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  1. Some of the worlds most virtuosic guitar players, the likes of Joe Satriani and Guthrie Govan recognise Ron Thal as one of the worlds best guitarists. But sure, Ragner from a random GNR forum has the authority to call him shit... Lol. What a dick.
  2. You have a strange sense of humour.
  3. I fucking love Ron. Not a fan of Asia, but Sons of Apollo are putting out a new record next year, which I'm excired for. Bumblefoot is a fucking genius on the guitar and a solid singer. You cunts aren't worthy to lick the dogshit off his boots!
  4. lol@anyone who believe Axl will ever: a) lose weight b) release another album Whilst other bands add new songs to their touring setlists, Axl adds new body fat. Just when you think This I Love can't possibly sound any worse, he always manages to surprise you with each new leg!
  5. This is the one to beat. One more... Putang.
  6. Are you seriously expecting SMKC to have hits? There hasn't been a legitimate rock hit in the charts since about 2005.
  7. Okay, so we're at 22. 23. Cunt
  8. Lezza's use strap-ons so you would see it on the blue haired chick if she was using a dildo. On closer inspection it does look like a bit of good old scissoring. Also Melissa looks much better with the shorter hair. I knew Axl hired her for a reason!
  9. Chicks with dicks? Blue haired one is definitely penetrating and I can't see no strap-on!!!
  10. Any man who fucks a woman in 2019 without first getting signed written consent witnessed by an independent party, preferably with a breathaliser to hand is a sexual deviant.
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