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  1. Im sad that Charles Manson is not alive to see that he was right after all.
  2. German libtards are the worst kind of libtards. Believe me.
  3. Yeah god forbid Axl loses his successful career now that would be a loss.
  4. I dont see whats wrong with this version.
  5. The logical first step is to concentrate all sick people. I think taking a shower can help too. Our final solutions still suck.
  6. I want a shirt with that written on it and Axls huge head next to it Axl Rose: Veni Vidi Fatty
  7. These three things never go together with Axl Rose though. An album by Axl can be good and it can be done but it definetly cannot be heard. An album by Axl can be heard and it can be done but its not good. An album by Axl can be heard and it can be good but then its not done. I dont believe her.
  8. And they made it.
  9. http://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/46af80d3-d412-4b84-b90e-597590f84a8c
  10. Nucular. It's pronounced, nucular.
  11. Hoarders gather in their masses to buy paper for their asses. Thats Sabbath but hey...
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