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  1. yeah. Should have released it then imo that way the record label wouldn't have released Greatest Hits
  2. I really like Axl's vocals on Better but I agree that on songs that came later it sounds more powerful. If The World is the best example probably. yeah one of the first times it was done. My guess is Richard listened to the batch of songs Axl thought could make the album as soon as he joined the band so somewhere in 2002.
  3. Richard said that when he joined Gn'R, the album was pretty much done except Better so he added his riff to it.
  4. weird and impressive telling people how to be but it does contain nu metal linkin Park elements but as you probably know you can like something with elements of a shit genre and/or band(s) and still have better taste in music just sayin', totally objective.
  5. 1. Perhaps - first time Axl is in a fully pathetic moment in his life thinking about growing up and hitting a home run by self pitying his way to the top. Evolution. 2. Silkworms should not have existed in any form 3. Hard School - at least it rocks 4. State Of Grace - at least it's good 5. Atlas - almost 6. Bob Ezrin is a scumbag
  6. I am a part of this community
  7. I hope he dies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_cancer
  8. Close. I'm the guy's ex wife.
  9. If that is the approach they will take (and using some unreleased CD era material) I wonder if Axl will still keep some of Bucket's and Robin's solos. It seems unlikely. Most fans and Slash probably want just Slash's leads on it. I don't think he'll even agree to rerecord a solo by someone else. In response to a fan telling Axl Bumble's Catcher solo was cool Axl said it was based on May's solo.
  10. The Beatles didn't just achieve commercial success. The critics got it right. They are one of the most influential bands of all time. Kudos for your epic shit post.
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