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  1. It's not the year of the Tiger, so it's another shit year. Bring on 2022!
  2. I like Yim Yames, but My Morning Jacket and his shit too often sounds like Easy Listening garbage. Regardless, I'll give a listen later tonight.
  3. I already had seven votes, and you were one of them, knucklehead.
  4. I would just like to reiterate for those that are going to call me a big pussy, that I believed this to be the best move for the town. At no point did I actually want to stop playing. This was a fun game for me.
  5. you've stated on multiple occasions that Facekicker is the cop. Now if you suspected this why would you bring it up at any point, especially knowing that GUNNER (a doctor) is dead? Might there be another player with protector role? Maybe, but we don't know this for a fact. You're full of shit. We can't prove Facekicker is the cop (has an investigation) and if we could why would we want to? He'd be dead at night Hence, Mafia misdirection. D_S has his dick so far up his own ass he can't even see how flawed his own logic is. Idiot.
  6. Fat shit Damn Smooth must be Fat shit Bacardi's fat shit father. This game is about systematically voting off players that you suspect are conspiring to kill the so called "good players." You don't contribute. You're shit. You make shit up and watch from the sidelines. Do something you fat shit, fuck.
  7. You don't have to give a shit, but you're fat and shit regardless. You have no game. You don't play this game, you just sit idle and try to accuse people of shit that't unsubstantiated. You suck.
  8. I thin bacardi sucks, but I think Major Mayhem is the better vote. Bacardi wasn't even attentive as a mod, so we can't condemn him for being shit as a player. That doesn't make him mafia.
  9. Maybe you're pussy ass no vote strategy sucks, you fat fuck. You're definitely fat, I can sense it in every shit post you make.
  10. Or you always make shit excuses and never actually commit to a game.
  11. Why would facekicker admit to having an investigation at this point? The doctor has died. Is there a second doctor? lmao
  12. Nah, I just figured he might check if we called him in. I get you, he did a shit job hosting the last game, and he's largely been absentee in the last few games as a player. Bacardi in genereal is a Broski lite, lol. But I'm not ready to vote for him, and I opted to give him a chance to pop in and defend himself. And yet again, Fat shit bacardi doesn't deliver, lol. What a shit post. But I believe Major Mayhem is the best vote and I'm not prepared to change it.
  13. Another vote swing, interesting. I agree with @arnold layne's reasoning for the most part. Inactives suck. But did anyone try to tag Bacardi, or quote him? He'd like receive a notification and come check the thread the next time he's on. @bacardimayne Heeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllo!
  14. Probably my favorite TV moment of 2016
  15. So assuming it identifies as a dude, it's ok to punch it in the face right? Everything else aside, I fucking hate the ukulele.
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