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  1. Rovim

    GNR Singles Elimination Tournament - TOP 3

    that's cool, but... how's it going?
  2. Rovim

    Anyone here ever date a Jewish girl?

    I love you all so much! especially the fluffer.
  3. Rovim

    Axl is literally a cuck

    Having a rough time not discussing me? fret not, just give in to me my children. It tastes better with cancer. Trust me. (HI JOHN! HI JOHN! )
  4. Rovim

    Do you golf?

    And wise.
  5. Rovim

    Do you golf?

    You're so old.
  6. Rovim

    Do you golf?

    The only golf genre I can take seriously is mini. If the scale is huge like in regular, it loses it's appeal for me as I'm not known for my one shot holes.
  7. Rovim

    Do you golf?

    Personally I prefer to just go on a picnic or play with my balls.
  8. Rovim

    Why are people still smoking in 2017

    To be honest I think the fully bald look kinda works for him. It's always better with hair, but he rocks that shit and with the hood and the sunglasses he looks like someone you'd want to drink with. (casually, responsibly, and with sunglasses in doors at all times) no eye contact.
  9. Rovim

    Why are people still smoking in 2017

    Don't go there motherfucker.
  10. Rovim

    Why are people still smoking in 2017

    I like to kiss them down there after sticking a cigar up their ass. I was backpacking in South America in my teens and was caught off guard by your people's ways. Very colorful and warm bunch of farmers, hard workers, and family men with secrets.