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  1. It's also watery and too sweet to be on a pizza.
  2. Or make a couple days at work extra special 😉
  3. The fuck is with you people and your pineapple?
  4. Remember how Indiana Jones stopped at Last Crusade and that was it forever?
  5. What makes people question this is when you see ballot dumps that are so one sided. "Hey we brought this box of ballots and there are 47,000 for Biden and 6 for Trump." San Francisco isn't even that one sided. I'd love to see actual proof (save us, Pillow Man) but drops like that are eye catching.
  6. 1. If they get a "voluntary" buyback program going, than potentially, yes. They've said as much. Voluntary, unless they don't give them up, in which case they'll be taken. 2. Getting gun restrictions passed in congress would be a pretty tall order. Democratic congress members know it's political suicide to take away guns. Even Bernie knows Vermonters want their guns. I cannot for the life of me figure out what Beto O'rourke was thinking running for Texas Senator and screaming that "hell yes, were going to take your guns."
  7. Pretty impressed that he could carry on a conversation while Jones was pulling that shit. That video just makes Alex Jones look exactly like what most people think he is. A whack job.
  8. No, but he is basically trying to push legislation that will only serve to punish law abiding gun owners. Anything they talk about us needing is for the most part already in place. Laws don't mean shit if no one follows them. Banning certain types of guns (they can't all even agree what the fuck they're talking about) doesn't solve anything. They talk about military style weapons, they're just wrong. I mean, the military issues pistols, and statistically those are used more in shootings than anything, but they never talk about pistols. They talk about the scary "assault rifles," a
  9. Well...you said we accept the Discover card which we DO NOT.
  10. Reparations Blvd Student Loan Forgiveness Avenue
  11. Well, Pence is on Trump's shit list, so there'd at least be a Veep spot for DeSantis.
  12. Is CEmu packaged with dolphin or are they separate developer? I could swear dolphin could do WiiU.
  13. Just go in knowing that it's David Lynch, and it isn't genius, it's overrated. Pretty big mindfuck movie if I recall.
  14. He said Coca Cola, not Diet Coca Cola
  15. If I'm going full autist, I started on Skype in February 2012. Yeah I don't drink Keystone Ice if I can help it either. You gotta try it once, as a shitty novelty, like Four Loko.
  16. It wasn't 10 years ago it was more like 9 years ago. And it was easy because we're both capable of disagreeing with one another without screeching and calling each other commie or fascist. Then we'd say, well, let's finish our beers, then get more beer, and meet back here in 5, with more beers.
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