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  1. If the VMAs didnt kill Guns, a mediocre show at 4 am wont either.
  2. Im guessing the teleprompter died again. But Axl still has some humor though. "Im about to get fucking pissed.....see...I got no patience."
  3. Patience. I could use some more of that right now.
  4. I have honestly never seen anything like it before. Estranged by far was the highlight of NuGnR's entire career. Yet some of these performances sound like the worst of the 06 tour or the middle of line for the 02 tour.
  5. He just got raped on that song. I feel bad for November Rain.
  6. His singing wasnt bad there...but what the fuck is happening....
  7. November Rain with no intro? That came literally out of nowhere.
  8. If Axl doesn't find his form by the next few songs I say they just play Estranged eight more times and call it a night.
  9. That one scream he did to what I guess was to imitate a crowd member were his best vocals screams since the 90's. He can do it....he's just not applying himself.
  10. Street of Dreams. Is it me, or is anyone else's right speaker fucking up from this stream?
  11. "Don't fuck my piano. You can touch it....just don't fuck it"
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