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  1. Man, Miser you are like an oil spring. Someone says a key word and you shoot out words with pressure.
  2. I think that says more about how much lib shit media hates Trump rather than Bidens chances. I think Trump is done. If people had expected that he really had a chance he wouldnt have gotten elected in the first place.
  3. Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell.... maybe Jeff Bridges.
  4. If people had expected that Trump could actually win the election he would never have won in the first place. It was an accident. Thats not gonna happen another time.
  5. What holds me off the conspiracy theory train is the lack of a whole explanation and evidence that supports it. Everybody finds itsy-bitsy pieces that are inconsistent but it all leads nowhere. So what happened?
  6. This clip reminds me of the coin toss every four years in america.
  7. It also sounds like the recording is running in the background.
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