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  1. Shes pretty white for a black woman isnt she? When they say Biden chose a black woman I see a fat black nignog with big lips and big nose. And I hear that slapping sound of her flip flops. Picking a black woman that nearly looks like a white one is racist in itself.
  2. So nobody else does jack shit with it neither.
  3. By then the SP 500 is going to be on a new all time high.
  4. Who wants a GH album on vinyl? GH are a way bands tell their fans that they shot their load and no collectable piece of art that deserve a rerelease on vinyl.
  5. Its a multi billion dollar industry, right, who gives a fuck about that. Want another example? Google is cooparating with China to use a censored version of their search engine. Just because theyd steal it anyways. I dont think nukes are an answer to that especially because the chinese have nukes as well.
  6. Do you have any doubt that China is the coming super power? The US are still ahead and I hope it stays like that. But as a matter of fact China is closing on and no nukes in the world will stop that. Hollywood is self censoring its movies because most big movies make more money in China than in the US.
  7. Theres hardly anything we can do about them. Thats like stopping the US in the 20s century. Its a shame though how far everyone is willed to bend over for them.
  8. Keep calm we'll rather get a release by GNR with new material.
  9. Now I feel dumb. Im used to german media which is the worst thing ever. When a female reporter got raped by a refugee she lied about it and said it was a german guy. When this was made public she wrote a letter excusing the racist german society. I never really had a chance.
  10. When they were talking about Pizzagate I thought that was bullshit. But now I think thats been a rumour and like most rumours they got some details wrong but the overall story is right. Crazy.
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