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  1. Gunns


    im sure that gets you off
  2. i was weighing up going to maccas, but the cost was cheaper at kfc in order to get the same quantity of food that would fill me. however, I'm partial to a mcChicken and 10 nuggets, great combo
  3. Chloe, i didn't feel the need to quote cause my post was directly after hers
  4. At the risk of being " one of those guys" you look cute in those pics, do you live in a suburb where they remove the backyard fences separating the houses so all the children are one big family? I think I've watched too much Louis Theroux
  5. With teeth in 2005 was my first concert ever, with gnr in 07 being the second Love with teeth!!!
  6. Blacksabbath will be back, he still has to make 10,000 more posts
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