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  1. I didn't really know she was established at all, reminded me of this song (which is, of course, her)
  2. http://www.dailydot.com/lol/ted-cruz-michael-sweet-stryper/?fb=dd Delivered pizza to a chick in a Stryper tour-shirt. She was about as hot as she seemed crazy.
  3. Where we at? I think I'm sobered up now. So I'm just trying to stay employed at the moment. Court date is about a month away (luckily I picked Coachella week 2 and not week 1). Definitely going to solicit some advice soon. The diversion and divorce look like a real fucking headache.
  4. So. I spent 12 hours doing server updates Saturday and drank a shitload of caffeine all day. Slam back a pint of vodka when I was done. Wait a bit. Buzz died. Decided to go and get some Lagunitas and Jack in the Box. Get pulled over. Blow a .082 I pulled the "wife works at <city>PD card. Kinda works. Luckily he moved my truck for me (no towing) and sends me to the local addict/detox center (so my mug doesn't end up online). I sat there, in a cell, for 2 goddamn hours with two cups of water while doing pushups and pacing (to hopefully to metabolize more) waiting t
  5. 6'1'' 245lbs Bigger frame so it wears well, but my goal is 215... maybe 200, but that'd be pretty fucking lean.
  6. If I ever say that in real life I seriously hope someone quietly walks up to me, sticks a snub nosed .38 to the back of my head, says "fag", and pulls the trigger and makes sure the bullet mushrooms upon impact and evacuates everything meaningful in my skull.
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