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  1. Yeah as a Vikes fan you probably just want that remote from Click to fast forward and see if you made it.
  2. Cory Booker and Julian Castro are calling Democrats and the DNC racist because they can't qualify for the December debate. They really do just eat their own, don't they?
  3. They have to explain No Malarkey, because the only people old enough to have that in their vernacular are already dead set on old reliable pedophile Joe. "Hey, people probably voting for Bernie, I won't give no Malarkey!"
  4. How...how is he still in this?
  5. JB ninja changed my avatar to what it is now. I'm ok with it.
  6. I worked swing shift at the time of one Black Friday, not on it. I figured, I'm up at 3 am, I have a buzz, may as well hit Target. I was about a quarter in a line that wrapped around the store. I didn't have a cart, and was gonna grab a hard drive, also grabbed a Dyson on clearance. Me, without a cart, got run into no less than 3 times by assholes with carts. Gotta get those Element tvs I guess. I haven't done a Black Friday since.
  7. Might as well come over here and get the best of American culture as well. We don't mind the Irish anymore, in fact you can probably go around laying a fair bit of pipe on the accent alone.
  8. I routinely killed 6 packs when I used to watch Intervention.
  9. My wife and I watch 600 Lb Life every week, and I make it a point to make food that's bad for me while I watch it, because I'm a shitty person.
  10. Dude, the amount of work that these nerds have put into it is astonishing. They ripped Blu-ray audio, took out crap that wasn't supposed to be there. They've gone so far as to track down actual film prints of the movie and scan them for HD, unfucked with scenes, just as the theater showed.
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