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  1. I read something about Nike and the take a knee guy. Although sales dropped, stocks went up a week later. Gillette are basically just doing to this to boost sales to young. They also have ways to sell to other demos. Established brands are always looking to re-up.
  2. wasted

    Me Too vs. R. Kelly

    Real Talk is R Kelly’s funniest song.
  3. wasted

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Do they drink Corona in Mexico? That’s always a good hot tub beer.
  4. wasted

    Enter Night: The Metallica’s Beer

    It must be too expensive. I get 4 cans of chinese beer for a dollar. I’ll spring for a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola wine but beer is basically pig trough cleaner.
  5. After reading on my phone for 17 hours on my phone for a decade I think I might need contacts soon. I had heslth check thing other day and I couldn’t see shit with one eye closed.
  6. wasted

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    There was that Am I Human album which was more pop. Then this I guess is the political album/song? I’m not smart at politics but each point in the song has an easy counter argument. Strokes and Killers should’ve broken up after the hit album. GNR did it right.
  7. wasted

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    I learned from listening to Manic Street Preachers that if you do political the lyrics have to be vague enough so people can also relate to them. Like when Brandon sings they put up a wall. You get thoughts like there was already a wall there. If you pander too much to one side it starts to feel like propaganda. The fact it was done in a faux gospel style that a political party would use to punch up a song is kind of gross too. At least do the Bruce meets Morissey version first before it gets ruined for stadium rallies. However still very catchy. I can see it being effective. Bill will be blasting this as he drives AOC to the rallies in his Ferrari.
  8. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    Even so isn’t that weighted in mafias favor. Basically a 50/50 split. It’s possible the 5 or 6 mafia are split into groups. Theres more of them but they have to kill each other and town to win. That doesn’t mean Mayhem isn’t mafia protecting Gunner. It’s just he’s right there are two groups of mafia. I’ll consider it but that doesn’t clear him of suspicion. To me there is still only one reason not to vote Gunner. If Mayhem can really map out the conspiracy in a clearer way then I’ll reconsider. It’s early so it’s very hard to do. If Mayhem is mafia that it explains it. If he’s Shadow then that maps of the groups more. If he’s town then the conspiracy theory is likely. But Gunner couldn’t really rely on me to open the pm. He may have just got kicked out of the game. So nobody would have voted so nobody could use that to hide. It’s possible the shadow used it to justify a run on Gunner though. If Gunner is a genius then it’s somekind of elaborate conspiracy, if not it’s just more simple.
  9. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    If there is a conspiracy how is Gunner involved and how is he linked to Liars?
  10. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    And he said we couldn’t use a certain word. Kind of confirmed something illegal had happened. This was after I said Gunner pm’d me. But I get that it was confusing. I thought Gunner would be banned by Bonham. But he made me work for it.
  11. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    I we understand how the conspiracy works vaguely. But it’s much easier to vote Mayhem. Bonham seems to be giving us clues on the group ratio and some topless french chick waving a french flag. Someone else has to weigh in on Mayhem’s conspiracy. Otherwise I’m voting Mayhem very soon.
  12. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    5 mafia = 6 town? I can see how there could be 3 groups. This might explain Gunner’s partnership. He was looking for protection from Shadow. If he was doing the patsy thing, he was acting suspicious, sending pms, he was looking to look guilty so his mafia partner could vote for him and survive. Arnold becomes a suspect in terms of the pm because Gunner was directing the kill at him. Was Gunner acting alone or was he just a patsy?
  13. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    To be honest I didn’t know Gunner was mafia, I knew he pm me. And that was shady as fuck. And there was nothing else to go on. The 3 groups thing is just hard to vote on.
  14. wasted

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    By posting about not killing anyone Bonham kind of confirmed Gunner should have been banned for sending me a pm. You’re saying that I orchestrated the pm thing but I was shadow who voted Gunner? I would have no reason to do the pm thing, if I was shadow I would have just voted Gunner. You’re either all over the place or a mafia who’s getting desperate.