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  1. Farrell always looked retarded to me. I remember when Just Because came out, I thought it ruled and wanted to head the rest of that album. Then I listened to it. It was ass.
  2. AxlisOld

    The Metallicas

    Though we got No Leaf Clover out of it. Worth it. That whole show is fucking awesome.
  3. Long as Romo is on commentary, I'm good.
  4. Well that certainly didn't take long. Everyone should be pretty offended everytime this is just reported as, "whoopsie, bad man killed himself."
  5. My last doctors checkup was $46,000.
  6. Yeah but you have horrific dietary instinct.
  7. Those have existed for years. Very loud moms on facebook show them off for keeping Brayden safe every time a shooting happens, but it's not like kids are armored up all over the place.
  8. Randy I'm just gonna save you some time. Something something statist, something sheep, something open your eyes, statist.
  9. Or you know, just don't follow this pile of shit dumpster fire of a band.
  10. To be fair, some of the fans are so fucking whacked out of their gourd, they'll stop at nothing to ruin your fucking life. "MUST PROTECT AXL ROSE!!!!"
  11. Imagine how pathetic you have to be that people pathetic enough to visit an online forum every day, call you pathetic.
  12. Because we are an excitable and stupid fanbase.
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