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  1. Unbelievable how GN'R became everything them used to hate. The perils of Rock N' Roll decadence.
  2. Andre in the past was famous for trying to pass fake shit ... to get stuff lmao... but thats about it. He is a little cunt nothing more, nothing less.
  3. well at least we can put an end on those if's there is no if...unfortunally 2 or 3 tracks got potencial and thats it, got better instrumentals myself hehe
  4. imsorry

    New Discord

    doesnt matter wasnt the first time and wont be the last. eye on you is around.
  5. imsorry

    New Discord

    im not only lose my discord account lost my mega account and i was trying uploading eye on you to wetransfer n had to use another email. your collateral damage fucked me. lmao
  6. imsorry

    New Discord

    no big deal its just a chat not going make a scene cuz of that...
  7. imsorry

    New Discord

    somebody from this channel u just sent use me to close the other channel so... im not interest in be a part of it, im aint a teenager to play this crap.
  8. imsorry

    New Discord

    just got home and my account was deleted is there any channel alive in this war?lol
  9. i recieved a msg about something epic than when i went to see what was booom the chan disapeared...
  10. There is only one imsorry n thats me lol Np man glad u liked it.
  11. thanks! i did this and thats ok im not here to please u or anybody else! lmao
  12. Who mixed it? Mastering is quickly than mix why it could take some time? if mastering would take some time its not mix ready...
  13. its Billy Joel lyrics
  14. be a fan and share everything! stop with the crumbs!
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