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  1. That new album is not going to not record itself.
  2. My latest hobby is saying "All lives matter" under any and every comments sections and watching all the libshits get their panties in a bunch.
  3. http://mobile.twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/1267642952849002496 Best comment? "Unless they're trying to sell you gold chains." lol
  4. The Art of Anarchy album with Scott Weiland was what the second Velvet Revolver album should've been like. Brilliant record.
  5. Sounds better than Axl. #FireAxlRose #HireDizzy
  6. There would be something quite satisfying watching him become damaged goods, watching him lose all the money made from that corporate shitshow NITL on legal fees and never be able to rest on his laurels again, especially if there's even a grain of truth to this story. But I ain't ready to throw the book at him based on one article from someone selling her story to the tabloids. Being an MJ fan taught me a thing or two about the kind of people who sell stories to the tabloids.
  7. Can't be bothered to read the article, but does she actually use the word "rape"? Because last time I checked, consensual rough sex and a bit of S&M wasn't a crime....
  8. The frames had to be that wide, it was the only way to fit Axl into the shot.
  9. There are other "easy" songs in the set. I'm sure next week we'll be treated to coasted versions of The Seeker, Mr Brownstone and Patience, with the elephant in the room being the 101 ways to avoid showcasing Axl's ever increasing selection of chins.
  10. 2020 has pretty much been written off in terms of the majority of major tours and with a lot of folks financial futures looking uncertain and a massive recession predicted to pay for the fallout of Covid-19, could this mean GNR won't even be able to tour for a few years? I would actually take great satisfaction in the shitshow that has been GNR live the past decade being forced off the road due to lack of demand from a flailing economy. I'd rather years of nothing and potentially never hear from the band again than watch Axl getting fatter and shitter and coasting with diminishing returns throughout the 2020's.
  11. I don't know why people compare him to Vince Neil, who was always a shit singer! Vince sounded shit then and he sounds shit now. The tragic thing about Axl is that he was once a good singer but now sounds like a pedophile trying to groom a toddler by singing lullaby's in the voice of a Disney character.
  12. I wouldn't call Anastasia a ballad.
  13. I've never seen a Bon Jovi video that's as bad as Axl puffing and wheezing through TIL in Berlin 2018.
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