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  1. Uno thecolor the villain is in blac Gansta blac I fit ain’t me 123 kick it
  2. I’ve seen the greatest guitarist of my generation destroyed by madness.
  3. Are the hippies grateful to die of covid? I think it’s a complete hoax at this point.
  4. Sweet Child O Die. Nothing Special. One of Many!!!
  5. Gay I know but this what I think about in the hot tub. Side 1 1. Welcome to the Jungle - the best opener of all time. 2. Shackler’s Revenge - a huge track two song. 3. Dust N Bones - let’s leave the nu metal disco for UYI touring the desert. 4. Patience - We need a hit for the single. 5. Mr Brownstone - The ultimate track 5. 6. Civil War - End side 1 like professionals. Side 2 1. Chinese Democracy - the second Best opener. 2. It’s So Easy - the best track two option. 3. Knockin on Heaven’s Door - It’s nice to have a
  6. 2 sixers. Becks and San Miguel. 2 bottles of cheap red. 2 bags of cheese. Pretzels all day.
  7. Gentlemen, let’s broaden our minds.
  8. I think it’s that a combination of musicians have their limits and the first few records is what they do. Then they either do the same again which is boring or they try to change. Both are mistakes but at least someone liked the first record.
  9. Proud boys started as joke parody of right wing extremists that the left took seriously to the point that they kind of became less of a joke.
  10. Like that cop says to Val Kilmer in Heat, You better get in there and stay in there.
  11. Sure but they are CD era. They aren’t Slash and Duff songs that got released. Dj has a track record of writing, producing, recording and releasing material that could have been exploited. Instead they are talking about how everyone gets along great. I don’t even follow what Dj is doing but he must have released something since leaving GNR. It doesn’t matter really, just an observation. I’m not even sure they should another GNR record. But they keep talking about it.
  12. I mostly walk everywhere, only now and then do I think I need car. Normally when it’s raining.
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