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  1. At about 0:51 It sounds pretty similar to the opening riff of Teen Spirit.
  2. Ask Andre. Ill trade the portuguese guy contact with card5777's email address. He used to go to mygnr a lot, so probably some of you may know him I remember that you claimed that card5777 is not a real hoarder after you tried to get songs from him... But I don't know what to think about this guy beacause I had a conversation with him last year and he seemed legit. He told me that the number of people with unheard songs is between 15-20 and the unheard material ranges so much that CD was most consistent album that Axl could make. "If ever made another with material he has now, don't expect it to flow very well. Some of it sounds like the 70's then it goes all the way threw to songs like silkworms." He also stated that the beaven produced album was more of a grunge tone and Axl did the industrial album before that. Dozens of these industrial songs were canned. He said there are at least 30 songs that are almost done that Axl never plans to realease and hundreds of clips or ideas. You mean this?
  3. Help him get that fake "The General" clip?
  4. It's terrible though (IMO). After hearing it again, I believe we share the same opinion.
  5. This seems like a pretty reasonable request. You'd think a new album in the next two years would be reasonable request instead of blasphemy.
  6. That would be fucking amazing! The song is begging for some Axl Rose! There is already a version of "Watch This" with the vocals from "Chinese Democracy" the single floating around somewhere.
  7. I can't believe how much that chorus rocks.
  8. A $1,000 offer brought results last time.
  9. Guess that spoiled your plan to take over the wor...I mean make trades for rare stuff like that 93 Dead Flowers you managed to get a hold of.
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