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  1. i dont post that often... but im here! reading and laughing mostly ,some unique character's we got.
  2. Demo version is great love it , final version was killed by ferrer, bfoot n the butcher.
  3. Sorry but i dont think that will be case, anyway, CLA did i good job with SOYL and i love his mixes, Mike Plotnikoff is great recording guitars and Howard Benson is top notch producer and had work with all "new" rock bands very successful, with them u can expect a huge wall of Guitar sound with drums in your face.No synth crap at all...
  4. Producer : Howard Benson Record Engineer : Mike Plotnikoff Mxer : Chris Lord-Alge Good Night!
  5. the Charlton Heston quotes in the bridge are misplaced should be on the outro with that BH solo.
  6. I hope so...for me would love to listen songs from Buckethead era, but this never gonna happen.
  7. we are the best! btw i voted for northZ them always fucked up everything, lol see @auad what u did with your GN'R sound comment, lmao.
  8. So why are u here making a shitload of threads of a band that has no sound? 😎
  9. They shoudn't never signed those paper's in the 90's after Izzy left and let Axl taking over the band.
  10. pretty sad all 5 alive and only 3 on stage.
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