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  1. If a girl is pregnant,does PMS still occur?
  2. Anyone know of any good free ram disk applications that support more than 4 GB? I'd like to go up to 8 GB for my RAM disk (I have 24 GB of ram, way more than I need)
  3. I like the second one, it's sweet. Will download the whole album~ I was never really into the whole club scene. Don't get me wrong, back in my university years I went to electronic 'concerts' at clubs, e.g. above & beyond, girl talk, blah.... listening to this music makes me wonder what I'm missing, I'm no great dancer, but shit this music gets me upumped
  4. All I listen to in my car (or test cars with SiriusXM) is BPM and ElectricArea. Can we change this to an electronic music general thread? I'm really digging psytrance lately, check out Opium of the masses album the lost planet for good tunes;
  5. I'm getting promoted. I guess this is what working 20+ hours of voluntary unpaid overtime for 2 years gets you
  6. I feel weird getting endorsements on linkedin. It makes me feel like I have to endorse the other person back So when such a thing happens I end up hiding from linkedin for awhile, hoping they just assume I don't log on to it
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalman_filter
  8. In Yes moop was an original. Last I know, he was going by superfuzz
  9. Nice dude, if you have a chance drive up through Sedona. Don't think that is directly on the way though
  10. Everything good in moderation, including moderation
  11. I gotta go to LA next week for a business trip, what's fun around there/would be good to do?? Any good dinner places near LAX?
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