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  1. Is Boomer just anyone doing better than you?
  2. You could just live your life and not blame everything on Boomers. Skeeter by the way, is Gen X.
  3. Dude sent Zoso like 60 bucks worth of ahit for the mygnr secret Santa. Pretty sure he'll follow through with this. I'd have a beer with him. Though, I'm a raging drunk, and I don't like to drink alone.
  4. Quarter fucking pound? How much weed do you need? Also curious that it's in imperial.
  5. Really hoping there was never actually a picture here.
  6. Instead you prefer an animal that treats you like shit unless it wants something and you keep going back to it. You are the girlfriend.
  7. Jokes on him when you file a complaint with hber and he gets a strike on his record.
  8. When you're a kid, you hear the doorbell and you think, "OH MY GOD! WHO IS IT?!" When you're an adult, the hear the doorbell and think, "WHO THE FUCK IS IT?!"
  9. Unless you're super confident, you might wanna say, "in a night" unless you think they won't get a mil in an entire year.
  10. Because mimosas are barely a drink. Champagne is like 10%, and mimosas are like 1/4 champagne. So your "drink" is 2.5% booze, ie, Mormon beer. I mix my drivers damn near half. OJ and Vodkee are a match made in heaven. Do brunch like you have a pair.
  11. Bloody Mary's fucking suck. Nut up and have a screwdriver. I absolutely hate the tomatoey, salty, vinegary shittiness.
  12. Glyphosate does not cause cancer, I dont care what dipshit juries in California think. The only thing that is under debate is the surfactant that Monsanto used in Roundup.
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