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  1. Conor

    Just fucking lol.

    "Pls pay for your own drinks, Perla has all muh monies"
  2. Simplicity in storylines, well booked matches, and a lack of over-saturation. There's what, four or five big NXT events a year. They have a great build and book the matches people want to see, and the vast majority of them deliver, and many go beyond what was expected. I never would and never will watch the weekly show, but you're never really out of the loop when it comes to a Takeover.
  3. Fuck off that looks fun. Could probably do without the reminder of your diagnosis staring you in the face at the far end though.
  4. It's even more bizarre, considering they actually found a pretty good balance of independent with a little production in NXT. The main roster stuff for the most part is abysmal.
  5. He saw how much fun Axl was having cucking him, that he's decided to cuck the fans.
  6. Conor

    Slash on Jimmy Kimmel

    *shit album promo* "Are you still with Guns N' Roses? Have you been working on new music?" "Y'know we've been throwing around a bunch of stuff and it's good having everyone having a good time" *2023*
  7. alright grandpa enjoy the next match's move
  8. Is that Jeremy Davies on the left? If so, he definitely should've hired him. He's a brilliant voice actor too.
  9. Conor

    Name that fucking band

    My old neighbour was their Geography teacher. Because Ireland.
  10. Jesus, apparently you can see the red laser on one of the players shirts just before the stream cuts off and you hear the gunshots. Fuckin' hell. Never leaving my petrol bomb haven ever again.
  11. Honestly, I'm surprised Madden was the game. Would've been less surprised if it was something more classically introverted.
  12. Conor

    Geriatrics N' Roses

    This I Love Part II:
  13. @John Bonham Is there any possibility of having the final of these images as the little website icon instead of
  14. Conor

    Design a Fat Axl poster and WIN

    Could someone draw AC/DC hanging out in a treehouse, and Axl's too fat to climb up and join them?
  15. Remember when Body Of Lies came out, and a bunch of sweaty testicles sat through the credits just to hear If The World a few weeks early? "I can't believe you people are leaving, you're mishing hishtory here!"
  16. Conor

    Why is Chinese Democracy removed from Spotify US?

    Ulrich Schnauss must have won the lawsuit.