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  1. Saskatoon isnt related with leaks and the three little pigs.
  2. Its sounds like shit cuz the Butcher CC, didnt check the mix in mono and forgot cartoons still mono so all the guitars and drums got buried by tha Butcher.
  3. never liked Sorum but Ferrer is hard to swallow .
  4. i dont post that often... but im here! reading and laughing mostly ,some unique character's we got.
  5. Demo version is great love it , final version was killed by ferrer, bfoot n the butcher.
  6. Sorry but i dont think that will be case, anyway, CLA did i good job with SOYL and i love his mixes, Mike Plotnikoff is great recording guitars and Howard Benson is top notch producer and had work with all "new" rock bands very successful, with them u can expect a huge wall of Guitar sound with drums in your face.No synth crap at all...
  7. Producer : Howard Benson Record Engineer : Mike Plotnikoff Mxer : Chris Lord-Alge Good Night!
  8. the Charlton Heston quotes in the bridge are misplaced should be on the outro with that BH solo.
  9. I hope so...for me would love to listen songs from Buckethead era, but this never gonna happen.
  10. we are the best! btw i voted for northZ them always fucked up everything, lol see @auad what u did with your GN'R sound comment, lmao.
  11. So why are u here making a shitload of threads of a band that has no sound? 😎
  12. They shoudn't never signed those paper's in the 90's after Izzy left and let Axl taking over the band.
  13. pretty sad all 5 alive and only 3 on stage.
  14. That guy killed Chinese Democracy sound.
  15. as a surfer i love australian crawl since the 80's great memories still listen to them .
  16. Thats what happens when a band like GN'R is managed by a kid... kid response but i put together NiTLT. A dead body could made it too. there is a lack of... everything.
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