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  1. weird and impressive telling people how to be but it does contain nu metal linkin Park elements but as you probably know you can like something with elements of a shit genre and/or band(s) and still have better taste in music just sayin', totally objective.
  2. 1. Perhaps - first time Axl is in a fully pathetic moment in his life thinking about growing up and hitting a home run by self pitying his way to the top. Evolution. 2. Silkworms should not have existed in any form 3. Hard School - at least it rocks 4. State Of Grace - at least it's good 5. Atlas - almost 6. Bob Ezrin is a scumbag
  3. I am a part of this community
  4. I hope he dies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_cancer
  5. Close. I'm the guy's ex wife.
  6. If that is the approach they will take (and using some unreleased CD era material) I wonder if Axl will still keep some of Bucket's and Robin's solos. It seems unlikely. Most fans and Slash probably want just Slash's leads on it. I don't think he'll even agree to rerecord a solo by someone else. In response to a fan telling Axl Bumble's Catcher solo was cool Axl said it was based on May's solo.
  7. The Beatles didn't just achieve commercial success. The critics got it right. They are one of the most influential bands of all time. Kudos for your epic shit post.
  8. The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Sex And The City, The Golden Girls
  9. I think Slash is finally ready to truly collaborate and be a part of Axl's vision. His top priority is to tour, his true passion. That and money so it's kinda different from the good old days when he could freely make power plays like playing a few notes of Fall To Pieces ideas to Axl and then not letting him use it ("allegedly") and also quitting the band, expecting Axl to beg him to come back cause he probably thought Gn'R could not exist without him. I think I'll be surprised with what Slash can tolerate. I wonder if that will extend to Axl keeping some Robin/Bucket solos or Slash playing the notes they came up with but with his feel. Probably not though. But it's easier now, after 20 years and Perla and it's clear to everyone that Axl is in charge with Slash n' Duff getting to be a part of it. I think they are thankful/careful enough to make it work. I'm guessing Slash can't fuck it up too bad in the studio cause it's a Guns album so maybe he'll actually attempt to come up with compelling ideas this time. He needs an event to truly work hard in the studio and play outside his cockfort zone. Cool thing is Axl seems to be impressed with Slash's playing on the tour so I'm hoping for a Slash opener like you said like RNDTH or Suckertrain Blues and maybe even a couple more riff based Slash n' Duff tunes. Slash almost always starts his albums with a bang. I hope Axl will allow it. I also think Axl is still very much interested in more epic stuff, is attached to the unreleased Chinese material and will still go with the Queen approach (more is more, many different styles) so maybe it could be a hybrid of old and new material, an album that rocks harder than Chinese did but retains it's scope and has more of the Guns sound, but is still hella pretentious.
  10. I don't know... I think Slash will do what Axl tells him to do as long as he can put his mark on it and my guess is Axl will want to give Richard the chance to show what he can do on a potential release. Slash seems to prefer to do all of the guitars himself, but that's what the Conspirators are for: to dictate his cock rock direction. Gn'R is for being a "team player". I think Slash can kinda be all over the album while still giving Richard a chance to be heard too. Slash is in the same band with a keyboard player and a synth player so sky's the limit. They should really release a double album at the very least. Could be cool if Slash n' Fortus will have an Appetite- esque guitar interplay but 50 layers of Slash guitars can work as well.
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