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  1. Probably my favorite TV moment of 2016
  2. So assuming it identifies as a dude, it's ok to punch it in the face right? Everything else aside, I fucking hate the ukulele.
  3. I voted. Your counts aren't very official, Brasky. Stop presenting them as if they are correct.
  4. Baby Patton Oswalt has been one of the better memes going for years.
  5. You're right, I made a typo. My intent was to say the opposite. And if you read the last sentence it disagrees with the line you are referring to. "Focusing on the details" implies that he's in tune and not relying only on "vibes" and "feelings" like you do. You ignore facts and just wing it. A very mafia style of play. I'm sorry for the confusion and mistyping that line, but if you had taken the whole post into consideration you'd have been able to understand what I meant.
  6. The world is full of monkeys and this doesn't want his daughter dancing with any of them.
  7. Oh lordy, I didn't even realize he had another daughter! I guess they have tried to keep her under wraps over the years. I'm not sure how it works... Is she missing a chromosome or does she have extra?
  8. @jackie moon @Major Mayhem @Bill Brasky I told you people what to do, and you did not listen to me. And here we are. I wash my hands of this tom foolery. Official Vote: Major Mayhem
  9. I'm more suspicious of you than you are me. And I think I'm leaning towards voting for Mayhem. People that rely too much on vibes are in tune to the nuances of the game, because they're mafia and they don't need to be as focused. This is something that leads me to think Conor might be town. He's always focusing on the details, and it's too early in the game for mafia players to go into full manipulation mode.
  10. So he has multiple day kills? Then why not just knock us all off one by one. Great Game, Facekicker. You're the champ!
  11. Wow, there's a lot to take in. It's funny that if you guys had just listened to me and lynched me right away (like I thought you would) two townies would still be alive. Granted the killers could have chosen to strike at another time, but we'd be stronger right now. Well, I'd be dead. I feel like I'm the only player with the town's interests at heart. FOS: Major Mayhem, Jackie Moon, and Bacardimayne How quickly after voting for Bacardi did Magisme die? So far every player has had an ability... I'm not saying Bacardi isn't town... but maybe it was a situation where the person to vote for Bacardi would immediately die. IDK, just a random thought.
  12. My bad, * I didn't know gns was mafia. I didn't know wasted was town. Mobile is weird
  13. Nope. You can paint me as the sissy liberal all you want, but I'm only playing with the cards I have been dealt.
  14. You keep pushing this little agenda that I am some uber hipster liberal.... Did you kill Trump on night one in some weird attempt to frame me? I still think people should Lynch me, it's a pro town move, but I implore them to look at the facts. Fact. I didn't know and was mafia. I didn't know wasted was town. Facts.
  15. Your logic is a crock of shit. If you're town you don't know what's going on, and if you're mafia you are just twisting shit around nilly willy. Go fuck yourself.
  16. It's convenient that Magisme states that early voters of GNS should be exonerated and then Braske (the first voter) provides the proof isn't it.
  17. Pre-Defense? Nobody was even accusing you of shit, you knucklehead. Did you just show us your hand?
  18. I think one of your biggest problems is you didn't have any older siblings to beat the shit out of you growing up.
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