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  1. i have used to themfew of the worst actually left the factory because they are not happy with the salaries,i hope they are not coming back
  2. Hong Kong democracy will not lead to war,but Taiwan democracy defintly will.US and Japan navies and air forces will kick Chinas ass,the ohio submarines are ready to fire A single Ohio sumbarine can destroy the 24 biggest chinese cities AMAZING and the US has 14 of themChina
  3. Songs like The Garden,Right next door to hell,Dust N Bones,Back off bitch,Dead Horse,Bad apples,Garden of eden,Double taling jive are the reason UYI 1 is my favourite albumand ofcourse i love the big 3 Coma,Dont cry and November rain
  4. I love it,Use your illusion 1 is my favourite album.
  5. a lot.I work in a factory and 90% of my coworkers are gypsies.They are brown,they smell,they havent go to school,cant speak bulgarian, This is how they look .........subhumans
  6. i was drinking and listening AFD yesterday,Paradise city,Nightrain and Rocket Queen were the best
  7. i have watched only 1 of his movies ,it was 80s action movie with Stalone,absolute trash
  8. i have no idea Breaking bad Prison break Married with children Friends X files
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