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  1. all eyez on meeee dont make eye contact bork

    1. Broskirose


      running around with your dick out chasing girls might have been cute when you were 14. when you're old, married and dying you might want to give it a rest.

    2. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      guess who's spending christmas totally alone and posting here?

    3. AbominableHoman
  2. Lots of Irish (more than I thought at least) in Peurto Vallarta. How receptive are the Irish to drunk Americans randomly striking up conversation?

    1. Conor


      It depends how Irish they actually are. A 16th of me dies everytime someone claims they're a 16th Irish. They should be friendly enough though, buy them a beer! Can't not be friends after that.

    2. AbominableHoman


      I've experienced enough St. Patricks days and Skype to know who is Irish. Sounds good, man. Looking forward to striking up some conversation.

  3. Since you seem to be on a poop run and I'm sure you've probably tried juicing.

    So I take a shit one day. Healthy eating. So it was extra gratifying. When I look into the toilet and see red liquid seeping out of the turd at an alarming rate. My mind races and all I can think is: Ass Cancer.

    Nope. I had juiced an entire beet earlier from the day and it was leftover ...

  4. Had a thought a few days ago when I was wondering around the University, and it went like this:

    I hope Nate isn't dead.

  5. I'm doing pretty fucking well, thanks for asking. That is a great find, thank you, brother.

  6. If I ever go into a coma I hope the world is just like Adventure Time.

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    2. Beast Of Bray Rd

      Beast Of Bray Rd

      Overly nice, supportive comment.

    3. AbominableHoman


      What do I need a overly nice and supportive comment for? Thanks doe

    4. Raven


      That would be great except the ice king would try to marry you. Cause you're a princess.

  7. This place would be a lot fucking sweeter if C_R and deepfreez liquidized their assets and bought us a 50 acre commune where Nate could lead us all.

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    2. Broskirose


      We share a house? Count me the fuck out.

    3. Catch Her In the Rye

      Catch Her In the Rye

      I'm down.. I'll only dress like a woman for CR once a week though, and I demand a spiritual ritual fire drum dance in return, give and take people.. Lets colonize this bitch !! :D

    4. classicrawker


      Sorry chitr you don't have the proper equipment to meet my needs but you are still welcome in the tribe.

  8. GoT, man.

    1. deepfreeze


      I was sporting one the past week. It's gone now.

    2. deepfreeze


      I was sporting one the past week. It's gone now.

  9. A good book is a great feeling. SEE I DON'T NEED ALCOHOL TO GET A BUZZ ON! II HAVE LIFE!! (help me I'm losing it).

    1. Catch Her In the Rye

      Catch Her In the Rye

      Think, Keanu Reeves in Speed - Never go below 60.. He runs like a retard, do you run like a retard ?

  10. That gamed pissed me off so much. By the time he called that 4th timeout I was drunk and paying about as much attention as the refs were. Cracks me up though that he had the dgaf mentality to do that.

  11. You going to class = rad. Back to football. Yeah, man, Harbaugh is a one man .gif machine.


    I think it's barely more likely to see a genuine (non smartass) smile out of Rodger than it is Harbaugh.

  12. Fuck yeah to that attitude, man. I've only missed one class so far, the stress aint worth it. Going into midterms/finals with everything squared away is x10000 than going in otherwise. Yeah, though, I'm stoked cause I'm sure the 49ers will be making moves.

  13. Congrats on the jobs interview coming up too.

  14. Are you going to use the Draft as an excuse to skip class? I'm going to have some beer and an excel printout crossing off all the 49er related prospects.

  15. Opiates and gnarly bass lines.

  16. Watching Red Dawn with the lowest of expectations.

    1. deepfreeze


      If only that movie had a bunch of big name actors.

    2. AbominableHoman


      or a plausible asian invading force.

  17. I miss Tony Hawk pro skater and 16 year old skate park chicks and Perfect Dark

    1. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      perfect motherfuckin' dark

  18. I miss Tony Hawk pro skater and 16 year old skate park chicks and Perfect Dark

  19. LegitLOLS at your sig. Good work.

  20. hahahaha, that was pretty much my thought

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