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  1. IDs should be subsidized for low income people (dirty words coming from a big bad Republican capitalist, I know). Take the money that were wasting on anything else involved in this and make sure anyone who wants to vote has an ID, free of burden.
  2. Do you honestly find a problem with asking to verify ID in order to vote? Trump, alleged fraud, all that aside, is it so unreasonable? Welfare benefits, cashing a check, buying a fucking beer, all require an ID, I don't think it's too much to ask that we be able to keep track of who's got a say in the person that's gonna run our damn country.
  3. The customer is always right about what they want. Meaning you stock what people want to buy. That got shortened to always right, so people think they can make whatever asinine demands they want and no one can do shit about it. It's wrong.
  4. Holy fucking God it's real. Also noticed that T shirt sizes go up to XXXXX-L 😂
  5. Same with Zeppelin, they had so much shit.
  6. And imagine if a disease only affected people of a certain age, and all the lawmakers were of that age. Think they'd shut a country down?
  7. People always say functional alcoholic like it's a bad thing.
  8. There's a reason booze is as ingrained in our culture as it is. A lot of people are depressive alcoholics.
  9. He originally was writing it as a novel and decided on it being a movie later.
  10. You think it's really that out of the realm of possibility that a rapper could buy 700 pairs of sneakers and take them to a third party to be modified against Nike's wishes?
  11. Can confirm. Very different politically, still enjoyed getting plastered with Dazey.
  12. Could have also been called, "right about the time we realized it was a bad idea to wear bright red coats in the snow."
  13. Gun to my head to drink one? Coors Light by a mile. I submit that Keystone Light is actually underrated, but I'm not a big light beer guy anyway.
  14. I hate both of these things so much. Bud Light is so awful.
  15. I know I've beaten one in a beer chugging contest. Have you forgotten which American you're talking to?
  16. Do you actually mean boozers? Like drinkers? Because he's probably just put them under the table in a crack smoke-off.
  17. There are freeway signs here saying "Please mask up, vaccinated or not." Kindly fuck off.
  18. He did receive the most votes in history. Whether they were all legit is another story.
  19. Break double digits you fucking fascist. Also probably racist somehow.
  20. Sarah Wiggum? Christ they're desperate.
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