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  1. JeanGenie

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    I liked his drumming in Nirvana. A real heavy hitter. Afterwards he turned into a Nickelback type of rock singer. Kurt would be ashamed.
  2. At least Vince McMahon can say that the President of the United States cut his hair.
  3. JeanGenie

    Mark Hamill shits on new Star Wars movies

    Kenobi probably will turn transgender and handcraft a light saber dildo.
  4. JeanGenie

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    The Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) was an ancient Greek war fought by the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta. The cause remains unknown since Donald J. Trump wasnt born.
  5. JeanGenie

    Can we bump this section to the top?

    Good idea. +1
  6. JeanGenie

    The New Face of Beauty

    If you guys had to fuck one of the two gals which one would you prefer?
  7. JeanGenie

    JB's Grateful Dead corner

    I discovered them on Youtube not long ago. They have recently released a new record which I havent heard yet. I am just at the beginning of my GD journey. I like the extended jams and guitar solos. But I havent figured out yet which songs I should check out. I know Dark Star is the holy grail for Dead Heads but tbh I am underwhelmed.
  8. JeanGenie

    JB's Grateful Dead corner

    Hey JB do you know the band Circles Around The Sun? They have a record called Interludes For The Dead. If you like the Dead you'll probably like them too.
  9. JeanGenie

    Geriatrics N' Roses

    Since he will be playing on axls shitty songs....still Axl.
  10. JeanGenie

    Your city/state/country

    Western part of germany.
  11. JeanGenie

    Duff N Bach - Patience

    3 guitars and little to no guitar sound on stage. The first bending from slash 92 tokyo dome patience solo shits all over this.
  12. JeanGenie

    Will Rock ever be (truly) relevant again?

    A good sounding gibson guitar should never be sold.
  13. JeanGenie

    European Autoimmunity (formerly "Refugee Crisis")

    Thats because there are only liberal leftwing parties in germany. And I mean liberal regarding gender, immigration, gay marriage. Not in economics. They always want to raise taxes and social fees. The AFD is not winning the other parties are loosing.