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  1. moreblack

    Slash's bass player should sing lead vocals

    it's an awesome thing to have them both in the band and complementing each other. Weird to say, but I actually missed Todd's harmonies at the Hall of Fame Guns Performance.
  2. moreblack

    The Official SOCCER thread

    Curious to see how he does at the Euros now... Spain still look as strong as ever.
  3. moreblack

    The Official SOCCER thread

    Congrats to Chelsea and Bayern. Defense wins this year. So yes, they both deserve to be there. You know you're in shit when Ronaldo and Kaka miss the first 2 penalties. Especially knowing that Germans rarely lose shootouts. Very happy to see the Spanish teams go out.
  4. moreblack

    Made in Stoke Will Air on HDNet May 13

    what, you mean I didn't need to import the Blu-Ray from the UK!?
  5. moreblack

    DJ Ashba responds to Axl Lana Del Rey Rumors

    DJ has proven time and again, that he has no clue what's going on, or what the other guys are up to.
  6. moreblack

    Myles Kennedy vs Bruce Dickonson

    I gotta agree, Bruce is the man.
  7. moreblack

    You're A Lie : Listen to Slash's new song !

    although he's been known to be a lie.
  8. moreblack

    official MaYnard and GunNeR thread

    Volcano probably had the place shut down...
  9. moreblack

    Win a Slash Fan Pack

    This would be awesome to have.
  10. Not even close to ruined, but slightly tarnished, wouldn't you say? Some people might think it's bad for him to play with all these people, or to make so many appearances. But that's just the odd fan here and there. I don't see for example Ultimate Guitar or Rolling Stone lambasting the guy for not sticking to the rock and roll script. If anything, with the fans, the reputation might be too high for how good a player the guy actually is. Because you see comments on youtube or various forums where if you believe the posts, he is the greatest player ever. THAT kind of fanboy post rubs other people the wrong way, so fans of Clapton, or Hendrix would say that the guy is not as good as people say he is.
  11. If his reputation were actually ruined...
  12. The way I see it, you get far more Slash thru an album and tour like Slash, than you ever did when he was in VR. VR Slash felt very shackled/restrained. Slash playing less guitar in anything, is never a good thing.
  13. moreblack


    seriously? and when X played NYC they only filled Roseland Ballroom...
  14. moreblack


    yeah these guys are alright, not my favorite ever but they're good.