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  1. I guess Riad was part of that live batch with Chi Dem, The Blues, Madagascar and Silkworms. It’s like Side 1 of an album. Then Better, IRS, Twat and Catcher were side 2.
  2. Axl was ahead of the times but late for show.
  3. Only problem is people often have breathing problems when they partake. But maybe it was training for this virus. We’ll see when Ibiza and Goa get going.
  4. With Star Wars I’m always thinking Should I be watching this? I can’t get enough out of it because I can’t nerd out enough. Whereas Indy I just see as fun movie with a few laughs - I don’t have to know much to enjoy it. I have no idea what is going on in Star Wars.
  5. Kingpin or Big Lebowski?
  6. Everyone could virtue signal and drink together. Now we in the towers and the bar is closed.
  7. The news channels do that a lot. They just throw up a stock footage of an explosion and say it happened in Syria. I’m starting to think the media is all fake, maybe they already built the wall.
  8. I think there will be an upswing in depression. I’ve been training for the apocalypse my whole life. These positive thinkers are up shit creek without a Prozac now. You have to live like Blazing Saddles eating beans off a cold plate and farting. I have no further questions.
  9. Oil is tanking so hard they are giving it away.
  10. Isn’t Moonbeans on a Prince vault album.
  11. It’s simple they don’t want any old treatments, the want a new wonder drug that they can make money off. A vaccine will be worth zillions. Sell it around the world, pay for it with taxes, get credit it for it. Even in death life is a Ponzi scheme.
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