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  1. yep Trump is using Ronald Reagan tactics.Obama being replaced by Trump is like Carter being replaced by Reagan. Weak president and then a strong president.America under Carter was seen as weak,declining and the communist thought that they are winning but then came Reagan and he changed everything-America was once again rich,powerful and feared. The problem China,Iran,North Korea and Russia have now is the same problem the Soviet Union had in the 80s...... the Soviets thought that America is weak and collapsing under Carter and they had no idea how to deal with this new strong and powerful America under Reagon in the 80s. China,Russia,Iran and North Korea thought that America is now weak and collapsing superpower because USA was so weak under Obama..... It was terrible to watch how Putin,Iran,Kim Jong un and the chinese made Obama look like a fool every single day.It looked like America in now weak economically,weak military and the country has lost its resolve...but then Trumo came. Now these foreign poweres have no idea how to deal with this strong economicaly,powerful military and it looks like USA once again has resolve to fight for its interest WHAT A CHANGE FROM OBAMA . America is in a trade war with China and its bombing whoever it wants at the same time THIS IS POWER THIS IS FUCKING POWER!
  2. 52 F35 launched in a row to strike 52 targets MAGA
  3. What a weak responce. 13 shit missiles against a big empty base LOL.The US fired like 50/60 tomahawlks against Assad with the missiles flying over the russians. Irans regime saves face and can say how great they are to their brainwahsed stuck in the 15 century citizens,but this responce shows weakness-Iran doesnt want to fight the US military directly and Trump won ,he exposed them.....all of these "Death to America" chants and nothing...America killed their war hero and Iran got scared to responce and bring Death to America. Just saw that their Supreme leader saying that "America can hurt us but we can hurt them worse",very interesting what a change in their words ....they really got scared that the US will strike them.....and now they are saying that the US can hurt them but they will fight and bla bal bla and threating Israel and Dubal if the US bomb them Trump scared them
  4. US is sending the 82nd airborne ,the asskicking is about to begin
  5. North Korea is the same joke as Iran,their planes ,artilery,MLRS are soviet crap from the 50s and they dont have oil to use them.South Korea can destroy them on their own,the south has a lot of moderm close range ballistic missiles ,much better artilery and MLRSs and much better and bigger airforce .But with the US there "the war" will end in an hour
  6. Exactly.Iran will do nothing ,the USA will rape them in 30 minutes ,the US navy and air force will sink Irans navy in minutes the airforce will face no resistense in the air....Irans air defenses will be destroyed by cruise missiles and drones,they can shot down some but it dosnt matter.... USA is not going to invade Iran and occupy it,it will just destroy their military and bomb the nuclear facilities.
  7. masturbation i can live without booze or fatty food(i have never eaten Mcdonalds or anyother fast food like Burger King etc)there is no Mcdonalds here in my town... but i cant live without porn and masturbating
  8. they kissed ?wow,i watched the first 2 movies and i thought the idea is that the black guy will fuck Rey,SJW bulshitt fuck this movie but i may watch it when its online just to finish Star wars.....the prequels and the sequels are worse than Chinese democracy honestly
  9. this decade gave us Axl Rose disasters,lots of laughs and great days on this forum ,im grateful
  10. UYI 1 is my favourite album,AFD is second and UYI 2 is #3. UYI 2 has some of the best GNR songs,2 of my top 3 all time favourite Guns songs are You could be mine and Civil war but the album has some songs i just hate. My world,Dont cry,Breakdown.....i know many people like it but i just hate it .So fine is boring . Locomotive is incredible,14 years is so cool i LOVE when Axl and Izzy sing together. Pretty tied up and Get in the ring rocks hard KOHD is one of the songs that made me a fan.....Yestedays,Shoutgun blues are good. Estranged i like it but i think its very overrated ,its not even in my top 25 GNR songs believe it or not
  11. I love Bad Applesawesome music,vocals and the solo is so underrated
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