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  1. I recommend Eric Ambler's novels, they're really good. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Ambler In contrast to most other spy novels published before his, the protagonists in Ambler's novels are rarely professional spies, policemen or counter-intelligence operatives; they are usually amateurs who find themselves unwillingly in the company of hardened criminals, revolutionaries, or spies. The protagonist usually begins out of his depth, a bumbling anti-hero surprised to find himself facing extreme danger, who nonetheless eventually manages to surprise himself as well as
  2. Connery : virility, physicality Moore : fun, levity Connery is probably closer to Ian Fleming's original character from the novels.
  3. So true. Look at GNR, they've been dead for almost 30 years.
  4. http://www.criterion.com/films/30553-the-irishman
  5. Sergiño Dest became the first American player to join FC Barcelona.
  6. It's so easy.... Axl doesn't make rants like these anymore. Sad!
  7. Trump is going to win according to a big data study led by a university in Switzerland. The same research team had predicted Trump's win in 2016. http://www.bielertagblatt.ch/nachrichten/schweiz/big-data-analysen-trump-koennte-die-praesidentschaftswahl-gewinnen http://www.lacote.ch/dossiers/election-presidentielle-americaine/articles/presidentielle-americaine-donald-trump-vainqueur-selon-une-etude-de-l-universite-de-neuchatel-976043 http://www.20min.ch/fr/story/ils-avaient-predit-la-victoire-de-trump-en-2016-et-font-pareil-pour-2020-569866949313
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