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  1. As long as they don't do what WCW and TNA fucked up doing, giving the old guys total creative control, I don't see anything wrong with vets jumping ship. Early on when it was happening in WCW I feel like it was the opposite of what you're saying. Rather than needing the oldies to be legitimate, it shows they're legitimate enough to attract a vet. All depends on booking and writing I guess. I haven't watched wrestling in god know how long though.
  2. Seriously? I love Twilight Princess.
  3. Or more likely, the owner of Mediterranean would have to fill out a bunch of paperwork anytime someone landed on their property, then get sued when they tried to collect rent for racism.
  4. It's my fault, really. All the key words were there.
  5. You're insulting Dazey wrong, Billy. You have to bring up gay sex, cuckolding, Muslims, and white balls.
  6. Magnesium sulfate is also epsom salt. My guess is that's one of the "minerals added for taste." On its own, sure, it could be a drying agent, but it's soluble in water, so it is in solution just as a bio available form of magnesium. I could be wrong though, final warning.
  7. Thick cut bread basically soaked in garlic butter.
  8. I made a sirloin burger, and used Texas toast as buns. Awesome.
  9. Maybe Glorp is the sound the laptop makes when his old girlfriend squirted on it. You know because of the orgasms.
  10. The same people that demanded Donovan get in.
  11. I have it on the Wii, though all my video game playing brethren have moved away, and in my experience, yelling at computer players isn't nearly as entertaining as yelling at friends in the same room.
  12. Do you notice you have a massive sugar craving after cutting out booze?
  13. People do this shit all the time. They made one with the Capitol guy with the horns as Willy, too. And enough people send it around because nobody checks up on the social media shit they share. "HOLY SHIT REALLY?! (share with millions of people).
  14. Better than scoring heroin and getting a BlowJ from some tramp for cigarettes.
  15. That's an opinion, I don't have time to watch you pull this shit. Final warning.
  16. I wish we had one of these that said Shut the fuck up Miser.
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