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  1. is that Lady gaga WTF is this trash ? J LO ..this is getting worse and worse
  2. Trump bragging about his "greatest economy in history","greatest achievemnts in history"Lost the white house,the senate and the house.Impeached twice.Economy in ruins,atrocious respond to the China virus..turn the US into 3 world shithole ..the capital building attack was so embarasing the whole world was laughing DISASTER
  3. the nightmare is finally over HE IS GONE....what a joke of a presidency
  4. I dont ...i dont care about a new album,they are too old and lets be real AXL/Slash will never write and record together again.For years I thought that the AXL/Slash reunion will be one of the most important things in my life but when it finally happened -it was so disapointing ,i lost interest very fast . I still listen to GNR almost daily ,i will always love the music.
  5. Watched The Night Of,it was pretty good.Next i will watch The handsmaid tale
  6. shotgun blues was this is almost as funny as the legendary Bridge school
  7. nobody expect new songs but if he can kill 10000 more mexicans in the next tour with the new covid it would be pretty cool
  8. Dust N Bones>>>>>Rolling stones entire discography
  9. Hell NO, i dont want this in my body i dont trust these vaccines .I dont go to restaurents,cinema,travel etc even before the China virus and i im unemployed so i dont need it..and im young NOT FOR ME
  10. Im watching Hulus show "Casual",its fantastic..so much sex and hot women
  11. Trump has turned the USA into a totalitarian 3rd world banana republic,thank God in less than 2 weeks this nightmare is over ,i cant believe i liked him before ,the guy is a total failure .Trump/Boris are destroying the West. Trump is making Obama look like one of the best presidents ever,Kamala will be a better president than him.TRUMP IS A JOKE
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