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  1. he used to post on MYGNR and anwser to a lot of questions,i dont think he has anything new to say
  2. The Ramones 1.Animal Boy 2.End of the Century 3.Rocket to Russia 4.Pleasant Dreams 5.Ramones 6.Road to ruin 7.Brain Drain 8.Leave Home 9.Halfway to Sanity 10.Adios Amigos 11.Mondo Bizarro 12.Subterranean Jungle 13.Too Tough to Die 14.Acid Eaters
  3. i watched Dirty Harry for the first time ,wasnt impressed but Scorpio was a good villian
  4. watched TM legendary review again and it bring so many memories,back when GNR was so funny and we had so much to talk /laugh about.I love re reading old threads during this quarantine........great show,LEGENDARY November rain,Legendary Patience ,THANK YOU AXL for the great memoeries and laughs
  5. finished Fargo season 1 ,much better than True Detective. Now im watching Rectify i like it
  6. video of Axls arrest in 1980 ,Lafayette Indiana
  7. the blacks should be happy to live in America,if they dont like it GO BACK TO AFRICA!!!!Slavery existed...SO WHAT???They should be happy that they were brought to America and had food,shelter etc stuff that even in modern Africa DONT EXIST is many places.
  8. i havent listen to any of these albums but during this quarantine im listening to 80s music all the time, Metallica,The Bangles,Belinda Carlisle,Cindarella,Van Halen love everything 80s
  9. i just want to see Apache helicopters flying over Minneapolis and shooting at the blacks
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