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  1. The only monster onstage these days is Axl's gut. The only reason people say Axl is on time these days is because his gut arrives onstage roughly 45mins before he does.
  2. Exactly this. One has to wonder exactly how shit Axl has to be for the casual concert-going fan to wake up and smell the coffee. I don't credit the average GNR concert-goer 2017-2019 with much intelligence, but surely even they must look back at footage of their shows and think "holy fuck, did I really pay to see that shit?".
  3. If Axl can't get his voice back, then it's done. It's been done, since 2017. Who wants to see a band fronted by an obese man who can't pull off 5-6 passable performances out of a three hour set?
  4. Cooking my own dinner? Meh, fuck that. Any other suggestions?
  5. I ain't talking personally, I ain't that fucked in the head, but career wise, I hope it all turns to shit. I hope they don't get to tour for years due to Covid and then when they eventually do, they find that everyones moved on from the endless nostalgia shows and they struggle to even sell arenas. I hope Slash leaves again and Axl is forced into early retirement or hiring DJ Ashba back. I hope Axl is called out publicly for the useless, creatively dried up, fat sack of shit he's become. I hope the reviews start being honest about how terrible he sounds live and how no self-respecting music fa
  6. My wife is placid, chilled, very mild-mannered and wouldn't say boo to a goose, but around the 20th every month, I literally can't say shit. I'm thinking of going into hiding for 3-4 days every month as she turns into a crazy bitch. Anyone else have to contend with this shit every month?
  7. Makes you wonder what the extent of Axl's contributions were to the rest of the co-written songs on the album. Transcribed excerpts: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/gnr_drummer_explains_why_he_told_buckethead_he_should_refuse_to_join_the_band_talks_why_he_left_to_join_a_perfect_circle.html Josh entered the group as a replacement for Matt Sorum and was involved in the creative process for what became 2008's "Chinese Democracy." He was succeeded by Bryan "Brain" Mantia, who joined the fold alongside Buckethead in 2000. Freese
  8. Don't particularly rate either, but if I had to listen to one, I'd probably say Timberlake. Both are overrated though. They're both competent but unremarkable singers and both are fairly average showmen (although I'd say Timberlake is a bit more slick than Bieber though, who just looks and moves sloppy to me, whereas at least Timberlake tries). They've both traded heavily on their looks/sex appeal since they started out and lack anything particularly distinctive or original to their music which I suspect they rely heavily on other people to create. Neither are worthy successors to any of
  9. His fat man dick couldn't be more limp than his singing in 2021.
  10. As a carer, I've heard better sounds come out of someones stoma bag than this.
  11. We deserve this. He almost killed himself over our taunts when he was in GNR, but we didn't go far enough. And now look what we have. The fault is entirely our own.
  12. Axl's just pissed that he is slowly morphing into Trumps slightly younger, equally physically repulsive, brother.
  13. Music in general doesn't make the impact it used to. It simply isn't as important to younger generations. But that doesn't stop a million over veteran artists and bands from carrying on and releasing new music for the people who do care. Axl's just lazy.
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