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  1. Didnt his parents cure asthma or something? They probably would have saved him.
  2. Theres no free trip to Hawaii ahahahahah!!
  3. I also like the guitar solo. Slash goes a little bit into outside playing which takes balls and is remarkable for a guy who usually plays pentatonic scales up and down.
  4. I really like it. The acoustic guitar riff is pretty tough.
  5. That nutjob in texas was wearing ear muffs. Thats a reasonable thing to do. You dont want to get a nasty tinnitus when youre on a killing spree.
  6. I speak german and I can tell you guys wouldnt like it.
  7. The Sopranos The Simpsons That 70s Show Stargate SG1 Breaking Bad
  8. Stranger Things is set in the 80s and I havent heard any Phil Collins. Thats strange.
  9. McD is a real estate company. They own so many properties in the best locations. Its a money making machine.
  10. Ive never been a huge Punk Floyd fan but David Gilmours guitar solos are nothing but perfect. Every single note is important if you change it you ruin the whole thing.
  11. He probably wont have to pull them off because these parts of his personality have not been developed at this time. Hes probably just a side character.
  12. I think lookwise its great. But I have trouble to see him pull off Tony Soprano like his father did. If it will be good will depend on the story.
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