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  1. the album with 18 and life,Youth Gone wild and i remember you
  2. UYI 2 ,i dont need Axls speaking during the verses
  3. Gilby is in the November rain video ,he is a legend 1 billion views !!!!! Fortus sucks noone cares about him
  4. 30 If The worldss,Riads and This i loves
  5. awful song.one of the worst singing i have ever heard,Axl sounds like he is 100 and about to die .
  6. crap like My world.Slash,Duff and Matt were right to leave,Axls vision was industrial garbage not rock
  7. Favourite 1.Paradise city 2.You could be mine 3.Civil war 4.Coma 5.Dont cry original 6.Locomotive 7.Nightrain 8.Back off bitch 9.Its so easy 10.Dust N Bones Least favourte 1.My world 2.Live and let die 3.Dont cry UYI2 4.Breakdown 5.You aint the first 6.So fine 7.Anything goes 8.Mama kin 9.Bad obsession 10.most of the Spagetti incident
  8. late 80s to see the fall of communism,Guns N Roses and Metallica the biggest bands in the world,probably the greatest football/soccer player Maradona in his prime
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