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  1. Robert Downey 20 years ago would have been a hell of a podcast. But he's cleaned up and boring as we all should be in our 50's.
  2. And Canada with just bend over and take it.
  3. T-5 minutes and counting. Pouring drink. 18° outside, hot cocoa and schnapps sounds good.
  4. Smart move. She only bangs people old enough to still record the sex tapes on VHS. Nothing digital.
  5. Jesus, going hard into the paint. Also...this one time...Bernie said he hates black faggots.
  6. You have to know that certain things are gonna be called wrong in Lambeau, because it's Lambeau. Facemask on Clowney? Not even close. First downs? Sure it was. Hawks played like total garbage. The fact that Wilson (yes, just Wilson) made the game that close was an accomplishment as is.
  7. Lambeau officiating, all night.
  8. Why the shit would you take that much caffeine?
  9. But...it's football Sunday. You don't drink wine.
  10. What the hell is happening this year?
  11. You gots nice countertops.
  12. Weather in Green Bay is supposed to be SHIT. Snow and wind. My guess is running game isn't gonna be very effective. Gunslinging between Rodgers and Wilson should be interesting.
  13. Because the Browns have to beat someone, dammit.
  14. More like the NFL buys the CFL and chops their best down to one team in Toronto.
  15. Supposed to be mostly on major networks, which I think was AAF problem. It was always, "oh that was on yesterday? On FS1? Yeah I guess I missed it."
  16. THE X STANDS FOR XTREME, YOU PUNK ASS BITCH!!! February 16th. Anyone gonna watch it? If anything, it's football for another 10 weeks, and Seattle has a team. Discuss.
  17. Yeah...a little Virginia FYI, that will not happen.
  18. Honestly, I don't think it was panic. I think it was one of that kind of soldier thinking about how much pussy he was gonna get after being in all the papers and on the news for shooting down an American aircraft. The same kind of cop in America who thinks he's on the SWAT team and is "the only thing separating society from chaos." The kind of security guard who thinks he's a cop.
  19. That's what the wake is for. Funeral is somber, respectful. Wake is to get drunk and talk about what a fuckin great fuckin guy they fuckin were.
  20. They aren't for the dead, they're for the remaining living.
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