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  1. Make shit thread - Get into shitfits with everyone through weaponised autism - Delete thread - Act like nothing happened and surprised if anyone mentions it - Rinse & repeat

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    2. ritz snare

      ritz snare

      Why'd ya delete the thread, chief?   lololol


      You're a creepy pervert and you always have been.  It's sort of your gimmick, except in your case, it's not a gimmick.  


    3. Miser


      I deleted it because I was getting mocked in it, and the thread was stupid. It was a thread about "when were women the hottest", in the 80s, 90s, 00s, or today. Stupid topic for a thread, and I didn't appreciate where it was going.

      I'm not a pervert. Creepy, I used to be when I was fat and had a mustache I will admit, but I've never done anything untoward to any woman or man. My gimmick is I'm the forum's Meg Griffin, except I don't want to be.

    4. Budd Dwyer
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