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  1. I saw the first of the new Star Wars movies in cinema. I fell asleep and woke up just when they killed Han Solo. I immediatly left the cinema. Bullshit franchise.
  2. Tonys father died in 86. So he was around. But ok if its about Dickie it makes sense. Chris saying Dickie was a junky destroyed his relationship with tony but their relationship was on a decline way before. Tony was relieved after he killed Chris because he knew that he was a loose canon. Remember that Chris assumed that Tone fucked Adriana and his portrayal in Cleaver, which Tony took as a personal insult. Also remember that Chris fucked julianna skiff that didnt help neither. All in all Chris had it coming a long time.
  3. Tony was born in 59. So by 67 he would be 8. He became a made guy in 82. This appears not to be the most interesting time in Ts life. However the Sopranos is the best TV show ever. David Chase basicly wanted to fuck Hollywood in the arse. So as long as hes onboard I think we wont have to worry about SJW.
  4. Slashs guitar solos in tokyo 92 are awesome though. The Reggae not so.
  5. So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you, Soon is not the word. Jesus Christ
  6. Except 'there will never be a new gnr record' Oral care is what the missus gave me before I went to work this morning.
  7. I cant believe that you actually expect that old turd (axl) to release a new record. The phrase 'new record' has lost its meaning to me in the gnr world. Just like 'soon', 'final touches', 'the vault' or 'dental hygiene'.
  8. If I had posted more they probably would have banned me too.
  9. Yeah. And still the whole album including the videos is so rich. Theres so much to discover. That Bowie could pull off such a thing facing death is astounding.
  10. I think its real. No idea if its man made. What needs to be done according to the IPCC is the antithesis of prosperity. So we need to adapt.
  11. 20 years ago the first episode of the Sopranos aired.
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