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  1. I hope so...for me would love to listen songs from Buckethead era, but this never gonna happen.
  2. we are the best! btw i voted for northZ them always fucked up everything, lol see @auad what u did with your GN'R sound comment, lmao.
  3. So why are u here making a shitload of threads of a band that has no sound? 😎
  4. They shoudn't never signed those paper's in the 90's after Izzy left and let Axl taking over the band.
  5. pretty sad all 5 alive and only 3 on stage.
  6. That guy killed Chinese Democracy sound.
  7. as a surfer i love australian crawl since the 80's great memories still listen to them .
  8. Thats what happens when a band like GN'R is managed by a kid... kid response but i put together NiTLT. A dead body could made it too. there is a lack of... everything.
  9. so ppl was hoarding this? unbelievable guns n roses got the craziest fans on earth lmao
  10. there will be full robin on it the power chords are from the original till also all the gtr sounds come from til just manipulated
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