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  1. Mountain Dew kills the Chinese Flu Dead. Thats clean living right right there, there ain’t nothing wrong with it. I’ll eat at a Cracker Barrel.
  2. Get a safe. Anything important goes in there and then let it ride!
  3. I still don’t see Trump in such a bad light as most people do. I guess it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.
  4. New Are You Garbage ep. Southern Trash. We cooking with gas over here.
  5. Eugene must be Trump’s imaginary friend from military school.
  6. Death gotta be easy cos life is hard it will leave you physically and emotionally scared. Or you can have a deep gin n tonic and find some common ground. We can hash this out, we play Borderlands 3 robots stack the the shelves? Deal? It’s the deal of the century.
  7. Yeezys are the most looted product in the riots. It’s going to be a cakewalk.
  8. Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady. OJ invented reality tv and Now the Kardashians are going to take the show on the road.
  9. These killings won’t get much attention in the media. Nobody will be taking a knee for those kids on Super Bowl Sunday. The media and corporations have given permission for The Purge.
  10. If your piss is the color of Mountain Dew you better get tested.
  11. It does seem like all the violence comes from white antifa. The irony is anything they destroy they will have to pay for because the state divert money from welfare to rebuilding stuff and people will skim money off that organizing. All politicians on tv, the media are all tapping into the advertising money for the show they are putting on too. And now Nike and all these big companies are controlling the content in the culture. They pay who they approve of. It’s corporate censorship that’s controlling who is allowed to riot and about what.
  12. I think the ones who created the riots benefit from all the destruction. They the ones who get paid to fix everything. It’s like a cycle. Create a problem and then get paid to fix it. It happens in wars too. They blow bridges up and then want money to rebuild it.
  13. Combine that with some ads targeting the free money people got from stimulus packages. We got money to blow. They’re got the grill going, its hot out in this bitch. The lady brings out the bottles of Vodka Dew. Woooeeee that’s clean living.
  14. It’s all about who you are disrupting innit. What tends to happen is they burn down Wendy’s or ruin people’s lives that didn’t do shit. Storm the White House, go to the FED, just queue in banks, drink their free coffee. But just ruining everyday people’s lives seems like waste of ammo.
  15. Inception isn’t really about dreams, it’s about how you can implant an idea in someone’s subconscious. Dreams are more things we glimpse when our sleep is disturbed, not a fantasy we have. If there’s a problem with the movie it’s that you don’t really need to go into someone’s subconscious to implant an idea, all new ideas come from outside the mind. It might be true that the idea is better implanted innocuously in a boring part of the subconscious. Not sure there are layers of the subconscious to the unconscious either, it’s more like glimpsing parts of a continuous stream, but the movie illustrates how there are things hidden inside a person’s mind that they aren’t aware of. It seems like Cobb chose not to deal with his grief and live in his subconscious where his wife is still alive. To plant the idea did he have to enter his subconscious inside the unconscious of the target? He completed the mission but tragically couldn’t come to terms with his grief.
  16. That must be why Whitney Webb is living in Chile.
  17. I think we need to go full helmets. Just get everyone a Hazmat suit and set up suit washes for everyone. Wherever you go you get sprayed down. Get drones up in the sky spraying 75% alcohol on everything. Curfews from 11pm to 6am. 7 hours of spraying should slow the virus roll. Then get the UV show on the road. We all need UV lamps and torches to clean rooms and offices. UV is the future. UV World. Radiate the Virus.
  18. Supposedly they have physical proof the mutation developed proteins that made it more infectious in Europe, went to the US and mutated again and then went back to China and Australia. Covid is on a world tour and has a new set list for each confinement. . It seems like it could have easily been around and everyone had it before their immune systems droppped and it took over. Snakes, tigers, rats, bats can all get covid and pass it to humans. So that’s another way it can spread and makes it harder to stamp out. If there’s bats hanging in trees with it then it’s really hard to wipe it out. SARS cov-1 is still popping up and there’s a new Pig flu. There’s no vaccine for Sara. SARS Cov-2 aka Corona virus aka Covid is the new smoking. There’s no cure for covid. Smoke em if you got em!
  19. I’ll take it for a test drive Dew Vodka once I survive the next round of the visa wars.
  20. I’m not really sure what flavor Dew is so it’s hard to know. The color is vodka more than whisky. Whisky would make a swamp juice.
  21. It’s hard to get messed up on beer, wine gets you there quicker. It’s like a 12% beer. A bottle of wine is like a six pack of beer. But you can get 1.99 Hock which is good value.
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