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  1. I've had the Carl's Jr Beyond Famous Star. Was pretty fucking good. Haven't tried Impossible get but I'm intrigued.
  2. I defy anyone to not headbang the shit out of Skin of my Teeth.
  3. Though that looks shopped, I recall I think one of Lars's kids saying they like Megadeth and he brought it up in an interview I think. Plus who the fuck doesn't like Megadeth?
  4. 4chan already kinda did that several years ago when they convinced chicks to piss themselves in solidarity with rape victims or something.
  5. They would say something like, "there's no way of knowing," if more could have been done. If they say there's nothing that could have been done, they're probably not bullshitting. Sorry.
  6. What's to stop other people from copystriking these?
  7. Just drove through Tigard couple days ago where he lived.
  8. Make Miser topics, get Miser answers.
  9. Just a new name. And she keeps posting as if anyone gives a fuck what it has to say. Verified? I dunno, but it's pretty easy to tell the inane drivel that he posts.
  10. It's also called state sovereignty, which no one seems to grasp the concept of. Other than printing your own money, states can do damn near anything they want unless it's explicitly forbidden in the Constitution.
  11. Dude, it's a Miser thread. It's not an excuse to fight or argue, it's an excuse for it to feign interest in outside opinion, then say "something, something, whole paragraph you're wrong I'm right." "What does everyone think about.....? Personally I think about..."
  12. I'm specifically taking a separate freeway to avoid Portland.
  13. Vaca to Oregon. Cheaper booze. Which means I can finally afford bourbon.
  14. Lol THAT?! THAT got you BANNED? What a little bitch faggot.
  15. classicrawker is. He just says "mate" a lot because some Australians banged his sister for a while or something. Seriously.
  16. We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren... We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren... We assure you we will get to everyone this round. Senator Warren...
  17. I made a Double Down at home a while back. I still think back on it fondly
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