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  1. I love Shadow of your love (2018 version),i like the song more than Anything goes ,half of Lies and i think its better than maybe 10 UYI songs . Best thing they have released since Black Leather/Aint it fun imo
  2. My 12 favourite GNR songs are in order 1.Paradise city 2.You could be mine 3.Civil war 4.Coma 5.Dont Cry 6.Locomotive 7.Back off bitch 8.Nightrain 9.Dust N Bones 10.Garden of eden 11.November rain 12.Pretty tied up this is my album
  3. I have never owned a car.My uncle(RIP) offered to give me his Ford Cougar if i get a driving licence but i said NO .Roads in Bulgaria are awful and people are driving very fast,a lot of people especially young are dying in car crashes ..........i take the public transportation i feel safer in these big buses.
  4. I love Black Leather and Aint it fun but TSI and Live Era are SHIT
  5. my favourite shows are Ritz 88,Chicago 1992,Paris 1992 and Argentina 1992
  6. Watched True Romance,what a cool movie.So many famous actors ,some amazing scenes and dialogue
  7. I love Pulp Fiction and hate Kill Bill. I havnt watched True Romance i will try to watch it tomorrow
  8. no he isnt,Trump seems to love Guns N Roses,he used live and let die when he visited a mask factory
  9. Paradise city and You could be mine>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>November rain
  10. Why do people pay for Netflix,i watch every show fo free on Movies Joy or Fmovies
  11. I finished Cobra Kai,the ending of season 2 was good ,season 3 should be very interesting .It is enjoyable show . Just started Orange is the new black,i like it .
  12. BREAKING: US President Donald Trump says Bahrain has agreed to normalise relations with Israel Joint statement says 'full diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain' agreed´╗┐ Israel and UAE,Serbia-Kosovo and now this
  13. Cobra Kai is the next tv show im going to watch,but first i have to finish Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtI just started it and i like it .
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