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  1. I don't think that shit is legal in Washington. No Seahawks? Clear your notifications and turn off NFC, you monster.
  2. There is no good vodka. You can put Popov next to Grey Goose and they'll both taste like hair spray. It's a mixing booze. That isn't to say good vodka isn't better than shitty, but it's vodka, nonetheless. Also, Absolut is shitty, they just market and put it in a nice bottle.
  3. Vodka. And I don't fucking care what it's mixed with. Fuck this week.
  4. That was mostly about towel waver being a faggot.
  5. - Cryptic post from Brasky - Pro towel waver being retarded for 6 pages over the course of 3 hours - Someone quotes Brasky - 3 more pages of retard (Repeat)
  6. Well, this thread is pretty useless now.
  7. And that our admin can see IP logins.
  8. Well don't just start at tree fiddy!!
  9. Ah the standby answer of anyone who makes an ass of themselves on facebook and retracts it later.
  10. Towel wavers novelty has worn off.
  11. Well yeah, he'd have to have sex to create another one. And I mean...come on.
  12. The same reason I hate Nirvana. Not so much Nirvana, as the fans. Brady? Nothing against the guy, it's the Pats fans who would literally gargle his jizz.
  13. Secondary is gone. We have some guys that will develop out there, but the D Line looks dirty. Can't wait til Brady retires and you Pats bitches will sit and cry over the old days like some 47 year old dude in Texas showing his State Title ring from high school at a party with teenagers.
  14. Well yeah, fuck the Rams, too. There's a reason I don't remember what the fuck happened this February. Fuck both teams? Time to shotgun a buttload of beer.
  15. Just saying because we've had to put AndreCC in his place for pulling this shit. Nobody wants to be like AndreCC.
  16. They get such a bad rap for that. But Lynch had one of the lowest percentages in the NFL under 3 yards at a goal line. And lest we forget, 20 seconds left, I don't believe Hawks had a timeout. Let's say they scored, you're still asking Brady to get into field goal range in 20 seconds, something he can fucking do. And that was PI from Butler if I've ever seen it. Fuck the Pats.
  17. I feel a connection being a Mariners "fan." They suck. They suck so hard. They'll keep sucking. Every year. I've given up on them, because after so many times of dad missing your school play, you have to cut him off. But damned if I'm not jumping on that bandwagon and loving them when they finally make the playoffs, when deadbeat dad buys you a Camero for your 16th birthday.
  18. Fuck both of you. I don't care how much info you leak.
  19. Oh that's lynch mob material there...
  20. Beef is my animal of choice in general, but fried chicken cannot be matched, even by chicken fried steak. Fuck I'm hungry.
  21. I don't understand how something dowsed in gravy is a bad thing.
  22. Oh fuck off. Hopefully he goes full retard there, too. I'm just happy the Hawks are in the NFC
  23. You know what my dream is? To actually eat poutine. It sounds outstanding. But cheese curds are fucking expensive.
  24. This band still sucks, its fans are still nuts.
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