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  1. Yeah only if drunk, and then it gets outta hand like everything else. One night on a booze cruise last fall, I smoked around 25 cigarettes in four hours.
  2. Vegas act comments start now what the fuck is the point of playing 12 identical setlists at the SAME VENUE in a row??
  3. I was 194 and 85 myself less than two months ago and that's just little above a normal BMI if I'm correct. Although I did notice a bit of stomach flub on myself and did cut three kilos by eating less and drinking a lot of water and tea for several weeks. On topic, yeah fat people do get laid if they're outgoing and confident enough I think
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18922685 Gotta wonder what the fuck was the motive
  5. +1 ask Frank to please confirm the heading to the studio rumors
  6. No amount of faith can make things real
  7. Slash please don't put out another album I haven't had time to listen to the current one they're touring for yet
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