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  1. Finished season 1,good show not amazing,still better than the prequels and sequels .
  2. I watched the first 2 episodes,honestly not impressed but its OK .
  3. I used to like Queen when i was 13/14/15 yo....but then i started listening to bands like GNR,Metallica etc and Queen is too pop for me .When i hear a song like Radio Gaga on the radio i turn the volume down
  4. Finished Orange is the new black,i loved it ,many great characters. Now im going to watch The Mandalorian to see what the hype is about and The Queens gambit,i heard its highly rated .
  5. My favourite Journey song,Open Arms is great too
  6. OMG i forgot BACK OFF BITCH#7 in my top 10 GNR songs,second best UYI rocker after You could be mine
  7. Appetite for destruction Think about you-i love this song,especially the acoustic guitar You are crazy-great rocker UYI1-my favourite GNR album,i love the underrated songs.Dust N Bones is amazing,RNDH grear opener,The Garden has always been one of my favourites.Garden Of eden is in my top 10,Dont damn me is awesome and Coma is #4 is my top 10 and i love Bad Apples UYI 2 14 years-awesome song but i prefer Dust N Bones Get in the ring rocks so hard Pretty tied up is better than most of AFD imo Locomotive is brilliant
  8. 2020 wow just wow what a year.For many the greatest football/soccer player of all time ....i dont agree,his greatest moment is scoring with his hand which is CHEATING...i think he is behind Cristiano Ronaldo,Messi and Zinedine Zidane but still one of the biggest legends in all sports ...GOD DAMN
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all americans
  10. GNR has had such a big impact on my life,i drink and smoke because of them,listen to bands like Metallica,Alice in chains,The Ramones,Aerosmith etc because of them.During this quarantine i have been listening GNR almost everyday ,i feel like it is 2010/11/12 all over again i used to listen to them all day back then
  11. I was 14 and just begun listening to rock music (Bon Jovi was my favourite band)and one day i was waiting for a Bon Jovi video on VH1 and they played Paradise city ......it was the greatest thing i have ever seen/heard ....i became GNR fanatic the same day
  12. one of the most overrated bands,i like like 2 songs Basket case and When i come around.....i prefer The Ofspring
  13. I love November rain.Stairway is so overated i prefer Achilles and Kashmir . Estranged is very gay imo,i have never been a big fan of the song,its starts great but in the middle its slows and it just so boring in the second half
  14. Kill Devil Hill was one of my favourite posters on MyGnr,i dont remember if she posted here
  15. I made an Instagram account just to follow Guns N Roses and Slash.....GNR page is LOL..and Slash instagram is so weird No Instagram for me
  16. Guns N Roses-Paradise city,You could be mine,Civil war,Dont cry,Coma Pink Floyd-Shine on you crazy diamond,Comfortably numb Metallica-For whom the bells tolls Alice in chains-Man in the box,Would The Ramones-Rock n roll radio Pearl Jam-Black Van Halen-Running with the devil,Panama,Dreams Led Zeppelin-Achilles last stand Rolling stones-Wild Horses The Who-Baba o riley,Pinball wizard,Who are you CCR-Fortunate son,Have you eve seen the rain The Doors-Break on through
  17. i dont understand what is so great about Syd BarretPink Floyd best songs/albums were relesed after he left,David Golmour is Pink Floyd,who the hell is Syd Barret,cant understand why is he so "legendary". Jim Morrison was amazing.
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