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  1. This thread got weird with actual Europeans.
  2. All this article shows me is Assba is a fiscal retard who thinks he's really smart.
  3. Maybe she did, but me personally, I immediately turned the channel when she came on. I couldn't have been the only one.
  4. As retarded as that was, nowhere near as bad as Vicki Guerrero screeching.
  5. Lol he didn't even have to make anything up. That's actually not as violent and detailed as what miser wrote. 😂
  6. Every fucking time they take the barricades away they attack that damn building. They're like the Mongolians attacking shitty wall.
  7. Something something muslims gang rape cuckold. Overly derailed gang rape cuckold.
  8. A blonde that came prepared for a fucking fight every day. Bitch had sources and literature to cite. Fire crotch just errs and ums and says she'll "circle back."
  9. I say that every time. You'd think standing on someone's throat clear as day in a video would do it, but I'd also think shooting someone clear as day would do it, too.
  10. I don't think there'll be anything interesting about it. Cop will walk, peaceful riots will burn "certain" cities down, miser will say horrifically racist shit, and people will forget about it when the next one happens. The cop will get a job at another department in a year.
  11. If you are too smart you are actually disqualified from being a police officer.
  12. No one in their right mind would hire New Jack. AEW in 3...2...1..
  13. I'm no drug expert, but my guess would be our little friend methamphetamine might have been counteracting some of the opiate sedation. That being said, you don't kneel on someone's fucking neck for that long. Use it for leverage while you subdue? Ok, little rough, but if he's on meth, maybe you have to. 8 minutes? Nah.
  14. Hello, whatever FBI agent gets assigned to misers case in a few months.
  15. Rather my tax dollars go to that than gender programs in Pakistan.
  16. Buddy of mine always used to say, "dude that's gayer than the French horn." I never questioned it, it just kinda made sense. So my money is on French horn.
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