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  1. Technically I think it's the law. Chloroquine hasn't been approved for coronavirus. Only RA, malaria, and some other crap I can't remember. It's be the equivalent of giving someone high blood pressure medicine because they found out it would help them get a boner (what Viagra started as). Then it got approved as a boner drug, now it's a boner drug.
  2. I wanted to count the number of fucks he gave in that clip, and I kept waiting...there just weren't any.
  3. Last weekend (long weekend, took Monday off) I took down a 1.75L and then a little more of vodka. Me taking it easy now.
  4. You forgot Set Me Free. Also Fall to Pieces is good because it's just Sweet Child O Yesterdays.
  5. Because his brain is Swiss cheese from benzo abuse so he has no memory of these. Also, he has never learned to use the search function, despite being on forums for decades.
  6. Well, it's Miser, and he may be retarded but obsessing over GnR is what he does. Though quarantine may be driving him crazier than normal. I don't buy it. Snakepit album is anything Slash thought was worth saving
  7. So, everyone else will take care of this and just ban New Yorkers. Did we need coronavirus to do this?
  8. I can't bring myself to go out to eat. I'll feel like such a dick. "Hey duh gubment said 'stay home' but I's gotsta get me some Carl's Jr. Oh ah tink ah gots a coupon!"
  9. This shit has got to be killing meatpuppet, given the hypochondria we've witnessed.
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