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  1. Okhahoma sounds like Velver Revolver to me
  2. Nirvana is the most overrated band ever imo,Alice in Chains is sooooo much better. Nevermind is a good album,i like SLTS,Lithium,Come as you are and few others but this album is so overrated If Kurt didnt killed himself Nirvana would have never been rated so hightly by the media
  3. Atlas is awesome i wished the whole album sounded like it ,simple music,good guitar and good Axl vocalsThis and Hard School changed my opinion on fakeGNR,they had some talent and could have made a good album in the late90s/early 00.... As for the CD songs....i still dont like them ,yes the demos are better but it is the same trash songs
  4. i will pay money only for a GNR album with Slash in it ,i dont care about anything else
  5. Quick song-i only like the solo it sound like it could be in a GNR song,the rest is a bad Teen spirit rip off Zodiac-booring
  6. omg this is just awful.....atrocios music,vocals..heyeheyeyhheyeeheyye JESUS Axls music without Slash and Izzy is absolute trash
  7. My favourite rock/music albums of all time .I prefer UYI1 because its heavier and i hate only 1 song Live and let die. UYI2 has the better songs - You could be mine,Civil war,Locomotive,Pretty tied up etc but My world,Dont cry alt are atrocios and i cant stand Breakdown What makes UYIs my favourite albums are songs like -Back off bitch,RNDTH,Garden of eden,Dust N Bones,Get in the ring,Bad Aplles,Pretty tied up ,The Garden
  8. 1.Hard School 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. CD received no promotion????The album release was on the evening news here in Bulgaria !..... New GNR album with Slash is easily going N1 on Bilbord.Axl/Slash GNR was always N1(Appetite,UYI2) or N2 (Lies,UYI 1)
  10. who is leaking all these songs and how did he get them?
  11. this is so boring and uninspiring ,its only 4 minute long and it feels like 10 minutes for me
  12. i dont understand the hype about this trash
  13. what is happening new songs every day it is a great time to be a Guns N Roses fan not really all new songs sucks
  14. Axl never got into a fight with Vince or Bob Guccioni because he knew they would have kicked his ass and his "bad boy" image would have been destroyed .
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