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  1. I like You Know You're Right. I remember when it came out in 02 or 04 it was the most relevant thing for me. Compared to Ja Rule and Sum 41.
  2. Ho defender.... and that guy wrote Estranged...
  3. That yellow Line is the number of gnr releases as benchmark?
  4. Im alright guys. Im glad that something else is on the news than fucking climate change.
  5. Brazilian management on the other hand sucks ass pretty much.
  6. Being a GNR fan is like playing the lottery. If you're not a fan you win.
  7. I didnt expect so many black people to appear in a story thats based on slavik fairytales.
  8. How about a lawsuit. http://www.tmz.com/2020/01/02/guns-n-roses-pissed-superfan-leaked-music-leak/
  9. I dont think so. I rather see Italy threatening to leave in order to achieve more deficit spending and more transfer payments by the remaining northern countries.
  10. Yes. You hardly get them here. 5 years back I got some too but they didnt help. However @Facekicker hope youll be fine.
  11. Grabin' cash and eatin' tacos.
  12. I wonder what our lives will be when the elites dont need our workforce anymore due to AI and robots.
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