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  1. I didn't really know she was established at all, reminded me of this song (which is, of course, her)
  2. http://www.dailydot.com/lol/ted-cruz-michael-sweet-stryper/?fb=dd Delivered pizza to a chick in a Stryper tour-shirt. She was about as hot as she seemed crazy.
  3. Where we at? I think I'm sobered up now. So I'm just trying to stay employed at the moment. Court date is about a month away (luckily I picked Coachella week 2 and not week 1). Definitely going to solicit some advice soon. The diversion and divorce look like a real fucking headache.
  4. So. I spent 12 hours doing server updates Saturday and drank a shitload of caffeine all day. Slam back a pint of vodka when I was done. Wait a bit. Buzz died. Decided to go and get some Lagunitas and Jack in the Box. Get pulled over. Blow a .082 I pulled the "wife works at <city>PD card. Kinda works. Luckily he moved my truck for me (no towing) and sends me to the local addict/detox center (so my mug doesn't end up online). I sat there, in a cell, for 2 goddamn hours with two cups of water while doing pushups and pacing (to hopefully to metabolize more) waiting to be released while three old drunktards were plastered sleeping on some shitstained pisscovered mattresses. I also took a poop. Now I either need a lawyer, diversion class, or divorce -- or all three. I want Uber here now.
  5. I didn't watch the video but ROK and US special forces have been operating/training together forever. Reading a book about the first/second indochina war. And holy fuck the ROK pulled no punches. Their intention was to scare the fuck out of the NVA - definitely ignored the Geneva convention. (not judging btw)
  6. 6'1'' 245lbs Bigger frame so it wears well, but my goal is 215... maybe 200, but that'd be pretty fucking lean.
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