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  1. I'm not the one posting about societal shifts and whatever crap point you were trying to make. There's a word for that, it's "douchebag."
  2. Cenk Uygur: "Backtrack backtrack backtrack backtrack."
  3. But the production of these iconic records let you know what was going on at the time. You think any band anywhere anytime other than the Beatles could plug a fuzz box straight into the mixer like they did on Revolution? Fuck no. The same way that some of the iconic 80s metal is gonna have reverb up the balls on their drums. If everything we're mixed the same, it'd be monotonous, and there's be no separation between eras.
  4. Dude, you don't have to be introspective and deep about everything. Not only does no one buy it, but you're seriously trying to make a case for Wayne's World 2. None of us here are a woman that you can trick into making the mistake of fucking you, you don't have to be a deep mustache twirling hipster that knows things that the plebians don't. Save it for the parties to which you were not disinvited and therefore invited to where you can trap an unsuspecting and naive girl in a corner and make her listen to how many layers you have.
  5. Well that certainly didn't take long. Fuck. The only wind in Trump's opponents' sails has been that this report is gonna bring it all down. This is a Yuge blow to opposition.
  6. Because Wayne's World 2 was so we'll received? Fuck off.
  7. I hate when people say production desnt hold up. Yeah, it can date it, but good music is good music, and I'd rather dated production be left to remind us how amazing something was in it's time, than get Shout at the Devil 97. Seriously, watch the video. It's disgusting. They oiled their hair down and made a grungy fucking mess to try and stay modern.
  8. Never got into their music. Then I saw them live with Soundgarden. It was a fucking amazing show.
  9. I hope the whole report gets released and it says jack shit. We can then see every crazy ass radical leftists talk about how they got to Mueller.
  10. Tim's Cascade Jalapeno. Way better than Lay's. Seriously. Lay's? Come on. Sour Cream and Onion I guess.
  11. Because she doesn't give a shit about the forums.
  12. AxlisOld


    Am I an asshole if I post a pet after that post? Sorry, man. He enjoys the snow.
  13. Wages being shit is a localized issue, down to states, and in many cases, cities and municipalities. You making 15 in Ok and someone making 15 in San Fran are not the same, so you can't blanket across the whole country. In many places, 15 an hour is more than enough to buy a house, in others it isn't. Localized economies with a shared currency is exactly what we were looking for when we got away from the Articles of Confederation, and each state had their own currency. It's also what the EU is desperately trying to emulate. Interstate commerce, shared currency, localized economy.
  14. Amazon used to pay their employees bonuses that were performance based, then, due to Sanders' interference and insistence, they raised their min wage to 15 an hour, and all those incentives to work hard went away. Now, a shitload of them make less, so some can make more. That's called Socialism. Wal Mart went company wide with an 11 an hour min wage (totally fair for a nation wide company) and started offering bonuses to people that wouldn't be affected enough by the new pay increases. Their Mainstays brands are also made in the USA, creating manufacturing jobs. Companies can absolutely dick people over, but the government can dick companies into dicking people over even more.
  15. It absolutely will not be a problem soon. Even with our near historic low unemployment, we still have a job surplus right now. Dems are just promising as much free shit as they can to try and get (statistically low turnout) young people whoever don't understand finances or economics to vote for free shit that has no backing. Old people have nothing in their lives to do but wait to vote, that's why their numbers are so high. And by then, they already have their free shit (social security) so fuck those damned Democrats and their handouts. One group votes, the other talks a big game and doesn't.
  16. Do you know that when DiCap smashed the glass on the table he actually sliced open his hand, and just grabbed the napkin and rolled with it?
  17. AxlisOld


    Wonder why I won't play mafia, Brasky?
  18. It is not the repeated blows to the head on their own. Hernandez was a piece of shit all through his life, head injuries just exasperated it.
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