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  1. I think The General, Atlas, Soul Monster, Berlin all have confirmed vocals.
  2. You seem to be agreeing with Liars that Bonham and Hotdog aren’t dirty but then below you vote for Bonham twice, while supposedly thinking Facekicker is suspect.
  3. wasted

    Now vs. 1999

    Sacrifice the present for the future.
  4. http://www.etonline.com/keanu-reeves-and-alex-winter-reveal-that-bill-ted-3-is-coming-in-2020-121836 CD II postponed until 2021.
  5. I kind of avoid superhero movies. I watch more crime movies, or psychological thrillers but that’s more just what comes my way. QT is the only one I’ll check what’s happening with the movie or when it’s coming.
  6. The Mule. Clint does it again.
  7. QT and Scorsese are the only directors I run to the theatre to see their new movie. Or risk getting a virus on my computer to watch a cam before it comes out on dvd.
  8. It’s possible Bonham and Hotdog set a trap. I don’t really buy hotdog’s logic why he didn’t vote for Bonham. Bonham did move on to vote for Liars and admitted there was no pm. So why are you voting Bonham?
  9. I think we should try to make a real decision but if not better to make a choice than lose 2 town. It’s the last resort.
  10. All I have is I’m suspicious of Hotdog voting for popcorn and not Bonham. You vote for the person who’s quick to vote on a lie, not the person who lied? Popcorn was also inconsistent in his readiness to jump on Hotdog but when Bonham switched his vote he didn’t follow. My default is Damn Smooth at this point.
  11. This seems like my crazy theory that the plutocrats are going to use government money to pay people not to pursue true wealth and power. It’s too difficult to create a real economy where everyone has a job and purpose. Hence free money, virtual reality and synthetic drugs. Lower the price of a fictional luxury lifestyle.
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