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  1. How about other TLC shows like 600lb Life, Sister Wives, The Family Chantel, or I Am Jazz?
  2. Do any of you watch it? and 90 Day The Other Way? and Before The 90 Days? and Happily Ever After?
  3. I feel like I've been kicked in the nad. My husband thrust too deep and it hurts so bad. Guess that's what I get for marrying a man With a dick as big as a 24 ounce can.
  4. you are sexy and i love you.

  5. They look and sound like something from ten years prior. Definitely not modern for 1989. Super derivative. The singer's voice isn't bad. They seem like a joke band like Steel Panther or Spinal Tap. Those are my only thoughts.
  6. Nate- you should come visit me and Matt sometime.
  7. I miss the tan colored one that they don't make anymore.
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