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  1. Cucked in every way possible. Since the brexit and Trumps election german media is constantly triggered. German media views germany as the developed world. Since you guys voted for Trump you are out. Its ridiculous. Now they force climate change down our throats 24/7. We're basicly dying or killing our children because we eat meat drive cars and fly to distant countries. Im not denying climate change but germanys CO2 emissions are less than 2% of all emitted CO2 in the world so give me a fucking break. I could go on forever.
  2. A petition to stop embarassing themselves would be necessary.
  3. I hope you are right man. In germany we are shutting down all nuclear power plants, and all coal power plants. We already have the highest energy prices in europe. These friday for future nutjobs are ruining this country.
  4. Im telling my family to enjoy life as much as possible because in ten years from now our lifestyle will be unaffordable. Interesting that we all feel the same and yet can nothing do about it.
  5. German media is going nuts on her. I bet we're the only country that begs for a CO2 tax.
  6. Didnt his parents cure asthma or something? They probably would have saved him.
  7. Theres no free trip to Hawaii ahahahahah!!
  8. I also like the guitar solo. Slash goes a little bit into outside playing which takes balls and is remarkable for a guy who usually plays pentatonic scales up and down.
  9. I really like it. The acoustic guitar riff is pretty tough.
  10. That nutjob in texas was wearing ear muffs. Thats a reasonable thing to do. You dont want to get a nasty tinnitus when youre on a killing spree.
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