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  1. Visit this place whenever I have free time on my phone.
  2. Dude you need to start drinking socially. Otherwise you'll be a fat awkward loser who can't talk to people and takes up world of warcraft.
  3. Holy Hell...it is velvetgirl all over again. I'd love to see a response for this. Epic internets are upon us.
  4. I've asked neighbors before to just tell me or pound on the wall or something. Some people are cool, some are cunts. Calling a noise complaint at 3 in the afternoon is fucking ridiculous. I don't mean foe you to key her car or anything, just do little stuff that'll piss her off that if she tries to complain about, she'll sound crazy.
  5. Fuck her man. Just do passive aggressive shit anonymously to fuck with her.
  6. I'm not even gonna act like I even thought about reading all that.
  7. Monopoly gets pretty ugly in my family. We start screaming at each other like we're working the stock market.
  8. I fucking wish I was dead. Worst hangover in years.
  9. You count Oreos? I count by how many rows I took out of the package. EL Fudge cookies make any kind of oreo their bitch, though.
  10. I've rocked POV videos before. Does the trick. Xvideos dude, much more extensive library.
  11. Thank you. I don't take much seriously but please don't ever speak about my girlfriend again. Shit man have a drink. I myself am having a nice caucasion. Besides Thomas, the best thing about having a girlfriend or wife (particularly pregnant) is automatic designated driver.
  12. I love that it's a holiday dedicated to being lazy. God bless America.
  13. I never liked RPGs. The turnbased fighting pissed me off.
  14. Ugh...White Russians. Fuck my life so hard today.
  15. Dude I'm already half loaded on white Russians. I wish I knew earlier how awesome these things are. On topic, for numbers 2 and 3, these teams both look pretty unimpressive. Dropped passes are killing Oregon. I'm getting a little worried about Boise st.
  16. Chicago Bulls circa 96, they were an easy team to beat.
  17. Oregon [passing game] looks like shit.
  18. Ah the Sonics. Only Seattle team to ever win a Championship. I miss packing into the Key and seeing Payton and Kemp make poetry.
  19. It's on Homan, Ducks better make the 12 pac look good.
  20. If women can take pain so much better than men then why can't they shut up about discomfort every months, or about the pain when they take a punch...I SAID MEDIUM RARE DAMMIT!!
  21. I completely, 100% disagree. If that were the case, we'd be biologically programmed to do so and wouldn't know any different. It would be expected and human life would still continue regardless. Any argument otherwise is just an attempt to make women sound like superheros, or like they're doing the world a favour, when, actual fact, they're just doing what biology intended them to do. We are superheros while giving birth!!! You will find that out in time. I had three kids without painmedication (in my country not given often), it's barbaric and inhuman, it feels feels like to be ripped ap
  22. I'm pretty sure we have entire States dedicated to shit like that. Amanda just came back with color coordinated M&Ms for the Oregon game from a store like that. Your girlfriend sounds awesome. After the game sounds like your jaw should get some exercise. Hahahahahahahahah...... I mean cunnilingus.
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