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  1. Careful, if you have it, there's only a 98% chance you'll survive.
  2. You can always live off mommy and daddy's money Manets.
  3. Oh I agree, it's dirty as fuck, and after not getting her precious way in 16, she's probably just glad to watch it burn. All her lawyers will say is she never named a name.
  4. What if I told you that the people who are dying are Chinese? China isn't known for being a) the cleanest country b) the most spacious (people packed together) and c) having citizens with the most common sense. This shit will end up like the SARS scare a couple dozen people die, and overall a 97% survival rate. This isn't a new plague.
  5. She's got jack shit in that lawsuit, she just wants to stay in the news after not making the debates. She never explicitly named Tulsi in that shit. Even though we all know who she meant, there isn't a lot to piss in legally.
  6. Step 1, stay the fuck out of China. There, you're safe. The guy in Washington has been quarantined.
  7. Bernie Sanders should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie?
  8. I hope to be away from GnR message boards until 2023. Wait...that might've been someone else.
  9. Hillary Clinton still shitting on Bernie because she's bitter. Says, "nobody likes him." If that isn't just the pot calling the kettle an asshole.
  10. Lol I remember in 7th grade, my teacher allowed me and an Arabic kid to do a convenience store skit about fractions for extra credit. It was us just shouting about discounts in horrifically racist accents for a few minutes wearing turbans we made out of paper towels. But it's ok, because the brown kid was on board.
  11. We don't talk about Rian Johnson raping the series. I mean, we do, but there's a lot of contempt.
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