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  1. Epsteins cell mate: He obviously likes dogs. How bad can this alleged quadruple murderer be?
  2. Death and money dont equal artistic value. I just expressed my opinion that Kurt is way more of an artist than Axl. Junkie wife, suicide dont make a difference. Axl may be making millions but hes not releasing anything new because he knows it would be crap. Thats why he wanted the name. He knew that he never had the makings of a world class songwriter and that the Axl Rose extravaganza would have tanked. Kurt on the other hand wanted to leave Nirvana even though it was his band, he knew perfectly well that he could have success as a solo artist. If Axl ever had any talent its long gone and now hes fronting the second best GNR tribute band.
  3. Better than GNRs man.
  4. Kurt died in 94 on the height of his success. What continuing success of gnr have I missed? The cover of Sympathy for the devil?
  5. And about the fact that Bob guccione Jr. gets less pussy than his dad. Now that needed to be said. I'll kick your bitchy little ass, punk... Theres an image.
  6. Those are two separate arguments. If Axl had committed suicide the quality of his output wouldnt be any different. Same with Kurt Cobain I agree that suicide is a dumb thing to do that doesnt make any of Kurt Cobains musical contributions less valueable. The point Im making is that Kurt was an artist he was producing cultural goods. And he developed as an artist. Axl is degenerating for decades. The epitome of creativity for him is to decide which cover song hes putting on the setlist. Id take Kurts dirty cardigan any ol day of the fucking week compared to Axls 'Im gay but too afraid to come out about it' spandex pants.
  7. Axl doesnt have 1% of Kurts artistic integrity. I dont like most of Kurts positions but in contrast to Axl he really owned his band. He never had the need to buy the name.
  8. The guy paid 3k for Axl songs? We should pity him, guys.
  9. Not long ago Robert Downey Jr. got praised because he played a black guy. Today his career would be instantly over. But seriously the good times are officially over. Live with it. Margot Robbie replaces Johnny Depp in a Pirates of the caribbean reboot....
  10. The end point is shared and equal poverty. Like east germany. You will only get a job when you have the right opinion. I think China is working on a social scoring system we will get something like that too.
  11. Creativity correlates with testosterone and Axl and Slash look like fat old ladies so say goodbye to a new record. You can choke the chicken all day, Axl, but all that comes out is dust.
  12. Yeah sure..... its the 'industry' that prevents them from releasing an album.....
  13. Axl hates everyone he ever worked with.
  14. Cant find Bob Guccione Jr. on that list.
  15. Whats a shape shifter? That blue thing from X Men?
  16. Marvel MCU is now basicly done. All new heroes are either black or female. I think with the unfortunate destiny of Mr. Floyd we can give up hope to see a normal superhero as main character.
  17. Carlos Lehder the drug dealer got released from prison. The US extradited him to............ Germany. Because he had a german father. He has never been to germany and has no relatives here. God I hate my country so much.
  18. Its 2020 guys theres pillow biters in the special forces.
  19. Does a Stephanie Seymour power ballad thats not released even exist?
  20. “So how’re things going?” Ian asked, looking at Axl. “Well, you know, we’re working on the next album,” Axl said with a quick glance at Izzy, who hadn’t said a word and also didn’t seem to give a damn about the conversation. “But I’m also seriously thinking about funding the Nicaraguan army and arming my own militia. You know what the situation’s like for the people and the government down there.
  21. Can someone send me that pulitzer aspiring piece of literature?
  22. Theres a video on YouTube where he destroys a feminist in a great way. He elaborates sophistically how things are from a scientific point of view and she says ' I dont think thats true'. He then says 'well what do you think is the reason for this?' and she says 'I dont know'. I pissed myself.
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