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  1. Straight outta of Compton is the AFD of rap. All Eyez on Me is UYI. My Dark Twisted Fantasy is CD. Doggy Style is Lies. Slim Shady is Spaghetti Incident.
  2. I just started Borderlands 3 on PS4. I have visa issues but in a day or two I’ll be loot n shoot 24/7. I played Just Cause 3 for 6 hours today to fight the virus. All I need is a few frozen pizzas and I’ll be back in business again.
  3. I went full trash and got a pack of frozen burgers and some buns. A couple of double cheese burgers a day. And tomorrow is another day.
  4. Mountain Dew kills the Chinese Flu Dead. Thats clean living right right there, there ain’t nothing wrong with it. I’ll eat at a Cracker Barrel.
  5. Get a safe. Anything important goes in there and then let it ride!
  6. I still don’t see Trump in such a bad light as most people do. I guess it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.
  7. New Are You Garbage ep. Southern Trash. We cooking with gas over here.
  8. Eugene must be Trump’s imaginary friend from military school.
  9. Death gotta be easy cos life is hard it will leave you physically and emotionally scared. Or you can have a deep gin n tonic and find some common ground. We can hash this out, we play Borderlands 3 robots stack the the shelves? Deal? It’s the deal of the century.
  10. Yeezys are the most looted product in the riots. It’s going to be a cakewalk.
  11. Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady. OJ invented reality tv and Now the Kardashians are going to take the show on the road.
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