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  1. Can the Seahawks ever just have a fucking definitive game or am I just destined to vomit?
  2. I hate him too, but because he keeps giving me heart palpitations every week.
  3. So basically Teddy's whole fucking family was awesome.
  4. Oof, Cam benched. That stings.
  5. Pats are shitting the bed. I'm hoping they're just playing shitty and the 9ers aren't getting their shit together. Shit shitty shit shit.
  6. You can't unsee some shit, man. Remember that.
  7. That's what specials go for new in the states. Damn commie import taxes.
  8. Back when I was in school some little bitch kids tried to institute a no chasing rule in dodgeball. Those kids took more balls to the face than a drunk ex Mormon girl with daddy issues.
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