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  1. In Slash’s book, he wrote that a documentary crew shot a lot of behind-the-scenes footage from the tour that’s never been seen. Do you recall that?[Laughs] Yeah! I remember them always trying to get their cameras into the dressing room while we were getting dressed! We’d slam the door in their faces. They were filming everything. They filmed everything from being on the jet to being backstage in the green rooms, being backstage getting ready when we weren’t undressing or dressing. They were everywhere and it seemed like forever. I don’t remember if they started immediately. I think we were well into the tour when they started filming, but I remember that it was annoying at times. It felt invasive, but at the same time, they were trying to document their time. Now it’s a historical time. That was a one of the longest tours in rock & roll history to date.
  2. The best run of shows of the last 10 years are those that got cancelled, or didn't happen. 2020 is being a great year so far.
  3. Puff is an opportunist, publicity-seeker, full of shit. Take a look at his eyes: the eyes of a reptile.
  4. This band is really annoying, even more than GNR.
  5. What a twat.
  6. He's not a bad guy but he's weirdly obsessed with that shit band. Maybe he should grow up and let it go. The band he loved doesn't exist anymore anyway. It's just memories, nostalgia, it's so depressing.
  7. Slash and McKagan, rich bored people, wasting their time making bad music for idiots who are ready to pay for their shit. Don't give your money to these cunts.
  8. Awful drummer. Puff and Salsh think Donkey Kong sucks, but Fat Axl wants him...
  9. A shit thread about that picture : http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/210211-apologies-if-this-has-been-asked-but-what-is-with-this-photo-of-axl/
  10. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/exclusive-extract-white-by-bret-easton-ellis-87q22bnfk
  11. Poor kid. I wish I had never heard of GNR, honestly.
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