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  1. October 12th will be the release date of the new album.
  2. I could see Tulsi might be someone who could get a different mix of all the 4 different factions. But the Dems and Republicans becoming one party against Trump and the Extremists, I think the Demopublicans would win. They just want to stamp out everyone else as real options.
  3. The solution must be to drive straight through the sign.
  4. Is he wrong that bipolar or chemical imbalance doesn’t exist? Scientology is about finding the root cause of your depression or bad feeling or behavior right? Once you deal with those problems you go clear. So he’s saying that there is something in your past that is setting off the behavior/feeling you are saying an imbalance is causing. Possibly there is an element of that? If someone who goes manic stays in a stress free environment or lowers the amount of triggers lurking around they have less episodes?
  5. The problem is if you are always adapting to problems that are created by your enemy, you never get anything positive done.
  6. And this is the mainstream pushback
  7. Not based on this video because liberal propaganda machine is stone walling. It’s a fact in Wisconsin mail in ballots without addresses were used, they passed the law to allow them after the election. This video is a clear example that people like Rand Paul will investigate the election no matter how many times media say no election fraud. Until Biden reigns in the biased media there will be no unity. Allow a full investigation for the integrity of future elections.
  8. Not really a trustworthy source. Do we have any reason not to believe Wikipedia, other than Antifa are sabotaging it
  9. I remember going to the store to look for milk with Izzy on it.
  10. It makes more sense that the video came out before the album or at least when the single came out. DC and UYI came out Sept 17? That show I saw was one of the last before Izzy quit.
  11. Izzy quit in November so the video was made before they found him.
  12. In a way we are in the same place we always are. There’s always a disaster and a war on something. It’s just now we are in the disaster zone and the war is on us.
  13. He’s going to make a speech about racism. This kind of thing makes it seem like the world isn’t ending
  14. Biden plans to ban term “China Virus”.
  15. It came out before UYI came out and before they played Wembley stadium in 91 in UK (summer July/Aug, pretty sure Aug 31) because I had the double AA side tape single on the bus to show. I’m assuming the video came out the same time as the single. So before Aug 31, 1991 is my guess. Now I will google it and risk China brainwashing me with faulty data. I must be remembering it wrong. It must have been the YCBM single I had before the show on Aug 31. Then Don’t Cry came out 17th September. It says video came out October 1991.
  16. Open door policy. If Dave can make it from his poker game they could play Oh My God. Getting Teddy Big Bag back on harmonica is the goal here.
  17. I think they should take all members, ex-members and ex-employees on the last 20 years of touring. Izzy, Duff and Slash can open for GNR then each song is played by whoever played on the album version. The Juggernaut to Hell Tour 2021-?
  18. “You gotta swallow this one,” says a Republican hack in Oliver Stone’s Nixon, referring to the 1960 election, in which John F. Kennedy prevailed. “They stole it fair and square.” That Richard Nixon was cheated out of the presidency in 1960 has become almost an accepted fact. You’ve probably heard the allegations: Kennedy’s operatives fixed the tallies in Texas and Illinois, giving him those states’$2 51 electoral votes and a majority in the Electoral College. Fearing that to question the results would harm the country, Nixon checked his pride and declined to mount a challenge.
  19. Also JFK stole the election from Nixon in Dallas, right?
  20. HR 1 Bill going through would mean Mail in ballots don’t need Identification or signature verification.
  21. I like FNM and don’t like Tool. FNM is basically just rock songs, Tool are prog rock? I haven’t listened to much Tool to be honest. Maybe they both San Francisco bands?
  22. If he comes back I want to see a viscous perm and a drum solo with Duff.
  23. I don’t think people really believe there is an alternative. They may consider it but it would take years to work out and people want stuff now. 10 years is their life. Politicians just pander for votes in the short term. And they lie. Biden said he had a plan for Covid. Now he says nothing can be done. Biden said $15 minimum wage. Now he says only for a small group of people. Biden said he wouldn’t ban fracking. Now he says he won’t ban it all. Sources say Biden is rolling troops into Syria. Israel is bombing Syria. I don’t remember him ment
  24. People with decent jobs don’t want to rock the boat and tend to want be nice. They don’t want trouble. If you notice they go ballistic if their order is wrong in a restaurant. Guess what happens if they don’t get what they want in life. Also, this is a little mean, but do you know any doctors, scientists or lawyers who aren’t really self interested? That’s fine, but they are easy to keep under control. It makes sense that they also want the government to pay for the problems. Especially if there’s a socialist government, people won’t give a bum a dollar, it’s all the
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