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  1. i was weighing up going to maccas, but the cost was cheaper at kfc in order to get the same quantity of food that would fill me. however, I'm partial to a mcChicken and 10 nuggets, great combo
  2. With teeth in 2005 was my first concert ever, with gnr in 07 being the second Love with teeth!!!
  3. another sydney-sider here... did you see the band in '10 at the v8s? welcome
  4. To be honest you won't ever really get shit on here for liking the new band unless you're a total Axl nutswinger. I've never had any problems when I've praised them anyway but then I can admit when Axl's in the wrong. yes, your sig is no indication of unfair bias just kidding, if you arent critical, you arent human!.
  5. brian peppers!!!!

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