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  1. Cold rise in the fridge, thanking on the counter is supposedly the best, never tried, not patient enough. Mine always sites for an hour in my mixer. It's heated to about 100°. More rise in the dough, more air pockets, more bubbles of crispy wonder.
  2. I don't think I've ever used sugar. The rise is the most important part.
  3. If anything, I just add a little garlic powder and dried basil and oregano.
  4. Oh Miser hates Reagan now? That's funny. Also, shut the fuck up, miser.
  5. I do NOT. FUCK. AROUND. WITH. PIZZA. Longer your proof time, the better. When I worked at Pizza Hut, we had days old dough that smelled like vodka that was fucking delicious.
  6. Canola/veggie or Avocado oil in the pan. They're neutral and have a high smoke point. Rise the dough at room temp for an hour or so. I use Roma tomatoes because I can't be bothered to track down San Marzonos. Cheese that motherfucker to the edge to get that delicious cheesy fried crust. Stack your pepp on the very top to get it crispy and curled. No top cheese. Detroit can have sauce on the top or under cheese, I usually go Little Caesars style and sauce under cheese, but it's your choice.
  7. May I assume that tailgating is not a uniquely American thing then? Because it sounds like you guys will just get pissed up in the parking lot to try and last the whole match. 120 minutes until stoppage time or whatever bullshit soccer does.
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