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  1. Sounds to me like you're both racist fascists.
  2. Am I crazy or does fat Axl look exactly like Bam Bam Bigelow?
  3. What's the shocked emoji? Watch, here's the shocked emoji 😐
  4. NY Times apologizes for misquoting Trump. It was reported that he said, "I enjoy eating babies and feasting on the sweet sweet blood within," it was later noted that he actually said, "I enjoy chocolate bars."
  5. Huh. Look at that. Well that changes my life profoundly. Thank God she announced it.
  6. I thought Izzard was just a crossdresser.
  7. A lot of people are poor because they suck with money. A LOT. People don't like to admit that they suck, so if you just gave them money, they could feel like they're good at it. But it must be big bad capitalism's fault.
  8. Had 2 Big Carl's last night from Carl's Jr. Pooped accordingly today.
  9. There will be a dipshit on the jury. There always is. I don't mean someone intellectually stupid, I mean a weirdo that overanalyzes pointless shit. "They said he put his knee on his neck, but where does the knee officially begin? Was it technically his shin? Because I can't convict someone for murder using a knee to the neck, if they really used their shin!" "What does that matter?" "You have to understand, I'm much more intellectual than you could ever be. You're an average intellect at best."
  10. Don't worry, someone will circle back and tell us what. Any day now.
  11. Nah, I'd rather keep my rose colored nostalgia goggles on about it. I don't need to be relive Mae Young giving birth to a hand or Katie Vick or any of the other failures that escape me at the moment. I'll look at my Wrestlemania 19 program and be reminded of seeing Austin's last match live, Brock Lesnar breaking his neck on the shooting star, and Hogan not wasting any other wrestler by wrestling MacMahon. Clips of pops on youtube from back in the day are enough for me.
  12. Sounds like Cam is back for another year. @Bill Brasky But nah it wasn't Brady all along or anything.
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