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  1. The no exoneration of obstruction kind of makes me think this is what they will try to impeach Trump. They don’t want an investigation saying no obstruction because that would be used to beat impeachment.
  2. It’s worth looking at but I have read through a few times and couldn’t find a consistent pattern.
  3. “I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising.” Forgive me, Kenny, I have to join a gym with a pool and do syncronized swimming.
  4. Alex Jones. The only trustworthy media outlet in the world.
  5. Bad Times has good scenes but it doesn’t hold together as one movie. It’s the perfect Cinemax movie.
  6. bought 4 frozen steaks, eggs and onions peppers, potatoes. Trying to break the fast food cycle of awesome. It’s a little more expensive but if I don’t pour salt on it my heart might not explode. Got some chilis to add some kick.
  7. I like the spicy orange beef jerky that’s like candy floss to the glazed hard ones. I went to mongolia once and I brought back huge packs of the spicy beef jerky. I could feel the salt burning my arteries. So now I only buy when travelling instead of living on it.
  8. The problem is although JB puts down votes he also stays around to explain, the hotdog vote for example. Then he moves his vote to someone else. JB had a vote on Liars, popcorn and defended Mayhem. As the game progressed nobody had this feeling JB was mafia. It’s more looking back at the hotdog pm thing. Nothing really panned out there. I’m willing to listen to your theory that connects JB, Liars and Mayhem as mafia before voting.
  9. It’s just you weren’t here and only turned up to lay votes, then disappeared again. But now you’re here switching your vote around and still not offering any real theories on who is mafia.
  10. I remember Devil being pretty good. M Knight is one of the only new interesting directors. The Last Airbender was like the new Star Wars. Remake of King Kong on cinemax. Beauty killed the beast, hold that thought, we’ll be back after these painkiller commercials.
  11. Marmalade on toast with a cup of tea makes you feel like royalty before you get soaked waiting for the bus in the pouring rain. New Oasis song lyrics.
  12. wasted

    Prince vs. MJ

    Probably listen to more Prince. Batman soundtrack, Emancipation gets a lot of play at wasted towers. Controversy. I used have Bad on a tape with AFD so that’s one of my favorite albums. MJ taking off from the stage by jetpack is hard to top.
  13. I’ve never heard a Biggie song. I remember Puff Daddy’s Missing You.
  14. GNS can you explain why you came out of nowhere to vote Popcorn and Mayhem then disappeared, but now you are under suspicion you are here? You seem to be desperate, saying anything to save yourself.
  15. Hollywood movies convinced us funding Hezzbollah in Lebanon wasn’t the right thing to do. It’s always US, Israel, Saudis v Russia. So that is the dominant narrative.
  16. Sorry the pic won’t load for me. Welcome to the Jungle (Straight Outta Compton Remix) would take GNR back to the top, a Walk This Way for the 21st century.
  17. I think when you exercise your body releases endorphins which are a natural painkiller. As I remember lactic acid also builds up in the muscles which causes cramp/pain too. So I think getting the lactic acid out of your muscles with stretching might help. Endorphins are just awesome. I think that’s why a lot of ex players turn to drink when or if they quit. They feel terrible all the time. It’s hard to replace that.
  18. Order of Death - Public Image Limited
  19. This. Liars agreed with this and I think it was a good point. Mayhem didn’t seem to be involved with anyone.
  20. You agreed with Bonham that nobody was coming to defend Mayhem. That was a good point and combined with his reaction made me hestitate.
  21. True they are going to draw out the obstruction of justice and say Trump isn’t fit to be prez. Whether you think Trump is the right kind of guy to be the prez they don’t have to go for a completely crazy theory.
  22. GNS came out of nowhere to vote Popcorn and Mayhem then disappeared. There’s never a reason behind the vote. I was on the verge of voting Mayhem but then Bonham and Liars agreed that his reaction and lack of anything happening around him. But maybe GNS was hiding in the vote on him.
  23. If people like CNN don’t really present all the evidence it’s hard for people to dig through everything. Even now the headline is partly Trump not exonerated of obstruction, which isn’t really true. In the summary of the report it says he is innocent until proven guilty of any obstruction charges. So he is exonerated of obstruction, I’m sure he will say that. The stupid thing is if you look into it at all, you realize the dossier that Clinton paid that british spy to compile was actually closer to collusion than anything Trump did. She colluded with british spy to affect the election. The spy said it wasn’t for public use, but they used it to get a Fisa report on Carter page, to spy on Trump. Which is allowed if they didn’t know the dossier was full of made up stuff. Hillary knew it was tabloid stories. All this helped to get the Mueller investigation going which is all known to the media but they won’t go near it.
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