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  1. Unless you're super confident, you might wanna say, "in a night" unless you think they won't get a mil in an entire year.
  2. Because mimosas are barely a drink. Champagne is like 10%, and mimosas are like 1/4 champagne. So your "drink" is 2.5% booze, ie, Mormon beer. I mix my drivers damn near half. OJ and Vodkee are a match made in heaven. Do brunch like you have a pair.
  3. Bloody Mary's fucking suck. Nut up and have a screwdriver. I absolutely hate the tomatoey, salty, vinegary shittiness.
  4. Glyphosate does not cause cancer, I dont care what dipshit juries in California think. The only thing that is under debate is the surfactant that Monsanto used in Roundup.
  5. Round up will kill pretty much any plant. HCl will not react with any poly plastic. Fun fact, grass is the most irrigated crop in the country. Not sure how it's a scam, though.
  6. Round-up? Acid that burns trash, HCl? Get a jug of Muriatic.
  7. Yeah lots of people say that that haven't actually considered how much it would suck. Digging through dumpsters, fear of violence from the other mentally ill homeless, insecurity of meals, shelter, cold. Sounds awesome.
  8. Just go back to shitting on Miser so I don't have to. I'll throw you likes.
  9. CNN (Donna "I don't have to take this, I'm a Christian" Brazille) gave Hillary debate questions ahead of time.
  10. That's actually pretty important. It shows they aren't picking and choosing. They get ahold of a document dump, they give you all of it.
  11. Plus, to reiterate. He's gay. And has BUTT in his last name. It will absolutely be all over Facebook in grandma's forwards. I'm calling it now, they'll say "Pete the Butt Guy."
  12. AxlisOld

    The Metallicas

    Hardwired has some great songs. Including Spit Out The Bone, one of the best songs they've had in a long damn time
  13. We need a Ross Perot. Honestly, watch his rantings from the campaign trail. Dude is starting to make a lot of sense. We need an independent that speaks to the common sense of America.
  14. Nah, Homer tried, and Grimey really had no reason for the feud. Miser knows exactly where this all comes from. But yeah, you find yourself in southern Washington, you give me a shout.
  15. You can't have a gay guy run that has Butt in his name. I don't give a shit, I just know how low media will stoop.
  16. You may disagree, but the Dems seeing how far left they can go doesn't court the Indies. People are more than happy to see tax cuts and stock market gains with an asshole than they are to see someone compassionate talking about universal health care and taxes going up.
  17. He doesn't count. He's his own kind of monster. Also he's easily over 20 times.
  18. Because they're both addicted to the forums, and narcissistic.
  19. Dude don't take anything here or anything else gnr related seriously.
  20. Feeling disturbingly flu-ish. Came home from work dizzy, nauseous, achy. Only one way to deal with this, orange juice for vitamins, vodka for yay I don't care, and sleepy pill around 7 for sleeping for 12 hour because mixed with booze
  21. They're his movies. Don't see them.
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