced myself to vote for Wasted. I won't change my vote again. It's been a week and I have had enough of this fat shit day 1. Official Vote: Wasted
  10. No, he wasn't. He broke the rules constantly. I remember receiving PMs from him and having to tell him to fuck off.
  11. But your logic for what could or couldn't be a townie is really flawed. You're a very simple minded person.
  12. I have participated in the voting process. I wanted people to at least put a vote down so we could start a dialogue and make the game a little more interesting. I feel like it has worked. I'll try to put another vote down when I get home.
  13. Fuck it. I can't follow Bill Brasky, no disrespect, but I feel gross. D_S made some good points as did Altered Beast. Brasky is spamming and getting his way. The town deserves better. Unvote: gns I apologize for my continuous indecision but this day has been a shit show.
  14. Gunner's got jokes. Anyway, I thought i had a solution, but it doesn't look like Bonham is going to save us. At this point we need to make the decisions. Unvote: Gunner Official Vote: GNS
  15. So Randy and Gunner can replace GNS and Wasted! Get your votes in folks.
  16. I found the solution! Official Vote: Gunner Let's lynch Gunner, and see if he's mafia But he doesn't have to stop playing. JB can just give one of the inactive roles to Gunner. The only way this fails if he he's currently mafia, then he'll know who the other members are. In that case JB can just make him mafia again and we can just lynch him again.
  17. Well, it's nice to see bacardi at least. The other two...? I guess leaving it in Bonham's hands is best. But in that case, I'm not voting at all until it's resolved. The Town is always put in this shit position game after game, and this time we're already down a man, with an extra inactive. Greeeat. Official Unvote: Wasted
  18. As far as inactive players go GNS seems to be the best bet. Wasted's profile says he last visited on December 24th, wth? I'm also tempted to vote for Bacardi... but I guess it's not uncharacteristic of him to miss a few days even when he's hosting. Actually, I've changed my mind. Wasted it is. He'll get clipped by JB anyway. Official Vote: Wasted
  19. I was thinking that he was hitchhiking to the nearest McDonalds and things went bad.
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