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  1. Well, if it's too difficult, we can just wait - no biggie if we can't play now.
  2. Bump. Deadline is Sun 28th Jul, Midnight (eastern time). Will be nice to have a game to play while we wait for this one to get more players. How many you looking for Sandman? Really don't mind - be good to get a fair few though!
  3. Topical. Just waiting on signups!
  4. It'd be great to see them all kill each other!
  5. The order is supposed to be... 1. Sandman's Glee Game 2. Tottenham's Lord of the Rings Game 3. White Raven's Dog Mafia 4. Conor 5. CHITR But, perhaps Totts could skip to the front of the queue? UNLESS WE WANTED TO JOINT-MOD - HOLY SHIT
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