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  1. Wow, stuff is actually leaking? This takes me back... Would someone be willing to PM me?
  2. Hi, Would someone be so kind as to pm me all the "leaks" please? i don't even particularly care if they're fake or not tbh, I generally find the fan-made stuff is of better quality than axls garbled messes of songs anyways
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rmwj1FRXjg
  4. Do you really think banks would make suicidal loans if there was no one there to bail them out?
  5. how many hours until gnr take the stage from now? I'm too stupid to figure out timezones
  6. wow i just looked at mygnrs top 20 posters today list. this forum has like triple the activity they do now
  7. lol whyve you been trolling your own forum jb
  8. axl, axl draws me to old guns more than slash, though they really need one another
  9. Yeah Axl is a douche for touring where people want to watch him perform!!! A guy with integrity would tour the US where no one gives two-shits about the new band!!! I can't believe Axl will only play where he can book shows!! If he tours people bitch If he doesnt people bitch he tours south america for the second time in almost 20 years and the reaction is LULZZ SOUT MERRRICAH AGAIN!!!!!!! A US tour would be nice, even smaller venues, but what is wrong with axl touring south america? its not like people can be worried he will lose his integrity (LOL) or anything
  10. every song there was a leak of is lacking on the album. When i first heard the blues back then it completely blew me away, it was the only reason i got interested in nu-gnr at all. I cant even articulate what it was about it thats missing from the album version, it's just bland and without the beauty of the older versions. album catcher is a disgrace, they ripped the soul of it out and replaced it with extra sounds and instruments and musicians. better is about the same twats chorus guitars were greatly improved on the album, apart from that the song was better before. cd is shit and bor
  11. not so much of a remix as a Demix would be nice
  12. what world are some of you living in? he sounds good now sometimes, he sounds bad others. in the 80s 90s it was the same. if its more miss than hit now its because he's fucking 40-something
  13. Cadis


    They had a decent title with the blues. they had it for almost a decade, through several tours... then come release they change it to stardust? then street of dreams? the two biggest cheeseball piece of shit titles imaginable?
  14. Guns N' Roses would be an awesome title, just think of the shitstorm... or for integrity's sake, 'Axl Rose' or just 'axl'
  15. it's embarrassing. ten years of touring 5 or 6 new songs pretty much
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