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  1. I think there’s the normal way and then some weird streaming deal thing. Because it’s GNR there’s more money in it. Like how they got 14 mil up front for CD. Read that Ill formed quasi sentence again. Won’t they want 50 mil for the Reunion record? I would pay 50 dollars for a 4 cd release. Or they can do it the normal way and make less than a Nickleback best of album. What if Living the Dream out sells the GNR reunion album? They need to put out something huge that isn’t normal. Could be series of albums or one big release. Big Release. I want at least one 20 minute song.
  2. This is revenge for Trump taking out that Soleimani guy. Sol and Corona, the wall in Mexico. Makes sense to me.
  3. Dying from a virus named after a Mexican beer seems like a solid way to go out. I got a fridge full of Corona and not leaving the compound for 14 days.
  4. I got Apple Music so that rendered whole life void. Now I can listen to that Faster Pussycat live album I was unsure of. Theres a danger they release it and no one notices. So making it only available on vinyl for the first two weeks is a good idea. It’s out but you can’t listen to it. Marketing 102.
  5. Axl must own the rights to a few Dexter blood splatter screen shots.
  6. This is a gang and we go to the food court.
  7. It’s Biden, he’s always in front of a US flag in his pics. That’s how you know who will win.
  8. I’m going into the mountains of Taiwan to hide from the virus. I think if I drink whisky and eat hotdogs for 7 days the coast will be clear.
  9. Dems are out of bullets, Trump is like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
  10. After the apocalypse salami will be the only safe food to eat. Salt is the enemy of radioactivity.
  11. I’m trying not to drink, it’s not going well.
  12. I went to a Korean restaurant, then a Sushi place then Macau style place. I drank about 17 beers. Then I blocked the toilet with a 20 minute shit. I’m ready for a few steaks and Malbec.
  13. Actually I left to go to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. I think they are very cautious about these things. So it can seem more serious than it is. Especially at CNY where millions are cramming on trains and planes. I was on one of those floor escalators at the airport and thought this is like that movie Outbreak.
  14. Will anyone buy it on cd? Is it more about looking for a deal with iTunes or some streaming site? Do they make an album or release multiple singles, I’ve seen a few eps on Apple Music. They could release 3 x 4 track eps. Then release the full album later. I think they should go for the full GNR event album, maybe even put out 30 songs. Make that GNR statement then tour it to death. But would it be better to break it up into 3 parts and boost the tour every year. This is more what the music company is thinking. This has always been the GNR problem, people are trying get more money out of it. Personally I think keep it simple.
  15. The Fall have so many albums. I think Code Selfish is the first one I got into via Free Range.
  16. I just want a Savoy Truffle.
  17. I could drink live on air and talk shit for a couple of hours a day. We could also talk about GNR while I eat pizza online.
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