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  1. Plus, who the fuck do you think you are to not participate in what is essentially required unless they meet "your demands?" Who the fuck has demands?
  2. You obviously didn't watch the video. It PROVES that I posted a video. Now here's a video. WAKE UP!!!!!!
  3. How about you don't post shit like this and get the site shut down? Also, how bout you don't post in general?
  4. My guess would be, get shot.
  5. No pay? Because I'm pretty sure every state was eligible for the federal assistance to offer 2 weeks unemployment to confirmed cases.
  6. Neither are the statues of white men.
  7. The answer to this, and many other questions, is shut your privileged cracker ass mouf.
  8. I mean...it's sweet and alcoholic. But I didn't find it mind blowing.
  9. Lol I occasionally have guys from chemical companies at my job, I was helping them with some research. Raging alcoholics, the lot of them. We were out in the field and this 5 foot even Okie (Nate, you'll be able to hear this) says in an excited, high pitched voice, y'all want some Crown n' Dew? Crown Royal, and Mountain Dew. That man has a PhD.
  10. Fuck McD's. Dollar McDouble was salty bliss, but they aren't that great. 2 Big Macs for 5 is barely a deal, Big Macs are not filling. I get Brasky's trepidation about normal Macs without quarter lb patties. Carl's Jr Big Carl is a totally superior Big Mac replacement. McD's thinks they can charge as much as Red Robin without a sitdown experience. Fuck em. What I wouldn't give for Carl's Jr delivery right now.
  11. The Lakota have a pretty big problem with it.
  12. Protip, unsealed/treated square tiles work as fantastic pizza stones in toaster ovens.
  13. My 10 year old Malamute can still climb mountains. He's awesome. He slept well.
  14. Dude, if you can fit it, toaster ovens are the shit. They've basically become tiny ovens and are very capable. You're either rocking 240v or 120v at the same wattage. I use a toaster oven every time I can.
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