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  1. It's not the year of the Tiger, so it's another shit year. Bring on 2022!
  2. Probably my favorite TV moment of 2016
  3. So assuming it identifies as a dude, it's ok to punch it in the face right? Everything else aside, I fucking hate the ukulele.
  4. Baby Patton Oswalt has been one of the better memes going for years.
  5. I have questions, comments and concerns. I have been doing some of the MMA homework you gave me but I'm not done yet. I was watching 206 today but I still have to watch the last fight. The battle between Choi and Cub was fucking amazing. Were you there? It was sort of in your neck of the woods. I guess Toronto is still a treck.
  6. I'm watching the Lawler / Macdonald fight right now. The third round just finished and it's starting get pretty thrilling.
  7. That film has been an obligatory Christmas season watch in my family since the mid 90s. We literally had it taped from tv, with the god damn commercials. We watched it for years. Eventually I bought the DVD for my mom as a Christmas gift. And about 10 years ago a considerable row was started up on Christmas day when I wanted to watch that and he wanted to put in that shit Russel Crowe movie about depression era boxing. Goodness gracious, how white trash do I sound right now? I feel like should phone McDonalds to find out when breakfast starts and ends.
  8. After the Rousy/Nunes beating, I'm buying in and I'm going to attempt to follow some MMA. It's competive as fuck, and the stakes are so high. I mean wait until the CTE numbers start to roll in on this sport.... the NFL will seem like childs play. Anyway, Jackie Moon, you bring the molly, and I'll buy the booze. We'll roll our tits off and drink like champions at UFC 208 in Brooklyn.
  9. Yeah, and I make a one off post joking about it, but you're so insecure and defensive you have to turn it into a god damned discussion. God forbid I laugh at a fat shit Canadian.
  10. No, occasionally going to McDonald's and treating yourself like garbage is normal, but you called one to get their hours to help you determine if you want to take a job or not. That's fucking retarded. Fat shit Bacardi at it again.
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