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  1. He's got the full of shit qualification as well.
  2. "Fuck you I got mine," then? Look, another hypocritical flip flop. Shocking.
  3. And snorting all his pills, and going to bars to pick fights with people, and deciding to treat women like garbage because that's who they really want. He's....he's had some threads.
  4. Or Navigator, or Tokai, or Burny, or Greco, or early ESP (Kiso), or Bacchus. All guitars that are just as good if not better than Gibsons, especially from the era, that are illegal to be sold in the US.
  5. Just download the Despecialized versions.
  6. Especially with the rise of the running QB. That's why Lynch and Wilson were so dangerous. Lynch in the backfield, they stack the line to him, leave a lane for Russ on the other end of the field.
  7. Gibson is dying, for good reason. Back when Korea and Mexico were the "cheapo" guitars they had an edge, and they also had quality control. But Korea and Mexico are the new Japan, and when Japan starting eating Gibson's lunch in the 70's, they sued to keep them from selling here. Gibson lives off of their name, not quality.
  8. Sure, except still no. Any fucking chain>Papa Johns
  9. The extra buck for Extra Most whatever is totally worth it.
  10. There is not a goddamned thing wrong with Little Caesar's.
  11. I totally agree. If it tastes the same and isn't poison, I'll eat it. Fuck if they could make the plant based stuff taste the same and not cost 20 bucks a pound, I'd probably start eating some of that.
  12. He seriously thinks this forum is like a job.
  13. Mike Judge would have a field day with modern politics, hell he was prophetic with the shit he already lampooned. Unless he's gone to the dark side, but I don't believe so.
  14. Fuck I can already imagine that. "The courage that it took for him to play such a gendered role."
  15. DMV: Step aside, ma'am. Hank: MA'AM?! DMV: I can't get sued if I call you what's on the license.
  16. Also in the article it mentions when "he" was nominated for an Oscar for Juno. No, Ellen was. That's like saying Caitlyn Jenner was an Olympic hero. Sorry but she hasn't done shit, Bruce did.
  17. AxlisOld

    Obese Axl

    Funny, Miser claims he's 5'10" now. Must be that growth spurt at 30 that people hit.
  18. I'm definitely not a conspiracy theorist, but it's telling that they're fighting so hard against transparency of the content of their machines.
  19. Pearcy should probably learn to sing again. But that won't matter, because he thinks Ratt is Ratt without Warren FUCKING DeMartini. Yes, that's his middle name.
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