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  1. magisme, do you also wear scarves in non-winter seasons, carry a man bag and possess a man bun? Radiohead are strictly hipster music.
  2. Maybe you just don’t understand the complexity and sophistication of DJ’s playing?
  3. The walking definition of mindless shredding, tasteless showboating with no sense of feel, melody or phrasing.
  4. @Bill Brasky what's coming first? Album or EP? I hate the EP idea, it's such a limp dick of an idea for a band who haven't released a studio album in 11 years and a lineup who haven't recorded new music together in almost 30yrs.
  5. Whats the word on these emails that supposedly leaked? MyGNR are anticipating a shitstorm and have banned discussion on it. Anyone know what this is about?
  6. His departure letter was the biggest crock of shit. It was his way of saving face by pretending he wasn’t given his marching orders and that he was leaving of his own accord. Some fans still believe to this day that the half a billion dollar grossing NITL tour wouldn’t have gone ahead if DJ hadn’t of “left” in 2014. I have a plastic frying pan to sell these people.
  7. Playing from the soul doesn't really mean a lot when your primary concern in life is flogging your Ashba Swag tat and securing the next Monster drinks contract. You have to actually have a soul to play from it. DJ Ashba is like gingers: soulless.
  8. You put yourself out there, insert yourself into a pre-established, much loved rock band and can't back it up with the chops, you bet ya ass people are gonna roast you for it.
  9. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/dj_ashba_recalls_gnr_fans_insulting_him_after_taking_slashs_position.html
  10. Some of the worlds most virtuosic guitar players, the likes of Joe Satriani and Guthrie Govan recognise Ron Thal as one of the worlds best guitarists. But sure, Ragner from a random GNR forum has the authority to call him shit... Lol. What a dick.
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