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  1. I think they learned they can make a lot of money from wars.
  2. True they spend 5 mil on the film, 35 mil on the marketing. They use new name actors and prefer to hang it on brand name. Scripts are based on the escalation formula. It’s Uber Concept. Ok I get that. Trainspotting had a kind of feel good, devil may care vibe, like Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas. The horror is masked by the comedy and movie-ness. I think that happens in T2 too. Trainspotting 2. But things got a bit realer. There’s less hijinks. I feel like the books are more even. Trainspotting the book was funny but it was much more harrowing than the movie which kind of made it more exciting with music and chases. Tommy dying of aids in the book and Begbie glassing people were more disturbing in the book. So in Porno you are just surprised they survived. And they seem more chill now. In the movies they were like these heroes and then they got old. They couldn’t live in that bubble forever. Trainspotting is really an ode to the crack. It’s like a whole culture based on drinking stories. It doesn’t matter what happens you just go back on the lash again. There’s also an Only Fools and Horses thing to it.
  3. There are still good rock bands out there. But the culture is more diverse and isn’t into counter culture. Rock was really given a turbo boost by injecting money into it. Putting Motely Crue in that position or U2 on a budget to explore. It’s hard to make the myths without a huge video budget. Rock has been borrowing fron rap and industrial to stay relevant or interesting. There’s a lot more lifestyke choices these days too. It’s not just football and rock music like the 70s. I had rap and videogames too. But now there’s so many genres and kids are just making their own videos with each other on Tik Tok. The interaction element is not in rock...yet. But Beck has done something like that. Band’s like Fall Out Boy came out of myspace. I could almost see a platform where you play online together and knock up a quick tune. Almost just write lyrics and use a digital vocal. Like Rock Band becoming the real music. GTA meets Rock Band which produces real bands and music. When Axl made his reunion comeback on a throne, that was a prophetic cybernetic moment.
  4. If the regime does what the US wants there’s no need for war. But the US doesn’t want to occupy. There is no US in a way, Israel wants Lebanon, Bolton wants the oil and war for the economy. No one wants to sort out Iran. There’s a few companies that want the contracts to rebuild but it’s a nightmare territory. The US already has military bases in the area. It’s not really a war, the US is just like a bully saying give me your lunch money. If not they put your head in the toilet.
  5. Sad? About what happens to the characters? I got a sort of budhha feel from it. No matter what happens it’s alright. The money didn’t matter, there was something that mattered, not entirely sure what, kind of not sure what I’m trying to say. But there’s T3 coming? I accepted Terminator lost it, after or during 2. Sort of like UYI. Great but it was hard to follow. I don’t follow the stories across the movies. Terminator is like a classic horror movie. Once you lose that exploitation movie focus. Indiana Jones seem to keep all the elements and formula going. Like Bond movies. You keep the elements but tweak it. Salvation seemed to play to CGI movies and that is too far from the original Terminator. It was like a war movie or something. Even 3 was a road movie. Once you are riding in a RV with the Terminator it loses it’s unknowable sinisterism.
  6. I get deliveries all day. A tube of toothpaste came the other day in this huge bag. It took a while to open it.
  7. There’s also that thing about Roman orgies, toga parties. That’s basically everyone nowadays. Beating it all day to online porn and eating like Roman emporers. There’s something morally bankrupt about everything. This was Rome before the fall.
  8. I didn’t notice that. It just didn’t suck in that way where they try to remake it with a new actor or try to do the same thing. But it still hit enough moments like when Begbie loses it at his parole hearing to keep it light. Also like how after findiing out how they messed up the deal, Renton survives and starts playing Lust for Life again at the end.
  9. Sometimes Salvation - Black Crowes
  10. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again - Dylan
  11. Waiting on a Sunny Day - Bruce
  12. In My Time of Dying - Zeppelin
  13. I don’t wanna Grow Up - Tom Waits
  14. After that interview on Fox I’m back to believing Trump. He’s calling out the MIC for wanting all these wars. He’s still kind of up for stopping Iran get a nuke. So he’s left that door open but still some good things there.
  15. T2 was pretty good at developing the story off the first and kind of comments on Choose Life.
  16. Trump kind of supports Assad in the same way. Trump always has an advantage of being business oriented, even if the economy is fake people like his work hard thing. But would the Rust belt just take 1,000 dollars a month after not getting much from Trump.
  17. She served in Iraq and has come out against the wars. She wants to avoid war in Iran. That’s a popular stance. So if she shows the Rust Belt the money she could be viable.
  18. I liked Dredd, seem similar to Raid. Dark Fate has all the elements to be good.
  19. What’s Tulsi Gabbard’s flaw? She seems stronger than Bernie or Biden. She has some kind of point of view. It seems like she’s half Trump, half Bernie. End the wars, here’s some free stuff.
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