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  1. Gives you that impeding heartattack feeling you love.
  2. Also Trump turned Politics into Reality TV so he’s bitching at his own show. The McTrump would out sell any food in the world.
  3. Trump stays up at night watching a wall of tvs. CNN, Fox, NBC and talking on the phone to other billionaires, eating McDonald’s in bed, calling chicks ugly on twitter. This is the dream job.
  4. Seems like if Bill goes down so does Trump. I was watching the BBC news the other day and they were spinning it that Facebook were working for Trump in the election.
  5. Maybe Bill has decided to sacrifice himself to take out Trump.
  6. Maybe before the evangelical left took over Holywood men could be victims too. Or was that stage 1 of the Art of War. Weaken the opponent.
  7. What if they remake Disclosure but Michael Douglas is the bad guy.
  8. I don’t see the problem. I said there probably wouldn’t be album, but if there was Slash and Duff will probably make it hard rock or whatever. If there’s no album then UYI boxset with Shotgun Blues as the single is likely. But it’s obvious to really achieve greatness Slash and Duff need to play on CD II because that is the wrong thing to do and will destroy and create.
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