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  1. thanks! i did this and thats ok im not here to please u or anybody else! lmao
  2. Who mixed it? Mastering is quickly than mix why it could take some time? if mastering would take some time its not mix ready...
  3. its Billy Joel lyrics
  4. be a fan and share everything! stop with the crumbs!
  5. share those discs dont bring crumbs to us!
  6. ok , do u have the whole package?
  7. why added guitars from the stems on citr ?
  8. if u see some of those hoaders faceshit profile's u understand why them hoarder stuff their lifes looks so boring n meanless. Fuck u all!
  9. Saskatoon isnt related with leaks and the three little pigs.
  10. Its sounds like shit cuz the Butcher CC, didnt check the mix in mono and forgot cartoons still mono so all the guitars and drums got buried by tha Butcher.
  11. never liked Sorum but Ferrer is hard to swallow .
  12. i dont post that often... but im here! reading and laughing mostly ,some unique character's we got.
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