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  1. They make it very hard to care by being relentlessly predictable and increasingly shit at what they do. Tbh, I've given up hope of any new music and will never see them live again - even if they do finally make another album. Best case (highly unlikely) scenario - Axl finally puts out a record I enjoy, he's still gonna sound like dogshit live and I ain't paying for that. I only really stick around the forums out of habit and because Axl's my favourite punchline.
  2. That doesn't say a lot. An armless amputees drumming is better than Axl's singing.
  3. Oh yes, I forgot about Alive. That's a great one.
  4. Labyrinth Sign O The Times Fall To Ascend Desolute July King of Delusion
  5. Yes, because Chinese Democracy and SMKC is widely considered to be high brow art.
  6. I'd take Art of Anarchy's first album with Scott Weiland over half of Chinese Democracy and Velvet Revolver/SMKC any day. Get On Down, Til The Dust Is Gone, Small Batch Whiskey, Aqualung and The Grand Applause were all excellent tracks.
  7. Ron was too good for Axl's shitty band. A legit talent wasting his time with a fat hasbeen who has the creative energy of a geriatric paraplegic.
  8. How about the fact that James Safechuck alleged MJ molested him at the train station in Neverland when it later transpired that the train station wasn't even built until 2 years after James claimed he was abused? Real victims don't get caught out in these kind of lies.
  9. Well, Macauley always defended MJ and why would he lie about it? He's MJ's kids Godparent and is even still friends with them to this day. If Mac accused MJ then people would believe it. The fact that it's always people seeking a payday doesn't at least ring a few alarm bells to you?
  10. I would add You Got No Right and Loving The Alien from Contraband too. They did good ballads. The uptempo rockers mostly sucked.
  11. No, I wouldn't let MJ sleep with my son, but not because I think he could've been guilty, but just because I wouldn't let my son sleep with anybody. I think MJs behaviour around kids was wildly inappropriate but I don't believe it was a sexual thing. There are too many kids who have spent WAY more time alone with MJ than Robson and Safechuck, who persistently defend him. Robson said MJs sole reason to sleep with kids was to molest them. If that's the case, why are there so many kids (Brett Barnes, Macauley Culkin, Jonathan Spence, Omar Bhatti, the Cascios) who spent countless nights with the m
  12. I literally have no down time between work, parenting and playing guitar/piano. None.
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