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  1. The Fall have so many albums. I think Code Selfish is the first one I got into via Free Range.
  2. I just want a Savoy Truffle.
  3. I could drink live on air and talk shit for a couple of hours a day. We could also talk about GNR while I eat pizza online.
  4. World record day. This is my plan. They release Hard and Atlas is a double A side on world record day. Then a month later and a riot later Soul Monster goes to iTunes.
  5. No singles, no videos etc. Theres one window, throw a disabled drone with 12 songs through it.
  6. Slash makes good points. I think at the end of the day they have to do it the Guns N Roses way. By that I mean I need a cd to slot in next to the other cds I bought. I know ok boomer but we old n shit we aren’t going to be cool releasing some iTunes YouTube Facebook. It’s more about not blowing it than making it. Just don’t completely fuck it up. Half Axl tracks, half Slash/Duff, 1 Izzy track, get Stevie on there. Bunt for the Fences!
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