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  1. This is one of those things that you get one "ha" into your laughter before getting incredibly depressed about the world.
  2. Oh I'm a hipster? Be a real shame if you got a 16% on this next big test. PENMANSHIP COUNTS, BRYDEN!!
  3. Nah they've had them forever. They notoriously take a loss on every one just to keep people buying in store. That's why they're all the way in the back.
  4. Given your posting history, I'm inclined to believe you have actually been able to compare that food directly with crack cocaine. An intriguing endorsement.
  5. I ate half a chicken last night. I don't know how I've been a Costco member for as long as I have and never bought one of the 4.99 rotisseries.
  6. Menu Account Account Settings Notification Settings Uncheck the email box under Messages
  7. Scream that your native people have prophesized the world changing. Keep bringing up that you're native. You're impervious to their powers if you're a minority.
  8. Triple post, triggering confirmed. Go sit in the corner.
  9. Yeah, Eddie thinks that caused it, and doctors, being doctors, think it's from him smoking and drinking for 30-40 years. Eddie, being an idiot, thinks non carcinogenic metals and electromagnetism caused it.
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