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  1. I feel like I've lost a close cousin that only lives a state away. I'll never forgive MyGNR.

  2. we're all pretty cool, really. zint is really cool when you get to know him and actually talk to him. anywho, see you guys in about a half hour
  3. pfft. please. i'm the chillest mod you guys get.
  4. I can read this board, bitches.
  5. The mole on her lip bugs the living fuck out of me, but everything else is fantastic
  6. lol a week goes by without an update and you give up? Did you not see the other debacles that were the covers? I didn't give up, you tit. I was even one of the people who kept after Rafal when nothing was getting done.
  7. Guess no one is doing it Seriously though, I'll help, but if you guys don't want me to that's OK.
  8. Leaves because he does make moderator, becomes moderator on MyGNR, only posts here in porn section, invades covers :lol:
  9. Voted TWAT, but I'll work on whatever
  10. and i was my boobs were very popular with the french. i got eye raped on the metro so hard i might be pregnant. i've never seen anything like it. You haven't met me yet
  11. Radiohead is easily the shittiest.
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