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  1. You know...I've missed you! Edit: Wtf?! No Kinder surprise?! Really?! You had no childhood then.
  2. Has any of you ever been in Latvia? 'Cause Riga is a pretty nice and interesting city to visit! (Jokes were fun though)
  3. ...and you want to show off in front of us, ok, we get it.
  4. It´ll be foolish not to admit Spain is the best team at the moment. However, and with all due respect, for some reason I can´t like their style. Are you from Spain?....hola! You don't like the style of the best team in the world?! What kind of style do you like then? TIKI TAKA ftw! And yep...I'm spanish. HOLA!!
  5. What a lovely bunch of vikings! (well, the little boy scares me a little bit to be honest )
  6. Edit: And the baby is just adorable!
  7. Hahaha! Fitting description. Surprised about Germany´s horrible game. I really don´t wan´t Spain to win. Spain´s reign has got to end. Nothing more boring than watching the same team win everything. Sorry! But we are fucking AWESOME!
  8. You're almost perfect... and a cutie!
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