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  1. I remember @bacardimayne and I started working our way though a bunch of Wrestlemanias, starting at XIV. Legion Of Doom 2000 come out with Sunny and it's the shittest fucking thing. Of course we all know Animal got a redemption run with Heidenreich.
  2. I don't know if you ever really, or need to, "get over" a band or artist as you get older. You should still be able to appreciate something you enjoyed at the time, even if you look at it in a new light. I mean, isn't that how we're all here? Shrodinger's Guns N' Roses, simultaneously great fun and FAT SHIT.
  3. I'll be here forever. 😟
  4. Is the section on the right a permanent feature or can that be removed? I might be missing something obvious because I've obviously not been on the internet in two years.
  5. I am? You speak the truth though, Fozzy suck and I'm amazed he's kept it going this long. I guess money isn't an issue.
  6. Hot damn. Who’d have thought... All the kudos in the world to @John Bonham.
  7. I think I've actually played that before, you have an incubation period once someone is infected and if they're not killed or lynched before then, they can start infecting people as well. You can do all kinds of shit, have everyone choose to infect someone but only those with the virus achieve it, announce how many people have it etc. I guess the negative of it is that it's harder to pinpoint a game strategy for working out who has the virus if people don't know it. You'd probably be best setting it up with one or two (depending on numbers) being infected and then spreading it fro
  8. So we playing quarantine mafia or what

  9. I mean, the script was fucking awful, and Lucas is a terrible director. Visionary, sure, but he's a dreadful director. I don't think Hayden's the problem.
  10. You're a proper knob if you think the prequels are better films than the sequels, as flawed and disappointing in parts as they are.
  11. Play a lot of single player games, but I just can't dedicate myself enough to one game to be good enough to warrant Online.
  12. Yeah it's weird, all the radio promos here are saying the same. But I suspect that just means "IT'S NOT THE SAME STAGE AS TWO YEARS AGO PLEASE BUY TICKETS" I'll go if they play new music before then, to embrace the shit.
  13. There was an old MyGNR user called bacardimayne. Never recovered after I called him a cunt that one time.
  14. Oh mother of christ. That's a time machine right there
  15. Guns N' Roses trying their best to make the Not In This Lifetime Tour last an entire lifetime.
  16. I adore the thought of Devious Bastard or Dummy slowly leading into This I Love on the album
  17. We could've had a 2000/01 WWF video package use one of these songs if it wasn't for that lazy fuck. Unforgivable that fat fuck off riff in dummy being used to clips of austin and triple h beating the fuck out of each other fuck you axl
  18. God fucking damn these are some quality instrumentals. All you can really say is they've good potential at this stage... but fuck.
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